Galliani has Del Piero regrets


ADRIANO GALLIANI reveals he could have signed Del Piero in 1993, but wasn’t willing to pay.

Juventus announced this week that this is Alessandro Del Piero’s last season at Juventus. Del Piero has been the undoubted symbol of Juve for many many years as he led them to titles and worldwide success.

Del Piero, who has lost his place in Antonio Conte’s, who played with Alex for the Old Lady for over a decade, XI turns 37 next month, and now Adriano Galliani suggests that he could have been a Milan player.

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Asked about his take on Juventus’ statement over Del Piero, the Milan Vice President said: “It is really a big regret… We could have signed Del Piero in 1993, but they wanted 5 billion lira, and I didn’t want to spend that much on a youngster.” Del Piero has grown to be one of the Calcio symbols and a Juve legend.

This may explain why Milan spent so much money on Stephan El Shaarawy, who like Del Piero, made his breakthrough at Padova. Milan fans surely hope that El Shaarawy will become something close to Alex.

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thanks galliani for is concern, but milan dont need him now

max falase

Too late to regret,He has made his name wt juve. Forever a juve hero.

max falase

Juventus should not have announced this but let the player himself do that after all he has given to the club. I think this is going against his will.


…u ve not learnt anythin! Get Erikson now!!!


forget about d past and focus on d present, get Ericsson now and casemiro before it is to late.

all-in 4 milan

Galliani will probably get both del piero and amuri to milan. For free as usuall


Wonder who’ll be the next big Calcio symbol…

Rossonero 23

no…ranocchia??? hahaha


I was just thinkin out loud mate…

Rossoneri kenya

Get Eriksen now or you will keep regreting.

Rossoneri kenya

Get Eriksen now or you will keep regreting. And those who criticised kp boateng you all got it wrong. Did you see how magnificent was his goal?


If Milan had a policy like Real Madrid who does not sign players over 30yrs old we could have signed a champion like Del Piero!

Milan must adopt this mentality if we are going to be competitive consistently! We are only able to build a competitive team every 4-7 years because we either buy mostly over 30yrs old players or we hold onto players over 30!Mr Galliani, this has to change!


Do you realize, nick, how many champions we signed since 1989? Do you? And how many of them were very young? You’re still clueless. Blind sided hatred of Galliani never gets old.


“didn’t want to pay” heard that a lot the past few years it seems…

Milan francis

Berlusconi might sign him for his own selfish interest and come to think of it Del Piero is one the finest dead ball expert of the game


was there ever a time u were willing to pay? Get Erikson!


You guys are clas*sic. You seem to forget all the other stars Galliani did sign since the 1980s… why are so guys so CLUELESS?

And what no over 30 policy? Do you know how many youngsters we have signed? Some of you are NEVER pleased about anything.


@giancarlo,for the past years milan only rely on quantity not quality.if players like favali,bonera,antonini,mancini,sendros were given the chance in this team then am sorry we are not serious as a team.l don’t agree that we shd buy overpriced players but there some quality players whose prices were affordable but galliani didn’t buy.he shd start buying n stop being stingy cos our midfield is the slowest in the world.