T. Silva: “I hope Milan will sign Hamsik”


THIAGO SILVA would love having Marek Hamsik on his side next year.

Reports over the summer suggested Napoli midfielder Hamsik is Milan’s main target, but il Diavolo never made a move for the Slovak international, as Napoli President refused to sell him, especially to Milan.

Aurelio De Laurentiis claimed Hamsik is worth €100 million and will never be sold to Silvio Berlusconi’s side, after the player himself admitted he would like a Milan move. T. Silva hopes Milan can get him.

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“Playing against Hamsik? If he played in our jersey it would be much better. I hope we can sign him next year,” Thiago Silva told La Gazzetta dello Sport in light of the upcoming clash between the Rossoneri and the Partenopei on Sunday. “The summer market? I am satisfied. [Alberto] Aquilani was a good purchase.”

The Milan defender has never denied his desire of having more Brazilians with him at Milan, as he stated on numerous occasions that Milan should sign Paulo Henrique Ganso from Santos. “Ganso and Danilo? I am happy if a Brazilian comes to Europe, but the non-EU situation is complicated,” he said.

Thiago scored a vital goal for Milan against Barcelona in the Champions League: “Leonardo was crucial regarding my arrival here. After the game he sent me a text wishing luck and to congratulate my goal.”

Alex Pato and Silva danced Samba after the latter scored the goal, but Thiago is not impressed by Pato’s dance: “He’s unwatchable. In fact, I always say he’s not a real Brazilian. To think he listens to hip hop.”

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Pato is the best striker in the world.


No. He’s not even the best striker in our team.


I agree. He’s still got a ways to go but he has the potential and ability to become one of the best.


we dont need hamšik we need montolivo.And hamšik is told that is happy that berlusconi wasnt buy him


I would prefer @he@d of him bt if we get him it wil stil be ok.

Sohel loves Shama

I really want Hamsik wears Milan jersey…he deserves more thn just Napoli…


“more than just napoli”? The club of Diego Maradona? Have some respect, you can’t look down your nose with derision at a club like Napoli. They have a beautiful city and a beautiful club also.


Montolivo would be a better choice given that he’ll cost 7m or even less

He’s also used as CAM in Italy and he’s quite good at it


we need 3 midfielders for next year…. hamsik,montolivo and a defensive one. I think we will only get hamsik if napoli dnt qualify for CL next year….


so Nocerino is not a DM to u? we just need Montolivo and some young signings like Eriksen or anyone with potential


ok so u think one of Mvb, gattuso,or ambrosini should stay as a back up for him……

P.S:our midfielders for this year are Dm: Gattuso, ambrosini, MvB, and Nocerino…. next year those three along with seedorf may retire, so u still think we dont need a defensive one other than nocerino


Milanest you speak the truth, i love mvb but he is only getting older, and nocerino is a good midfield battler, we need an mvb, someone that links defence to midfield and also shields our D.


Hamik is better than Montolivo…


Hamsik is the only one among Milans Mr X list that have a consistent, increasing performance and rating. Milan must spend to get him €22M i bet thier president will sell.


We need Ganso,Hamisk,Ericksen,Hummel,Del jong to replace Bommel. Return Aquilani he is a mediocre.


Will u pay for Milan?

DID u know that FFP is looming in 2013?

Give Aqualani a chance atleast its only been a week since the league started -_-


i know this has nothing to do with football but just look at it an amazing good looking sweed singing http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=srwEYKqcQpU


I disagree. How can u say aqua is mediocre player? He definitely shows his quality from the very first match. 2 contributing in goals again lazio.


Axelyx thanks for disagreeing politely.


Definitely need more pace and the ability to run with the ball in midfield and Hamsik certainly fits the bill. Also, Thiago Silva is a natural comedian!

