Berlusconi: “Why I kept Pato at Milan…”


SILVIO BERLUSCONI believes he has made the right thing by keeping Alexandre Pato at Milan.

Berlusconi has today confirmed reports according to which he was the one who prevented the deal which would see Alex Pato going to Paris Saint-Germain after an agreement between PSG & Milan was reached.

Adriano Galliani announced that Pato will stay and thus Tevez won’t arrive, and the 22-year-old Duck afterwards committed future to il Diavolo and stated Milan is his home and he doesn’tplan on leaving.

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“I decided to keep Pato because I consider him a player of great talent,” revealed Milan’s patron Silvio Berlusconi on Saturday. “I was not convinced by the whole operation, not from a tactical stand-point nor an economic one. It is a decision that I made autonomously. I am convinced this was the best thing for Milan.”

Carlo Ancelotti confirmed that they had a deal for Pato, however, Berlusconi whose daughter Barbara dates Alexandre, decided to decline the €35 million. Berlusconi also said before that Carlos Tevez “isn’t my type”.

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“I decided to keep Pato because I consider him a player of great talent and of course he is my grandchild’s father” LOL


Why does Tevez have to be ‘ur type’? :S He’s not a women :/


I appreciate what Berlusconi has done for Milan.But he’s pathetic.


“Papaaaaaa please please keep my little tiny cute duck here pleaseee :((((”
“Ok my dear it will be done !:D Anything for my dear Barbara”


Pato is more younger. We should believe him!Give him more time

Gerald Meazza

I quite agree with the President, Silvio, Pato is a great player…,only with time he ‘ll fit in the shoes of Marco Van Basten and Andriv Shevchenko.As for Tevez, we don’t need him…,he is not Milan type.


Whatever the reasons, he made the right decision; the only strikers that I would swap for Pato is Hulk or Rossi (when he’s gets back from injury) or obviously if get a ridiculous offer 45 – 50 Million next summer.


Yeah, pato will be the next van basten for sure.
if it’s not in leading milan to glory, then it’ll be in ending his promising career prematurely due to his injuries.


Pato has a great role to play in our glorious Reconquista of Europe and Italy. It’s great that he stayed Tevez is not just not Berlu’s type, he’s not a Milan type.

Mr Goph

I do agree with Il presidente on one thing though “the deal was not in the economical interest of milan” that money was way too small 4 a player bought 4 €22m who have matured since then. If pastore can go 4 €45m, torres€58m, carroll €38.5m and a cr@p like jordan hendersen 4 €30m then that deal was way of 4 a player like the duck. FORZA MILAN, FORZA BERLUSCONI, FORZA GALLIANI, FORZA ALLEGRI, FORZA PATO.


you can also sell robinho and buy tevez…


That would be my first choice but he doesnt have that big of a market.


@ Mr Goph

Spot on brooo!


msstww.what with this tevez not being milan type.for goodness sake he earns twice pato yearly allowance and twice richer than pato.has more experience.sims u forgot he caught the eye of sir Alex.tell me how his not milan type.


This man is always playing with our emotions. To hell with him.


In one way or the other its a good tin pato is stayin but a bad one if he continues wit his injuries.Tevez not being milan’s type is an excuse he just does not lik him

Milanista Forever

Thank God, the Tevez saga is over at Milan. Or is it?


thank you, Berlusconi. Pato is a one in a million talent who loves our club.


the reason tevez is not milan type is that, 1 in next 4 years he will be 31 and pato will be 26.


Ok i take note on those names here who doesn’t want pato to stay. We’ll see if you change your opinion (hypocrites)


tevez cant b ur typ papa,d decision u mak waz gud but stil we need pato nd tevez because of pato’s inconsistensis.


Pato shd be serious or else our minds will never change. We need in-form player who are ready to score about 25 goals not lazy pato.


You kept him in the team because i know what he has been doing for your daughter in the bird ruum,it’s about their selfish interest not Milans
Now all the world will know why the guy is still playing at Ac Milan,i want Tevez to join Inter.


Berlusconi made the right decision this time around; Pato is needed for UCL, Tevez earns more and he is 5 years older than Pato. Though I will be happy if we get Tevez but in an economical point of view the deal does not suit us, won’t be surprise if we sell him for 45M in the summer, one striker could still leave in the summer as Tevez agent revealed that Tevez is still Milan bound. Hmn Galliani! Only TIME will TELL.


Pato is lazy and he is not really playing all that great. Tevez is one of the most hard working player out there and would definitely score tons of goals for Milan. Berlusconi kept Pato only because of Barbara – and the fact that Pato was actually considering leaving Milan just shows you that he doesn’t really care. I think we should get Tevaz or Inter will.


 also don’t support D̶̲̥̅̊ idea of buying tevez nd release pato bcos pato still have a long wey to go in his career

Bone chronic

Pato is good, tevez is good, i’ll like to have the 2 of them in milan. Tevez is cup tied, so we’ll have only 3 strikers for the ucl knock out, with out tevez, we’ll still be scudetto contenders.


I am a big fan of Pato. Hopefully he can put the injuries behind him and gain consistency. I am very happy he’s staying.