Injuries: Abate ruled out for 2 weeks


IGNAZIO ABATE has pulled a muscle in today’s training and will miss the next two weeks.

Milan suffer a big blow as after Robinho’s right ankle training injury yesterday, it was Abate who could not complete the training at Milanello, and tests have shown that he will need 14 days to be healthy again.

Abate is one of the most important players on the team, and his absence will give Massimiliano Allegri a real headache as his options for the right-back position are very few and there is no one at his level.

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“A.C. Milan wishes to communicate that Ignazio Abate has undergone medical examinations which have revealed a muscular problem with his right thigh. Recovery time is expected to be two weeks,” a statement on Milan’s official website reads on Thursday. Abate will miss Parma, Juventus 2nd leg and Roma games.

Allegri tried Luca Antonini on the right hand side during training, with Djamel Mesbah on the left.

Gennaro Gattuso could be called-up for the Parma game on Saturday, while Maxi Lopez and Clarence Seedorf should both be ready. Robinho and Kevin-Prince Boateng are unlikely to make it for Parma though.

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CAZZZZZZZOOOO! This is is horrible news!

Milan really needs proper reinforcements in defense – and a proper number one on the left, for that matter.

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Absolutely right, Milan’s needs are a LB, and more depth in Defense.


seriously, what’s going on in these training session?!


Ha, I was thinking the same thing. Either we work them too hard or the strength and fitness coach is awful.


inzaghi should start, its parma man, com on, let him play allegri, plz this is sikening to c him on the bench. I cant believe he stayd even how allegri has treated him, this is disgusting

gioele romeo

he hasnt been treated badly at all…. have you seen our list of attackers. surely he is not better than ibra, robinho, el sharaawy, etc. it would be hard to use him in this squad


i heard we got astori now for 7 millions 🙂


Wait a minute,weren’t people around here hated PATO for being injured.Now Abate is injured in training just like Robinho broke his ankle in training.Why do players play so hard in Practice while they clearly understand that the team already has quite a few injury worries and no back ups.Either there’s something wrong in the training ground or the Training Manual is crap.Something needs to change!!!!



Whom next? Ibra?

Bad luck keeps following us all season


Tomorrow we’ll read that Allegri cannot manage from the sidelines due to a training accident…



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What about using Urby at LB, he is actually good in that position.


Awfully strange injuries keep coming Milans way. Something must be wrong. Just look at the rest of Europes top teams, none suffer as Milan.


Muscular injury is Milan’s main problem this season, a big question to the fitness coaches, physios and doctors! KPB, Pato and now Abate have the same problem.. Hopefully Zambrotta is fit enough to help us


Something is SERIOUSLY WRONG at Milan Lab. This is a joke! Galliani and Co. cannot continue to be cheap especially on the fitness staff! BIZARRE!


Now people are blaming Milan lab for something that happens on the training field? These sorts of things happen. Nobody is being cheap with the fitness staff… they had new people come in last summer.


Really Paul? I take it you know nothing about sports or you’ve never played a game.

Athletes are more susceptible to injuries when they DONT have a good training program or regiment!

A program that does not adequately prepare the players for specific types of forces and stresses experienced during a game places our players at greater risk.

Milan players have a lot of muscular and joint related injuries. Therefore Milan Lab is clearly NOT managing the players physical condition properly. This maybe due to a VERY POOR TRAINING PROGRAM!


My post was delete.

I don’t think you grasp the issues here. This isn’t about milanlab. rather injuries happen… for any team. Barcelona was ravaged by injuries this season to their defense.

You don’t need to insult because i dont agree with your poorly formed opinion.


Whatever! You talk a bunch of rubbish and then complain about insults, please!

You havent got a clue about about injuries or soccer!


Milan’s injury problems are like my life, one problem after another!! :@




I think its the field you can see in matches that sometimes the field is in pretty bad shape


No Offense but I think the problem is Milan Lab and that may just be the reason why Pato is having such a big problem with his injuries!

We shouldn’t have so many player out with similar injuries! Thats a big problem!


I don’t think that’s the case. It’s not milanlab which is at fault.


I agree. I can understand a few serious injuries in one season, things that keep players out for extended periods. But when every player seems to be picking up smallish muscular injuries, then you have to start wondering about the training staff and what kind of job they are doing.


This is unbelievable. I hope hes back for the first leg of the champions league


Same here, he is a huge loss in all competitions. He is arguably the most consistent player Milan has.


rather than complaining about Milan Lab or the Training Manual, let’s pray Milan will do well and grab wins over Parma and Jukentus.

forzaaa Milan!


I don’t think one prevents us from doing the other. It is reasonable to question what is going on when this problem persists.


yeah. but that wont be a matter anymore if we win the scudetto, right?


Maybe, but if we lose Europe, that becomes and issue. Look, I hope there is not issue with the training crew, but this seems to be a big issue. Imagine what this team could accomplish when completely healthy. We could have a 10 point lead at this point which allows the squad to focus even more on the Cup and Europe.


Many of our players took part in training… including Boateng, Abate, Robinho… they did gym training. So they may be back sooner.

Muscle injuries happen often in this game. Look at any of the other big teams.

Yehez Kiel

wait wait wait! why are we blaming milanlab now?? i mean last year almost everyone was injury free.. so i dont think milanlab is to blame but they do have to do something about this thats for sure… i think this year we just got really unlucky with injuries and it happens! and in pato’s case his body is just really made out of glass… 😛