Antonini: “I want to stay at Milan”


LUCA ANTONINI is not planning a Paris Saint-Germain switch.

The Rossoneri left-back was linked with Ligue 1 side Paris Saint-Germain in last weeks as it was said that their new Director of Sport, Leonardo, would be interested in bringing Antonini to the French capital.

However, Antonini has excluded a chance of him joining PSG as he opens the new season with Milan.

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“I have not got any calls from Paris Saint-Germain; I definitely want to stay at Milan,” he told Sportitalia.

“[Taye] Taiwo and [Stephan] El Shaarawy have settled in well. Mr. X? I do not want to talk about the team, as we are already strong. Cassano should stay; Allegri will see he is important to a piece of our squad.”

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you need to improve your skills if you want to stay at milan, antonini. imo, strengthening milan defense is the priority. antonini should learn from maldini how to defend.


He could do well even learning from Taiwo.


He is too old… look he will work now, but it takes time for him to be world class.(+its not sure he will be) it can take like 2 years and then he is 31 and younger taiwo is still here. I would sell him

Bone chronic

Luca is still useful


We don’t need antonini anymore cos we already got abate, oddo and zambrotta to cover right back and taiwo, emmanuelson and zambrotta(again) to cover left back(oh and i didn’t count bonera as a right back simply cos i never consider him as a player anymore:D). We should offload antonini to collect some cash and reduce the number of players in our squad. I think we should also release bonera and strasser(loan) to reduce the amount of players to 25.


IMO, Antonini should stay if we don’t get another fullback. Oddo wants to go, and i think he will. At least 2 backups needed for every position.
Abate’s backup is Zambrotta and Antonini int that case, while Taiwo’s backup are Antonini and Zambrotta too, and even Emanuelson can play that role.


but milant dont want u to stay.. Haha


Yeahh u stay at bench


What you guys are not taking into account is that we may need a utility player. I’m probably the only other one that agrees with Simo here. Zambrotta isn’t getting any younger, but we do need depth like this. Oddo should leave to QPR.


antonini,if u cushion seats for the bench contact me..hahaha


Antonini sucks! Not even fit for the bench. Go to leo. He knows how to bring the best outa you.and What is bonehead still doing in milanello?


Pls what is Bone-Era still doing in my Club??please some1 shud help me wit answers


I know exactly what you are thinking, I prefer gambling to take Ely into first team.