Allegri: “One last push before the break”


MASSIMILIANO ALLEGRI is keen to get the three points as Milan play the last match before the break.

Milan have one last chance to surpass Juventus and be the winter Champions as they take on Cagliari away; this is a completion game as the first week of Serie A was postponed due to the players’ strike.

The Rossoneri’s league form has been impressive lately and Coach Massimiliano Allegri says that now is not the time to make any mistakes as only in two days his players can start thinking about the holidays.

Cagliari Calcio-AC Milan: The Rossoneri squad
Week 16 in Serie A 2011/2012: Results and Standings

“We have to do everything to make sure we don’t slip up. These are three important points for the league,” Allegri said in today’s press conference. “We have to get back to the top of the table and to do that we have to push forward and win even if it’s tough to win in Cagliari. We can think about the holiday after tomorrow. 

“There could be a bit of mental tiredness but we have to give this one last push: you win the league when you’re not playing well but you manage to bring home the three points nonetheless. We should play with more aggression but we also have to be patient and also be aware of their counter attacks. Cagliari will be a different game from the others. It’s the city and the team that put me into the big time and I’m very tied to that city. I’m always happy to go back there and I have a lot of friends there as well,” Allegri then continued.

“My doubts are in the midfield and up front. We’ll get Zambrotta and Antonini back, Mexes and Taiwo played well. Abbiati is available and he might play. Alexandre Pato is a goalscorer. He has an average of a goal every two games. He was out injured for almost a year and he needs to play to get back in shape.

“We always play before Juventus lately. It would be nice to take the lead tomorrow and hope that they don’t catch up with us,” the Milan boss, who coached Cagliari before signing a deal with Milan, concluded.

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Yes, we need to take all three points. Cagliari is in indifferent form lately… but we must not underestimate them.

They are missing Astori (long term) and playmaker Davide Biondini (suspension)… and a few others..


they are also missing Nene


Cagliari Call up List: Agazzi, Avramov, Agostini, Ariaudo, Canini, Dametto, Gozzi, Murru, Perico, Pisano, Ceppelini, Cossu, Ekdal, Mannoni, Nainggolan, Rui Sampaio, Ibarbo, Larrivey, Thiago Ribeiro.


Yeah, Nene, Astori and Biondini are missing. Conti, their captain, is the other one that’s missing.


Conti.. What a funny name.


Caglari 0-4 Milan. Ibra , Pato brace and Boateng.


Oh yes that means more time for pato to grow and shows his maturity and continuity!

But there’s still nainggolan. He’s a clever guy IMO


Cag 0 Mil 3


how much would moutinho of porto cost us????


I heard that on one of his conferences, Allegri said that if Tevez comes to Milan, there’s a possibility of playing with 3 strikers, with Boateng playing deeper in midfield.


no conti..thats very good news…but naingolan ekdal n thiago (if starts) can czuse a bit of a problem…but nothing big in my opinion…comfortable 2-0…


Milannews says Aquilani will start along with Mexes. And it’ll be either Pato or Robinho partnering with Ibra. I hope Taiwo starts again though, but the article seems to be hinting at Zambrotta or Antonini as LB. However Allegri did hint that Taiwo would play more the other day.


In order for Pato to score goals he needs to spear head the attack and not be a support striker cos he sucks at that. Both Binho and Cassano make great support strikers NOT pato.


Ibra is the one that spearheads the attack and for good reason.


Yes but then we dont really get the most out of Pato that way. The only thing pato knows how do is to score goals when given the chance not creating chances for others. Ibra is better at assisting than Pato (that doesnt imply Ibra cant finish just that Pato is a better finisher than him). So in order for AC Milan to get the most benefit from this situation I think it would be better to have Pato do what he’s good at and Ibra do what he’s good at. This way they both compliment each other meaning more… Read more »


Ibra is a better player overall, that’s why he spearheads the attack. We don’t need to adjust our entire formation around one player… like having to do that with Pato. Why do we need to adjust our entire formation to get hte most benefit out of one player? Our formation is working good the way it is!


We must get all 3 points!

Moutinho is really expensive I think he has a buy out clause for abouth 40 mil I think. That is what portos president said in the summer when chelsea wanted him. I also like him but I doubt we will spend that much for one player.

Rossonero 23

lol…if allegri starts antonini/zambrotta ahead of taiwo, then that proves he doesnt have any faith in taiwo.


*yawn* We’ll see about that!

Galliani just said Taiwo will stay, and that means there is confidence in him.


Watching Milan Siena, i saw that Taiwo can be a very “steady” left back, however i see that he is lacking confindence…

In my opinion, giving him 3 to 5 back-to-back starts, he can revive his faith and start playing at ease


He needs to play more… even Allegri said he needs to play more.


@gian,u don’t xpect a coach 2 critice his playa publicly,taiwo makes no runs & crosses.I knw u want him 2 improve bt taiwo is nt worth wit d way he’s playin,u can’t gain confidence against smal teams,den wen?


Cagliari 0 acmilan 3 has for juventus they will play draw against udines


I’d prefer if they lost…

I know a couple of Juventus fans, and they won’t stop talking on how great and that they are “undefeated” all season..

Di natale,Armero,Asamoah,Handanovic,Basta and Co need to step it up a notch


I hope will juve have penalty,handanovič definitely saved,he he he is really amazing.


Taiwo is gud attackin wise.but lacks defensively.hope he adjust real soon


if you do pato up front with elshrawy eventho its ibra is uncomplaribly beter but im just saying it and robinho behind. pato score hatrick. when he plays with ibra he rarely geets the ball


one last push, boys!! forzaaaaa!!


We need to win,its very important.


Wining all d way and we top the leguea table till d end of d season,juve will lose.forza milan


Wining all d way and we top the leguea table till d end of d season,juve will lose.forza milan!


it is always difficult to get 3 points on an away game but i believe milan can do it. forza milan!

Anti Shrek

They cannot be winter champions until january, after 19 games are played