Hamsik: “Thank you, Berlusconi!”


MAREK HAMSIK has thanked Silvio Berlusconi for not buying him.

At the start of the Mr. X saga, the press was sure that Hamsik is the player that Milan will go for; these rumours were strengthened after the player said he’d consider leaving Napoli for a Milan this summer.

Milan denied they have ever had any interest in the Slovak, and President Silvio Berlusconi had promised the Naples people that he will not sign Hamsik so the player had been erased form Milan’s lists.

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“Milan? I never let the reality of Napoli out of my sights. I’m focused on Napoli and the new season. I don’t want to think about my long-term future,” the 23-year-old midfielder, told La Gazzetta dello Sport. “I thank Mr. Berlusconi for keeping his promise not to take me away from Napoli, I’ve never thought of leaving.”

The main target of Milan now is Riccardo Montolivo, according to the papers.

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Candidat mr.x just swaini and fabregas .
I hopeful swaini

Yehez Kiel

no.. bayern just said schweinsteiger wont leave cause he has a contract till 2015!


If everyone always honored their contracts, we would see only Bosman transfers…

Yehez Kiel

but you forgot that clubs could sell players or those players are mercenaries.. and this isnt the case.


no thats not wat they said. the coach said that he cant finds it difficult seeing bayern let him go cuz he has a contract. doesnt mean they wont let him go.

Yehez Kiel

lets face it! schweini isnt coming to milan.. he is bayerns captain, long term contract, and bayern are one of the most stubborn clubs to sell their players! i just dont see it happening.. this season



Shev Johannesburg

Will they please stop asking this guy about milan? Not our loose, we are milan & they are napoli! Burlisconi shows you that we are the giants not your team, so no need to thank him bro!

Mehdi Kaka

this word is not from hamsik,, but that asshole de laurentis


Milan only buys the best and Hamsik is not the best. Since he doesn’t want to win anything, he decided to stay at Napoli.

Red/black is my blood

Milan, especially berlusconi should not even create any room for conversation between us and Aurellio De Laurentis’s napoli. We dont want him again. With Montolivo set to arrive, bring on schweini/pastore and ganso in january then milan will be okay for scudetto & CL. Forza Milan.

lady gaga

we need a top class midfielder not a low class lyke Napoli’s HamsiCk….d only player milan cud manage to grab from d napples is Edinson Cavani so there4,we wudn’t want u…okay?


True i would say Ilicic>Hamsik and if we buy an AM from Italy i’d prefer it to be Ilicic not Trash like Pastore!

Abdulkarim Abbas

pastiree is qualityy and ilicic cant win us a CL


Pastore is a Piece of shit.Ilicic is really good but can’t bring us UCL but neither can Pastore that’s why we’ll sign Schweini or Fab!


Hahaha hamsiks price is according to De Laurentis 80-90 million euro, he is good but there is many players as good as him or even better


yeah,, good luck..


No need Hamsik and especially not Schweini… Milan either need Hernanes, Pastore or Bale


Schweini>Hernanes,Pastore and Bale
Granted Hernanes is a good player but Pastore and Bale are just Overrated Garbage!

Abdulkarim Abbas

sweishtiger or fabregas wont arrive bayern and allegrii have said we just have to wait for montolivoo andg ansoo in jan


He never said that stop lying he never said anything.


We don´t need Hamsik, we got Prince already.

We get Modric now and Ganso in januari, with thoose puchases we´ll be ready for WORLD DOMINATION! (:


Ewwwwwwwwww Modric we can get his look-alike Montolivo for way more cheaper!


You suck


Pastore Scweini probobly way to expensive, but if Santos keeps putting prices like 40-50 m euro for Ganso and Milan is going to bid, Milan can just as easily give Schweini a chance, but sign Montolivo first then see whe will se whst Galliani can do aboutthe big mr x thing


Thank you hamsik for not coming to milan,u should stay with the club that won’t won nothing lol..


We need fabregas now

Pato Is Brilliant

Lady gaga I hate you


oh how relevant..


nevermind, i didnt know lady gaga was a milan fan


Keisuke Honda or Ki Sung Yueng! Will definitely be great additions in a sporting as well as a Financial sense..


Hey Pato is Brilliant. Go on google and type in AC Milan Fabregas. I think you may have been right all along my friend.

Lady gaga

Hey pato wanna be” why hating on me?…..u need jesus in ur life coz d bible says thou should love thy neigbour as urslf


were you born this way?


Zac’s reply ftw.


Some reports suggest that Milan are linked with Balotelli. Maybe we could get him and exchange Cassano with Montolivo and Robinho with Ganso.


Mancini wont let Balo go after 1 season. “DAMN” is clueless,avoid his nonsense. Same with who said Hamsik doesnt want to win so he chose to stay,not his choice if we never bid for him. Milan online “Fan” are stupid never met any like you at game. Tanto amore a tutti i veri Milanista!!!


lol Zach


Arsenal wont let Fabregas go….and why sell robinho for ganso? robinho is great imo. Get Monto and Schwein and then Ganso in Jan 🙂