Napoli: “Hamsik will never be sold to Milan”


AURELIO DE LAURENTIIS says he will never give Hamsik to Milan.

Slovak midfielder Marek Hamsik has expressed desire to move to Milan few weeks ago, but it seems that a move would not take place this summer, or ever – if you ask Napoli President Aurelio De Laurentiis.

The film producer says Hamsik won’t wear the Rossoneri shirt as long as he is in charge.

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“I will not ever sell Hamsik to AC Milan. I’d rather give him to [Massimo] Moratti, who is a gentleman,” he is quoted as saying on La Gazzetta dello Sport. Napoli have already said they are sure Hamsik will stay.

Hamsik, who is worth €100 million (according to De Laurentiis of course), is no longer a target for Milan. It appears that Fiorentina’s Italian midfielder Riccardo Montolivo, 26-years-old is close to Milan.

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Napoli hates milan, inter hates milan, udinese hates milan, cagliari hates milan. . . . Our only brothers are roma,juve and genoa. Fuck inter, napoli and udinese.

Yehez Kiel

why do udinese and cagliari hate us? we gave them some of our youth players! those pricks…


Who cares Nigga ?


Even Milan closed its doors on Hamsik so please keep ur player with u only. And please shut ur mouth also.


De Laurentis is so pathetic. He’s like a child who owns a club. Lucky him Napoli will play at CL next season.
Poor Hamsik for having a “Boss” like De Laurentis.


Napoli president is fucking idiot. I’m very sure napoli will end up in 6th position next season. Forza milan

Max falase

This is an insult on all Milan stakeholders, Incase Aurelio has a short memory, let history book remind Aurelio that 7CL & 18Scudotto crowns, all won without ur hamsik, So f**k-off old camera man.


Why bother our selves, when we know that mister x is GARETH BALE. Note: Remember than galliani and allegri went to london to watch the Champions league final. Two days after that, allegri said he was happy to join galliani for the negotiation on Mister x.


But napoli will be willing to sell to genoa, and then genoa will send hamsik on a co ownership deal to milan … LOL


He think this Hamsik of a guy is better than our players. tell him to wait and see our El Shaaraway when the league begins.


Laurentis? I like the way he hate Milan! we won 2 times against them we won scudetto right front of his nose…he can’t take it lol…we’ll do it again and you can only hate us…even Hamsik love to play for milan but we don’t give a shit to napoli…


Why bother? There are better players out there.


Totally agree. There are at least 3 better players which we’re linked with: Montolivo, Ganso, Pastore. If i don’t mention Fabregas and Schweini, who will never come.
Anyway, the stlye is like in a pub after 6 to 8 beers/whiskeys and a pocket of cigarettes.


Della Valle (Fiorentina owner) is willing to sell Montolivo for 9-10 million it is reported (and to Milan also). For that price we better make a move. I can see Juventus fans being pissed off if we sign Montolivo. They wanted him lol.

Dejan Jovanoski

Tons of better players are out there.Who gives a shit what A De Laurentis says.Hamsik is just a crap in my opinion.
Their best players are Lavezzi and the goalkeeper De Sanctis.


hey you pathetic old man!!the results on the pitch speaks of itself!!Forza Galliani!Forza Allegri!Forza AC Milan!!!!!!!


This guy is just jealous of our success.probably Barlusconi stole his girlfriend coz he looks like a burnt rubber..give us a break old man and lets see wat ur Hamsik can do dat our Prince,mr x(schwenteiger)canot do…btw Hamsik decides his future not u and may be he z a milanista…swallow dat moron


Not even Leo Messi worths €100m..Napoli just had an average season and De laurentiss thinks they are a force in Italy?
Sorry old man but Milan is made up of CL,WC,EURO cup etc winners while none of ur Napoli has ever won even a high school championship…look 4 ur match grandpa Milan is everthng and Napoli is thrash

Abdulkarim Abbas

we dont need mr x we only need







Until now, i thought at least De Laurentiis is good for Napoli. But a good leader never says never, and never shuts a door completely. That is the problem with Zamparini too.

May he keep Hamsik, a player who doesn’t want to play for him. He made a big deal…


Well Zamparini was actually willing to let Pastore go to Milan… he said he was open to the idea. This guy isn’t.

bleeding d red and black

Plz can any 1 help out wit d medical result of dis pathetic old fool cus he is talking lyk sum1 who is suffering 4rm a serious brain damage!!!

Abdulkarim Abbas

mr x should be




in january


Napoli’s president Fucking idot!!! Milan get scudeto without hamsik!!

Yehez Kiel

GODDAMNIT! dont spam on the comments!!! its really pissing people off!

Abdulkarim Abbas


ok i wiill stop


Can anyone explain to me, why these southern italian teams hate Milan so much??? Don’t answer: cos they’re jealous or envy us, I need proper answer more than that…


Coz they cant do like galiani and milan.coz galiani wil buy a player with lowest cost and they cant.and coz milan didnt bought their players and maybe coz of tv right


hahaha, he still angry..


He’s gone soo far up his own ass now that it would be impossible for him to come out on his own and see what’s goin on around him. So lets go sign hamsik before someone helps him out! and stops us from signing hamsik lmao PATHETIC! 😛


I have a feeling that Hamsik told De laurentiis that he is joining Milan and this asshole wants to do smthng to stop it…no one says NO to uncle Fester
NOTE:Hamsik z mrX
Milan 4da Royals and Napoli 4da faggots like Aurelio and Materazi


You and your inter please dont forgot double of this season


What if he refuses A̶̲̥̅ move to inter?He’s got A̶̲̥̅ contract afterall.Without him we won the scudetto.Try to stop us now with ur little squad.


KILL NAPOLI!!!!!! FORZA MILAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!