Agent explains Tevez-Boca story


CARLOS TEVEZ issued the statements that he wants to join Boca Juniors long ago, his agent claims.

The Argentine press reported Tevez statements on Wednesday, in which the player says he has grown tired of travelling in Europe and wants to join Boca Juniors, but these quotes are irrelevant, it seems.

Carlos’ agent, Kia Joorabchian, has always claimed that Tevez’s priority is to join Milan, but Manchester City are playing hardball. In any case, according to one of Tevez’s representatives, Boca aren’t an option.

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Milan or nothing for Tevez?

“Those are old statements, said before Milan came on the scene. Carlitos has not spoken with anyone since and expects Manchester City to reach a decision [on his future] soon,” Adrian Rouco clarified, as reported by La Gazzetta dello Sport on Thursday. Tevez has already agreed to join Milan and set terms.

Paris-Saint Germain sporting director Leonardo claims the French side have made no bid for Tevez, but the media, as well as football experts suggests PSG have made an offer, and Juventus are in the race too.

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Sohel loves Shama

Go to South America…we dont need u


We need him more you can imagine!


We need him buddy.
We need Tevez. Simple.


guys dont lose sleep on this. Tevez is already a rossoneri players. I think what we need to be talking of is how he is gona rival di natali, ibra, and co on the capocaneri.


This guy is willing to reduce his salary up to 50 percent,this is what is called sacrifice,now is Milan turn to act,this waiting game may cause us big time,if it happen don’t blame Tevez blame our leaders.
Forza Milan


This are the facts; in the end of this season(or in the end of the next one at best)we will have to replace lots of ageing players: 1.goalkeepers-roma(37y),having in mind amelia’s performances maybe him also,abiatti(34)maybe? 2.defence-zambrotta(34),yepes(35),nesta(35) 3.middfield-ambrosini(34),van bommel(34),gattuso(33)seedorf(35) 4.attack-inzaghi(38). That’s total of 10-11 players out of squad of 29. What I want to say is, even though we lost cassano, and even if we really bring tevez just on loan, there is still his salary to pay, and having in mind that we have to change almost half of our squad in the next year – year and a half,… Read more »


Roma is no worry, he doesnt need a replacement and use a primavera step in instead even. Amelia will stay because on his day he does play well but if he leaves, it will be some promoted team. Milan is linked with no goalkeepers of late. Mexes is already an alternative to Nesta, Yepes will maybe be replaced by Juan and Rodrigo Ely. 2 of Yepes, Zambrotta and Nesta could stay another season though and Yepes would be the least useful to keep around. Gattuso and Van Bommel will probably leave. Gattuso to Anzhi and Van Bommel to PSV. Their… Read more »


well said, first i think we should bring back merkel, why? as a middle fielder he has that touch and he never gives up so we need to rebuild him and when he moved to genoe i was against it because of the old mids we have he is new blood and we need to do what Real did with Ozil they build him to be a perfect player. so we got a young middle fielder who is on loan. but on the other mids we got emanulson and prince. we need to focus on the middle fielders as you… Read more »


Guyz will real need tevez


We definitely need Tevez. We do not have enough depth in attack… Tevez will complete our team.


Pippo spot on analysis…but bringing tevez would not stop other players from coming… And tevez is not a kinda player that you just let go if you have the opportunity to sign him, we all know his capabilities. As for our ageing players, have it in mind that the management would do something about that…Its a gradual process..we can’t just change 10-11 players at once…it would cost a fortune over €200million… Anyway, what I feel is key now is at least 5players in January (which is slightly impossible): 2 defenders, 2midfielders and tevez. At most we could get three which… Read more »


1 defender, 1 midfielder and TEVEZ


guys just chill..Uncle Fester n Team still working on it ( tevez) and other (def and mid)…just hope and pray and support our AC Milan!! Forza Milan..