Ibrahimovic ready for Juventus encounter


ZLATAN IBRAHIMOVIC is set to meet his old side and says Milan go there to win.

Milan are in a good mood as they start to get ready for Sunday game against Juventus after two victories over Cesena in Serie A and FC Viktoria Plzen in the Champions League – both played at Stadio San Siro.

The Rossoneri have some injuries, but have Ibrahimovic back and fit. The Swede was out of action for a couple of weeks, but is already back, scoring and assisting, and he wants to take all 3 points on Sunday.

Nocerino: “Ibrahimovic makes the difference”
Boateng could return for Juventus clash

“It is a very important victory and it’s also my first goal after the injury,” Ibra is quoted as saying on the Milan-based newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport. “I feel better, and we hope to do even better on Sunday. I’ve played the whole game and I feel great. In the first half Viktoria played well, but in the end we managed to score two goals. Juventus? They are my former team, it’ll be a tough match, but we go to Turin to win.

Ibrahimovic played alongside Antonio Cassano and the two showed again that they are good together and have a good understanding. “Ibrahimovic and Cassano play very well together because they are both players with great techniques, but it would be better to have all [attackers] available,” Max Allegri said.

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I dont want Cassano to play with Ibra.. He spoils Ibra’s effort..


Imagine if we had Ibra alongside Pato for the Barcelona match. I bet we would have scored atleast 2 more.


haha no way Pato is off-form admit it already


The way i see it,it’s a draw…And maybe if we MVB & Noce gangs up on Pirlo every time he gets the ball..we might actually win…


@ibitoye,u’re right milan should’ve won by more goals if not for cassano’s laziness,i believe when robinho returns he would be in his right position(THE BENCH).

Mr Goph

Forza Ibra. MR MILAN IS BACK! Jube is going down.

Go for goal, fantastic goal should be score by milan in turin.

Joshua Nigeria

So happy everyone is recovering fast. I heard ManU LAB is the best but i guess not


Juventus vs Milan. We must get all 3point even if its Juv 0 : 1 Milan. With Boateng back i am hopeful we will win.


Ibrahimovic is a game changer, no one can question that. It is bad that we are sooo reliant on him and it looks like a vice-Ibra would be a good idea this summer or better yet let’s promote/bring back Paloschi or whoever to the first team!

Hey guys, want to help a Milan fan out? like


i’m trying to win a contest here!


the midfield is aweful! montolivo and de rossi could leave their teams for free, we should be aware of this. we need also a creative midfielder like ganso or erikssen. also we have young midfielders like fossati valoti merkel verdi and calvano. we need a revolution in our midfield. van bommel ambrosini gattuso seedorf are too old and nocerino is not more then a sub. aquilani didn’t impress till now. antonini must be released taiwo is far better than him! allegri is very slow and not creative. he is not able to build a team. he doesn’t like to try… Read more »


You’ve posted this same message in several posts. Nocerino is definitely a starter… and Allegri is very slow? I don’t agree. And he doesn’t like to try new players? Then tell that to Nocerino. Taiwo will come soon enough.


Forza antonini


Its truly sad dat we are dependent on him . Pato really shud step up


Did everyone here see how Ibra brought down that ball from the air before playing a perfect through ball to Cassano? Oh my God this guy is insanely good. If Milan win the league this year and go far enough in CL, he should def get player of the year. FIFA should start looking outside of Barcelona for awards….crooks. Thank you

R O S S 23

lets crush those gobbi bastards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

forz milan!


keep the winning spirit. c’mon, let’s beat juve at their new stadium! juve have played bad recently and it seems that they depend on pirlo’s passing. it won’t be difficult for nocerino/MvB/KPB to isolate pirlo. let’s grab 3 points this sunday! forza milaaaaaaaaaaaaan!


@Donbibo, yeah it was fantastic!! Did u c d 1 he raised in d air nd passed 2 seedorf? still in air seedorf 2 cassano. It was a nice setup.

I want 2 c more of dat, we must win juv.


He is one of the best players in the world… hands down. His ability is insanely great, Ibra needs to work hard against Juve… and we need the three points.


I might actually go as far as to say he is the best. If you really look at it, no other player ever maybe only Ronaldo(Brazil) ever had such an immediate impact on his new team. He can win by himself, he’s a phenominal passer, can hold the ball up like no one else, and defenders are literally scared of him. He is like Shaquille O’neal in his prime, just unstoppable, nothing more can be said.

Bone chronic

I wish kpb would be available 4 dat game so as to press pirlo whenever he’s with the ball


Important points 🙂