Sohel loves Shama

I’m sorry…but Napoli is lyk ManC, Chelsea, Nottinham Forest, Villareal, Athleti Bilbao, Sevilla…
For some certain period like 10-15 yrs…dominating nd thn rest in peace…
Not lyk Milan, Madrid, ManU, Juventus, Barça, Liverpool, Bayern Munich, Ajax, Benfica…born to rule the club…
Napoli is great club, my 3rd fav in Italy…but u hv to understand…
Hamsik is world class…nd with serie a fan no one sees his world class plays…so he shld move on


In january we’ll get Ganso.
For next summer, we’ll have Montolivo, while 3 or 4 oldies will leave. (Van Bommel, Seedorf, Flamini, Gattuso, Ambrosini).
So the squad will be like this: Boateng, Montolivo, Aquilani, Nocerino, Emanuelson, Ganso, and one oldie, maybe Flamini too. We need 9-10 midfilders for a season, one is from primavera. So if we buy Ganso and Montolivo as it’s said, we need only another one. That one should be a DM.

Mr Goph

Ts33, i agree and truely said pato’s samba su*cks

Pato Is Brilliant

Hahaha thats funny lol. But what’s wrong with Pato’s dance? It was the mixture of Samba and Italian. Its called:


Pato Is Brilliant

Hahaha thats funny lol. But what’s wrong with Pato’s dance? It was great. How can we expect him to dance real Brazilian style as he is spending his nights with Barbara. The dance he did with Silva was a mixture of Samba and Italian.
A dance known widely as:



I’m sorry but Robinho needs to show him how to dance, how to play, and how to contribute more to the team.


To dance yes, but to play? and contribute to the team? you have to be kidding me. Pato is only 22 and he has a much better production in BIG games then Robinho I dont care Binho scores 2 goals and misses 3 in a game vs Bari.


Very wrong reply. Robinho contributes to build-up play far more then Pato, who himself goes missing in numerous games. Much better production? Where did you get that from? Something else you made up?


Mmmm Game vs Inter 2 (Goals) Napoli (Goal) Barza (Goal) at Madrid 2009 (2 goals, including the game winnig goal) does are big games (Championship points without ibra)vs Top teams not just some crapy game vs Genoa or Catania. He´s only 22 and he has the same or more Big game goals then Robinho, not to mention he needs 4 clear chances to score 1 goal sometimes more, everyone knows what I am talking about.
Does that sound like made up numbers??


True! Pato needs to take Dancing Lessons from Ronaldinho.

ibrahim Sesay

Pato is brilliant but thank the whole milan team for making us proud as supporters.People brag too much these days as if Barcelona are extra-ordinary.We can stop them from doing it any how,and we can do it by any means necessary.Hooray the Rossoneri,we are always proud of you.


We need quality midfielders,Ganso or Hamsik will be great.It will boost our chance in the ucl


Ur welcome bro!

nice to see everyone argueing in such a polite way isn’t it! 🙂

milan fan zuki

we really great midfielders. i hope milan will sign these players… montolivo, Ganso, hamsick, and Errickson.


Montilivo is better then hamsik! Milan can purchase on monti in transfer window around 4million euro


if shaarawy could perform very well this season and could play as a starter for more than 10 games, i think silva will say : no, milan don’t need hamsik anymore…hamsik is overpriced and milan already have shaarawy for AM/SS position.


Alegri need hamsik/schewni to complete his strategy!!ganso fitnes nor ready to european competition!!


Thiago is right. Hamsik will be perfect for Milan. Allegri only wants players who run alot and work hard for the team and Hamsik does that. He can play anywhere in midfield beside DM. His work rate, passing, shooting everything is sublime. Bad news is Napoli know that very well and they won’t let him go cheap.


Hamsik? Hahah fat chance. Ganso another extremely unlikely signing…


Unless Napoli want 10 million in 3 payments (3 years)for Hamsik, we wont get him.


Pato has much better production then Robinho in big games… I think I’m gonna laugh… Jerry get serious please.


ginacarlo you always say that you are grown up and mature. you always tell PIB to mature, but from the comments you make you really sound like a child…


Hamsik is better than Montolivo, but I think we must pay over 30 mill€ for him. He’s a symbol of a fantastic club, and I don’t think he’ll arrive. We can get Montolivo next year for free, or we can get him for a nice galliani-deal i January.

Mahdi 22

Abate_Mexes_Thiago Silva_Taiwo

King buzza

Yes,milan need som1 like hamsik in midfield.som1 young and so talented.i wish hamsik will join d rossoneri family next summer.forza milan


Monty on a free transfer nxt yr..ganso in january..hamsik da new big signing..i hope dey get a gd keeper