Video of the Day: Milan 4-0 Barcelona


IF YOU need any extra motivation ahead of tonight’s exciting game against Barcelona, the old heroes of Milan will do the work. Daniele Massaro’s first-half brace (22′, 45+2′), following by goals from Dejan Savićević (47′) and Marcel Desailly (58′) gave Milan and Fabio Capello their 5th Champions League trophy in the year of 1994. Rejoice the memories and let’s hope to get some of that old magic tonight!

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I just finished watching this match a couple of hours a go and Barca had no chance. Hopefully we repeat this tomorrow.
Forza Milan!!!Sempre nel mio Cuore!!!

Pato Is Brilliant

What a great moment that was.. Milan domolished them that night. Savecivec’s 3rd goal was the best one. Oh man at that time Milan was the best team..


Wikipedia much?

I actually watched this match on television and remember every bit of it. I was 9 years old at the time.

Milan 4 Barca 0

I too remember watching it. I was 13 and it has to be one the happiest days in my life. No one gave us a chance but the way we absolutely hammered them was mindblowing. The biggest margin of victory In the champions league.

Forza Rossoneri


PIB wasnt even alive at that time so no use telling him lol……


Unfortunately i wasnt born at that time but i did catch a replay in Milanchannel(from like the 20th minute i Believe).It was Awesome.


I was 11 at the time, watched with my oldman and my brother. That was one of the best time for Massaro as well at Milan, helped us winning the titles both in SA and CL.

Red/black is my blood

Forza Milano


@Giancarlo,u are quiet young,i watched the game with my sons and my late wife,God bless her soul….those were good ol days when Milan was indeed Milan.


Milan is still Milan with many champions. Be to it I need to remind you of several seasons in the late 90s where Milan got into 10th place in the Serie A. You don’t seem to remember that too well.


Friends…lets be reasonable…
If we manage to get a draw it will be a surprise to me…
Our defense is shaky….Nesta is finished…can you even imagine Antonini keeping Messi???
I’m scared before this game…really


There is Zambrotta and Taiwo who are both available for this match. Antonini won’t play. Lets hope Nesta turns it up.


Ac Milan have always valued European competitions more than the Seria A.


I just watched the video,did anyone see the guy with the red horns hahahaha……good ol days,it bring back memories.


TAIWO can be left out in todays match.


I believe in Thiago, Nesta, Pato, Abate, Urby, Aquilani, Boateng, Van Bommen and Taiwo for a wonderful performance.

lady gaga

wishing Rossoneri da very best of luck….its gona be interesting…
4za milan………


Forza Milano…. The power of history is with us… Forza pato


I believe we will win this match with Pato getting a brace… Please kind Milanese pray for me. There is a riot in my school.




Gud old [email protected]:-D.


@ibitoye kilo shele ni skul yin anyway sha rora oh it is well….


I luv d fact dat no 1 is givin us a chance,tink barca r in 4 a shock.FORZA D GREAT ROSSONERI !


milan need 2 pressure dem we can do it forza milan

Milan 4 life

i want the same expressions on guardiola’s face tonight whn barca were down 2-0 in ths match 😀
n the 3rd goal was out of ths world :O 😀

Andriy Shevchenko

Probably formation for tonight:


Looks good to me l would exchange Boateng and Aquilani maybe.


Ibitoye, which skul be that. Hope its not jos.

Pato Is Brilliant

Hey I was 22 months old by that time 😉


D nigerian military force re wicked. Dey attackd me dat am terrorist. Jst bcz i cme 4rm d state where d terrorist are striking doesnt mean am 1 of dem. Djokovic won yesterday’s us open against d world no 1 so we are hoping to win it 2 against d world best club. But am i imagining or seeing reality? Lol


djokovic is no1


i love milan very much.iran

Andriy Shevchenko

2Pac-Stricktly for my n.i.g.g.a.z(L)


Just believe milan.we should use catenacio with abiati-nesta-silva-abate-zambro-nocerino-bomel-seedorf-boateng-aquilani-pato


Athens for ever!!!

Milan-Barcelona 4-0
Milan-Liverpool 2-1




I was 5 years old. I dnt even knw wat futbal is den. Bt gudlck 2 milan.

lady gaga

@pato is brizzy


i will always remember that final match. although baresi did not play, the determination of milan players at that time was amazing. that is the key driver of their success. imo, the current milan only have 80% of 1994 team’s determination. allegri should not ask the players to play openly against barca. it is suicide. the best way is to use the same tactic of inter when mourinho, the ‘evil one’, coached them.


@PIB, u are too funny. Please don’t think of ever leaving this Blog. U are madly hilarious!. I was moody b4 I saw your comment but now I feel better. ROTFL!. Forza Milan!!!


No he’s not!
Now Giancarlo,Me and Ryan are Hilarious(partly becuz we shut PIB’s mouth all the time).


Totally agree!


@richfemi, i suport u.PIB is pretty [email protected] is just [email protected] he @dd @buses to som comments.

Mr Goph

Forza Milan. BREAKING NEWS!!!! Barcelona 1 vs Milan 3 (pato 4″ , Aquilani 30″ , T. Silva 77″ , Bonera 85″(og).) Bonera came on 4 aquilani in the 80th minute and score an own goal 5 minutes later. Hehehe… FORZA MILAN.


@mr Goph this is fantasy football oh!…nothing is imposible tho!…1 luv milan.


barca 1 milan 5…allegri own goal lol.


barca 1 milan 1…giancarlo own

Pato Is Brilliant

Thank you Richfemi its my pleasure to be a part of anything that brings smile in your face..

Pato Is Brilliant

Its an honour really by firing slaps to gian-g-a-y-lo’s face lulz..


More childish little insults from the biggest whiny child on this website. You should be true to your world. Leave this website for good as you promised. And the only one being slapped around here is you.

Mr. Rational

Allegri is the man, no fear. I read milan are set to start cassano and pato. No fear we will attack barcelona from the first minute. Forza milan.


djokovic will smash the valdes face when he try to catch the ball


Nice 1 Mr Goph nd roro too.


1 hr and 30 min


Djokovic is number 1 not nadal. Hope his win can bring success to milan


Time to fast and pray for Milan.


I watched it and it was 2.30 am when Milan won in 1994 .. what a team that was …. we can do it again next year !


We ruled d world b4 i blive wit GOD We can rule again. FORZA MILANO. MILAN 4ETERNITY. Notin is impossible wit GOD. barca handova tym.