Raiola: “Hamsik was Mr. X!”


MINO RAIOLA has revealed who was the mysterious Mister X and why it didn’t work out eventually.

The summer was full of rumours regarding that Mister X – a top class midfielder that was promised to the Milan fans by Silvio Berlusconi and Adriano Galliani. However, that Mr. X never came to the via Turati club.

The press said Mr. X was Bastian Schweinsteiger, Gareth Bale, Kwadwo Asamoah, Paolo Henrique Ganso, Riccardo Montolivo, but super-agent Mino Raiola now reveals who was the promised midfielder.

Defining Allegri’s Milan [Part 1]

“Last summer, Milan’s Mr. X was [Napoli’s Marek] Hamsik. But then the Mondadori sentence came and then they didn’t do anything after that,” stated Raiola today. The Mondadori a sentence in which Silvio Berlusconi was ordered to pay €560 million in damages to a rival media company in a long-running legal dispute.

Raiola has also hinted today that Milan could sign Fiorentina defender Cesare Natali (32) in the summer: “He hasn’t accepted the renewal offer from Fiorentina. His wife is from Milano, so we will see…” he said.

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That was really sad we don’t sign him 🙁 I’m expecting hamsik to be our mr.x though!

Red/black is my blood

Its never late to bring him to Ac milan. Raiola please do the magic in the summer.


I knew that the damage of 560 million will affect milan transfers:(

Ibrahim Isah Barnawa

Bring him next season


Arhhh if only that 560mil never come. We should become king of europe with hamsik :'(


Hamšik said to berlusconi thank you,that he didnt bought him.And he renew his contract until 2015.And he is not that great like somebody thinks.Asamoah,montolivo and ganso are better options.


if anyone will leave from Napoli it’ll be Hamsik so i wont be surprised if we can actually bring him this coming summer….


Just out of curiousity, why do you say “if anyone will leave”? This isn’t meant to be attacking, I was just curious since there are always rumors surrounding Cavani.


hm….i meant that Hamsik is the one they can easily replace….there might always be ‘rumours’ but unlike Hamsik Cavani never once said ‘i wanna leave for ****’ (Hamsik wanted to join us last summer)


Get de rossi n tevez and we will become king of the world not only europe


De rossi will stay in roma.

And for god sake,stopped with those big names who wont never come.If sign those player in football manager,this doesnt mean,that will milan sign in real life.


Is it too late? I don’t think so.


Cesare Natali? Don’t joke around we are AC!

Rossonero 23

natali, mesbah….all garbage players. barcelona/madrid would never be mentioned with these bums!!!


Natali,Mesbah could give Thiago Silva and Zambrotta some break…

Since Yepes is injured….

Plus, we can use them for Coppa Italia..

And i specifically remember you mocking Nocerino when he first came


didn’t de rossi signed for new contract? anyone?


Too bad he didn’t come, but based upon our place in the tables and our performances, it doesn’t seem to have made much difference. I am always interested in a player of his quality, but with Allegri at the helm and solid pieces in place like Silva, Abate, Pato, Ibra, Nocerino, I have full confidence in this squad. Hopefully we can pick up a new midfielder soon to help them out.


k 4 me bt wud love ganso or eriksen


This news could be a plan devised by galliani to make man city accept milan’s loan bid


argh damn that payout. Hamsik behind Pato and Ibra would have been amazing

Bashing joe

Baseline truth is we r still in need of a Mr X calibre of a player in our midfield. Get us somebody who slot directly into our midfield & not one who will fight for a place. There will be no excuse for not making it to the quarter finals of ucl this time around.


Look at the bright side if Hamsik came Nocerino wouldn’t have got a chance to shine
so all good to me
and i don’t like Hamsik alot i see nothing special in him

black milanista

Why am I not surprise…lol it’s the same thing all over again Berlusconi can’t splash the cash cuz of his dirty politics as a result MEGA PAYOUT!!! Milan will sell Pato I believe it even more now to fund for the Tevez deal which in my view is a step backwards…sigh


hamsik yer right. y spend 25-30m on him. theres no point. i would buy montolivo, de rossi/mascherano, aly cissokho, alex from chelsea, and the big 1 tevez. n i think we win. wooooooooooooooooooooooooo.