Galliani: “We were very lucky”


ADRIANO GALLIANI admits that Milan were fortune to get a point from the Camp Nou last night.

Thiago Silva scored his debut goal in the Champions League on Tuesday in the 92′ minute; a decisive goal which had saved Milan from losing to Spain and Europe Champions FC Barcelona yesterday.

With Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Robinho injured, the quality difference was felt; however, a fantastic defensive work from Milan and an excellent finishing ability (3 shots on target, 2 goals) gave Milan the draw.

Pato makes history at the Camp Nou
Highlights: FC Barcelona 2-2 AC Milan

“We were very lucky,” Milan Vice President Adriano Galliani said after the game. “You could see they had 70 per cent possession, but Barcelona are amazing with the ball at their feet. You just can’t get it off them.”

“The defence did very well, especially Thiago Silva and Alessandro Nesta in the centre. We struggled a lot against Daniel Alves, but contrasted him better when Urby Emanuelson came on. It’s not catenaccio though. It’s just that because they keep the ball so well, you are forced to go deeper and can never get out.

Galliani is famous for pulling off transfers in great prices, but he’s also known for being a very passionate fan, and he usually shows just how happy he is after Milan score. “I was sat next to the Barca President so had to stay still and not move a muscle,” he said. “It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life…”

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its time to get montolivo our midfield is a huge problrm we cant keep ball at our feet for a few seconds also


@deepak is kinda right, our midfield is great defensively, but we can’t keep the ball away from our goal, the only one that can do that is seedorf. And that not only happened against barcelona, some “not that big” teams holds the ball for long periods while we do nothing but defending. It’ll be hard to win if we at least don’t have the ball or make precise counterattacks.


Shut up… And sign good Midfielders.

Pato Is Brilliant

Imagine what would be going in his mind when Pato scored.. Hahahaha lol he was dying to move his muscle.. But the question is which one? His round tummy or fleshy booty.


Lol, you really like Pato, What if Pato leaves Milan? I bet you want to Barbara Berlusconi 😉

Pete Acquaviva

I think the reason we didn’t sign a big player in the summer window was not that we didn’t have the resources to do so, but that we didn’t have the opportunity to get the targets we wanted (I think Hamsik and Fabregas were both strongly considered). With a better link to the attack (even if Robinho was back) we will be able to hit on the counter with even more pace and composure.

Anyway, I never gave up the hope of the draw, and I couldn’t be more pleased. Let’s look forward to Napoli. Forza Milan!


No luck just classy defending, Allegri did good job by exploiting their “offside line” trick. They showed real character last night and i’m proud of each and everyone in this team. Pato is maturing, Nocerino will be a beast with us, Nesta and Silva are Gods! FORZA MILAN!

Fadil Maldini

Please don’t play Ambro n Gattuso again,and only play seedorf as supersuab. I’m so proud of them,but they peak was almost end.
We have to buy more creative MF next mercato to take they position.


Just 2 more midfield signings wil do


Alegri shouldn’t have brought up ambrosini, he should have brought aquilani instead of boateng.


“It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life…” LOL!!!!! if I were him, I’ll definitely choke Rosell’s neck and throw him down to the floor.

Mr Goph

Uncle fester:))) Fetch us Hazard or Erikson, Monty and ganso or Alcantara.

lady gaga

imagine dat……………


“What happened on Tuesday is pure bad luck, totally unfair,” the 31-year-old told Barcelona TV. “The other day [the 2-2 draw versus Sociedad] we dropped our intensity in the second half of the game, but this time the team played well, we pressurised them until the 90th minute and we had possession of the ball.” The Spain international claims the reigning Liga and Champions League winners will now focus their attention on the upcoming clash against Osasuna. “We have to win now on Saturday. We’ll battle on, we know we have a great team to carry on winning things and… Read more »

uwem peters

@deepak…i agree with u,we need 2 get Monty fast in january & add more 2 our midfield,forza montolivo,forza milano

Pato is awesome

I can only say forza milan.


Great forza milan (I think creative mf like ganso & ham or montoli ) will fit the mf thank to pato silva the brazil star will look forward for Napoli no sunday


No we’re nt lucky bt bless(defensily).we nid more creativity.Forza milano!


Lol funny guy Gallaini


Milan’s defense is best in the world. No one else comes close, imo.


i dnt want ambrosini,seedorf and gattuso to ever start a match for milan! please get monty fast in january! i thk we,ll get better and better as the season unfolds


Seedorf is playing great. I’d love to see him start in more matches provided he keeps up his good form. Ambrosini isn’t bad, too. I kinda agree on gattuso though, but he does deserve another chance. Ambro and Gattuso are expected to retire after this season anyway…


We shd be up n doing by adding quality midfielders to beef up the squad.


PIB… all he can talks about is Pato this, Pato that… very little respect given to our other players.


I’m agree with Giancarlo… AC Milan not only Pato…


But PIB has the right to praise his fav player, just like me when Sheva was around.. for me sheva was the greatest player and when sheva didnt play i’ll be worried, i adore him so much but i was worried for Milan because the best player i like wasnt there.. but my point is we still Milan fans, PIB has the right to express hiw feeling towards Pato, his fav player but at the same time i don’t like if PIB trash talk other legendary players at Milan, Cassano wasnt great yesterday but he did well vs Lazio where… Read more »


But NO player, and I mean NO player is above Milan.


my eyez were closed sayin somtin on my mind wen d corner kick wz abt 2b playd n i saw d replay. Tank God’s gudness We got a draw. FORZA MILANO. MILAN 4ETERNITY.