Videos of the Day: First day of training


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The best fans in the world….FORZA MILAN !!!


Great to see youngesters in the training too.Wish i could been there…


love the pippo chants


hope towards end of august we can c shweinisteiger training along with them!!FORZA MILAN!!!

Andriy Shevchenko

@Ahmed and peoples that want Schewinsteiger do you actually belive that Bayern will sell Schewinsteiger,their key player,to us?They put 60+ milions price tag on Ribery and l can’t imagine what value would they ask for Bastian.


maybe if we offer 25 million+flamini they’ll agree.

Andriy Shevchenko

Montolivo and Inler/Vidal maybe Wijnaldum would be our key signings for now.

Andriy Shevchenko

@Ahmed dude you’re so funny Bastian is favorite player amongst Bavarian fans and imagine what rage would be if Bayern sell him to us for 25 milions and Flamini?His price tag is 50 milions minimum.



He’s a favorite, and in line for the Captaincy? Also German? Playing for the best German team?


well MvB was bayern captain but we still bought him. and look how good hes doin for us. besides, montolivo is not a player that can make the difference hes not world class and not a mezz’ala like bastian

Yehez Kiel

that was only because of stupid van gaal.. he was the one who told bayern to get rid of van bommel..

Andriy Shevchenko

@Ahmed Montolivo is WC and he’s better than Bastian l don’t know why do you underrate players from smaller clubs?Montolivo is regista he’s awsome in both attacking and defending.


Montolivo is not better than Bastian, but I would be fine with Montolivo joining Milan. He could prove worthy for the team.


@ andriy shevchenko dude theres no way monto is better than bastian, i never said hes not gud im sayin hes not wat we need. we need a hardworking midfielder, who good creativity. monto is creative, but not a mezz’ala.

Andriy Shevchenko


“In 1999 I went to scout a player at Marseille and noticed an Inter scout was there for the same player. I had to misdirect him. I noticed Cyril Domoraud playing and started to praise him so the Inter scout could hear me. Within a week newspapers linked Domoraud to Inter and they ended up signing him. He turned out to be a very mediocre player.”

Andriy Shevchenko



Most of all milan fans wants Scweinsteiger..just look at the pool who is mr.x..Scweinsteiger got 25.54%.. montolivo only 4.55%..

Andriy Shevchenko

it’s one what we want but it’s differnet thing what we can and what will get.


Where is ibra?

Yehez Kiel

@andriy shut up man.. by saying montolivo is better is schweinsteiger.. you are officially the dumbest football fan ive ever known..


True… but Montolivo is a very good, skillful footballer, however, Schweinsteiger is world class. The problem with Schweinsteiger is he’ll be next to impossible to sign.


well we wont knw for sure unless we try.


Fantastic, i wish i was there 🙁

I hope we get to see Calvano getting a couple of minutes this year, i don´t know what it is, but i got this feelin, Simone can turn into something great, i´m thinking a Van Bommel 2.0!

What say you outhere?

still in a dreamstate… our attack in the future..


—-Il Faraone—-


mama mia! 🙂


All of u are just speaking bullshit. D best player for milan to sign ryt nw is pastore. Bcuz he has d skillz, he’s fast, and technically good. Far beta dan ganso. Wat do u think?


guys please leave Scweinsteiger out of these team,how did you ever expect him to leave the best club in Germany,even when he his the captain of the side,i in my opinion will prefer PASTORE now and GANSO comes January

Andriy Shevchenko

@Yehez you make me laugh.You’re like small kid that don’t know what to say and than starts with words dumb,stupid… and etc.But l don’t give a fuck l got mine opinion.BL is nowhere near Seria A and don’t judge by his appearences there .Bayern real sthrengt are their wings Robben and Ribery.Look how they flop when they sold v.Bommel.Where was your Schweiny then?

Yehez Kiel

yes… tell that to uefa, platini, bundesliga fans, and whole bunch of people.. your blinder than mole/bat.. schewini is way up there.. while montolivo who is great.. but not WC! if you still think hes better than schweini.. please say it so i know that your thoughts are complete Bullcrap or not!

Andriy Shevchenko

l would love Pastore play for us but l fear how he’s gonna work with our brazilians.


I think i just saw Paloshi


padtore is young talent player he scoring incredible goals good dribling but he is selfish and made many mistakes that cost victory his team this is player is not good for LMC position he is only good in AMC because he is lazy


@ronaldinho1992 you are rite man.pastore was so selfish and it’s not good for milan team..some more galliani has stated that they would signing box to box midfielder that can help defense and attacking..