Cassano won’t leave Italy


ANTONIO CASSANO has refused offers from abroad.

The future of FantAntonio remains a mystery despite Milan’s management constantly say that Cassano will not leave Milan and it appears now that he has admirers also outside of Italy, but he’s no interested.

Today’s edition of La Gazzetta dello Sport suggests that Antonio has rejected offers from German outfit VfL Wolfsburg and French side Olympique de Marseille, as he’d rather to continue playing in the peninsula.

T. Silva: “Milan can win everything”
Galliani: “Ibrahimovic is a monster!”

Genoa and Fiorentina have opened the door for Cassano and in fact, the former Sampdoria man will reportedly have a meeting with Genoa President Enrico Preziosi this week to discuss a possible move.

Cassano did not take part in Milan’s 2-1 victory over Inter on Saturday as he was left on the bench.

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Loose a bit of weight and have the hunger to play on the pitch not on pastries!

Such a wasted talent!

Aqua Man

cassano cuzo. Just leave buddy. Seriously man just go to genoa in exchange for cash plus some good young players. Ai.

Pato Is Brilliant

But he is going to leave Milan. Thats what I am certain.


Exchange with Montolivo PLEASE

Pato Is Brilliant

Ganso is coming in January for €22M. This is confirmed! Forza Galliani.


no it’s not. ganso may be signing a contract with Porto right now.

And we should keep cassano until jan at least…

stop posting fake “news”. you are not a reporter. you dont have sources … yikesss.

Abdulkarim Abbas

ur right cassano should stay until atleast jan and have a chance to prove himself but i doupt ganso will sign for porto now aas he want to play the club world cup but i sure do think he will arrive in jan

Pato Is Brilliant

Hey calm down. I have several links with reporters in the city of Milan. I am not lying. You need to trust me.


Pato is brillant playing too much FIFA in dreamland

Pato Is Brilliant

Piss off. I am not in dreamland. Kaka will come in few weeks time and Ganso in January. You will be amazed. Montolivo is also a very close option, but Galliani wants Fabregas.


Well then, can you please confirm all these sources?

The turd that you type is madness!


Reporters are not inside sources. reporters are just guys who twist around details to fit their own agenda. you are very very naive.

kaka will NOT rejoin milan.

kaka and fabregas… you live in la la land.

Pato Is Brilliant

Go on and make fun of me. Its okay with me, feel free to laugh at me anytime.

Abdulkarim Abbas

just ignore them stick to what u think and if ur right ur right but if ur wrong ur wrong


@patoisaboldfaceliar hahahahahahahahahahahahahahah


If you can’t back up what you say man, how can you expect anyone not to laugh at you!


I do not think pato is a lair. He is so convinced about his sources. I tink milan management are d untruthful ones here. Pato where do u get yr news from? I am intrested. If confidential send it 2 my mail ([email protected]). Bt since d loss of kaka and sheva and their failure 2 rebiuld d squard becos of their love for money and histroy obsession, i have lost faith in milan management!

Pete Acquaviva

See Pato?

You give false hope to fans like this guy.

To elaborate on your “sources” first off. “sources” said we signed a deal with, Lamela, Witsel, Constant, Lazzari, Kucka (pre-agreement)…etc etc. And that’s just THIS window.

Reporters speculate, you take it for fact. You really don’t understand how negotiations work between companies, there hasn’t been a deal inked out for any of the players we’re trying to sign.

Abdulkarim Abbas

pete i admire ur infoo consider me as a friend to u in this websitee and i doo agree that kaka will not arrive


good thing we didn’t sign lamela, witsel, constant, lazzari, or kucka… none of these are top quality players. our management is looking… reporters will continue to BS.

Pete Acquaviva

I still think Lamela will turn out to be a good player. Witsel would have been a squad player, and the other three aren’t deserving of a transfer. I personally think the move we made on El Shaarawy is probably the biggest make or break move of the summer. Also, Kucka is linked with Inter, it would be nice if they signed him instead of Casemiro who I heard Inter can’t afford the 18M fee. Sneijder will probably go (who say’s “yes I’m for sale” that plans on staying?). Maybe Eto’o if Man City gets antsy…but probably not. Inter with… Read more »

Pato Is Brilliant

Osas, thank you man for believing in me. Actually I get this all stuff on twitter. I dont tweet but my elder brother does and he has an account there in which he recieves vital information about Milan managment’s summer market policies. The truth is that there is no such Mr. X thing. It’s just a fake and Galliani and co. are just lying all the period. We will see in 31st of August how clever is Uncle Fester. I can claim that Kaka is arriving on loan with an option to buy in the year end for value of… Read more »


This will kinda suck, because el shaarawy will get 0 playing time… i mean, boateng seems 2 be allegri’s first choice, robinho can play there, both kaka and ganso are amfs, el shaarawy won’t stand a chance. I wouldn’t trust twitter too much, though.

Abdulkarim Abbas

only time will tell if ur rigtt


you can make as many claims as you want man… but it doesn’t mean it’s true. stop acting as if you have information other people don’t have… and stop trying to act better then other people.

I keep hearing about your brother. Milan management doesn’t post their market policies on twitter. they never they never will. reporters are reporters… they don’t know how milan’s management works man.

Seriously… you gotta stop this insanity…

Pete Acquaviva

Here, I’ll logically explain why your Ganso rumor is wrong. There’s another half of the season for Ganso to raise his value. Santos have his word he’s not going to leave (which he will probably keep), and therefore he will only improve with time, not decay, he’s 21 going on 22. If they sign an agreement for 22M, which first off is a great deal for us (go figure this is from “milan reporters”) then they lose all ability to change that figure as he improves, and consider IF they were to beat Barcelona and win the club world cup.… Read more »


there’s so much pressure playin 4 a big team. now pavin way 4 a kaka move