Gattuso and Milan fined for anti-Leonardo chants


GENNARO GATTUSO and Milan are paying the price for the player’s behavior.

As we open the new season it’s time to end everything that has something to do with the 2010/2011 season so the Disciplinary Committee of the Football Federation has decided on Rino’s punishment.

Gattuso sang anti-Leonardo chants with the fans after the Rossoneri won the Scudetto last year at Stadio Olimpico. He has already said that it was an immature act and that he’s sorry but now he’s fined for it.

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It has been decided to fine the midfielder and Milan €13,333.33 each.

Leonardo was at Milan for 13 years and coached the Rossoneri for one year. However, in the middle of the last season, he switched to the black & blue side of Milano and many Milan fans can’t seem to forgive him.

Now he’s left Inter too and is the Sporting Director of Paris Saint-Germain.

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Gattuso should cover milans half of that fine. It was a stupid and immature act on his part

Uwem peters

Leonado fuck up dat d fact,he has tarnish everything he laboured for 13 in milan by coaching inter,rossoneri fans will never forgive him

Jay Zeneros

I don’t forgive him either. You can’t forgive betrayal that easy.


Just to remind you we kicked him out not the other way around then add to that equation the money inter offered him it was a smart move on his part financially speaking

He didnt ruin our season and made the derby more exciting to watch add to the fact he brought talent to Milan like kaka I can forgive him


They should get an award for doing it… what’s the big deal? Whatever happened to freedom of speech.

Pete Acquaviva

Somebody should tell the Prime Minister!

Giorgi Sigua

dude, i totally get your point.
but how would you feel if next year inter wins scudetto and all inter player’s start shouting” Fuck alegri, that son of a bitch


This isn’t about Inter. This is about Milan.


Leonardo Uomo di MERDA! sue me if u can !


leonardo can burn in hell!


Since I actually support this club, I am delighted with how into it and passionate Gattuso is!

Pato Is Brilliant

I love Gattuso but that act was just plain stupid and childish. He totally deserves that fine. Because he was acting like a 2 and a half years old crying baby!


We should thank Leo for our total win in last derby 🙂


Easy going folks ! 😀

But 13 thousand fine for Leonardo’s 13 years at Milan 😀

1 thousand for each year 😀

Andriy Shevchenko

How patethic you talk about man who was litteraly kicked from Milan like he’s the worst scum.@Giancarlo again you show your macarone lQ level .It’s not nice to speak about other ppl like that.Pasha odkud si?


Gattuso has been at Milan since 1999. Long before you were even a fan, so I would shut your face before you even think about addressing me. My oh my, grow the hell up. I have a right to my opinion. L3o is a traitor… plain and simple. If he didn’t want to branded one, maybe he should have gone to PSG first instead of going to Inter.

Red/black is my blood

Giancarlo, u’re 100% correct. Leo is a traitor, and Gatt is a milan die-hard fan, period. I hope milan pays both fines not even Gatt. Forza milan

Red/black is my blood

Andriy shevchenko, POC milan doesn’t axe Leo, he was d one who decided to leave because milan dont sign player for him

Gioele Romeo

i love gattuso, he loves milan with all his heart.
what team has a player like him, someone who just is the team.

im with gatt 100%


Come on, what Rhino did was not childish and stupid at all, he was just being spontaneous and got carried away. if he sang about Moratti or Materazzi, you would’ve said it was heroic. After all, L3-0 deserved it big time. L3-0 could have chosen to coach Roma when he was offered, but he refused the offer saying that he did not want to hurt Milan fans. Amazingly, not long after that, he chose to coach Inter just to spite Berlusconi, our beloved president. Then he did not stop there, he also said he was better treated by Inter than… Read more »

Yehez Kiel

your absolutely right… the ones who are defending leo are the actual ones who wanted leo back last season! if you guys love that traitor so much go kiss his ass at PSG


If he went to Roma, it would have been less painful. I mean even Ancelotti wants to coach Roma. The relations between Milan and Roma, and their fans, are good. I respect Roma as a team. I don’t respect that trash team Inter. I think he was just a fool to take the Inter job. And look at how fast he lost that job?

Well he didn’t celebrate once when we smashed three goals in against his team, and it could have been more.

Jay Zeneros

It makes me sick to think that if I spent 13 years at a place I loved and so did the people, and throw it away by betrayal just because I could not admit my mistakes, its simply does not deserve any better treatment.

And to add more, Leonardo switch to PSG in a heartbeat even after Moratti defended him. Face it, Leo showed his true colors and that might have angered Gattuso.


Attaboy Rhino!


I didn’t appreciate the fact that Leonardo decided to leave milan and join city rivals merda, but all the same gattuso should not have done what he done whilst I understand his methods.

milan fun zuki

stupid Gattuso. you should think before you going to act or talk about something.Leonado had given his best for milan. even you don’t want to thank to him, you should not talk to him like this. even he went to Inter, it is his right to chose. don’t you understand ” human’s right”? i love milan but, i hate milan players those whose like you. but, till now, no one like you.

Pato Is Brilliant

Stfu all of you who are insulting Leo. You guys are disrespectful.

Pato Is Brilliant

You little fans are calling him a traitor, who do you think we fans are? We will only be supporting Milan, but it doesnt mean that we show the world how shitty we are. Leo served Milan, he gaved this club a lot, while we fans didnt did a one bit.


what the fuck are you talking about dude????? L3-0 was paid by Milan with fans’ money (game tickets and marchendises), and we, fans, are not paid a bit for being Milan fans. how could you say that fans do nothing for Milan?? Kaka, Pato & Silva are just a part of L3-0’s job. If there is a person that is ungrateful, it is L3-0.

Pato Is Brilliant

Does players like Kaka, Pato, Thiago Silva rings a bell to you ungrateful fans??? It was because of Leo, Kaka chosed Milan, in 2003 Kaka was just few hours away from joining Madrid but he intelligently brought him to San Siro. Imagine if that would had happened, then we wouldnt had won 2007 final and neither reached Istanbul 2005 aswell. Same goes with Pato who was also gaining strong interest from Madrid. Leo was instrumental in bringing him. Thiago Silva expressed that if it wasnt Leo, then he would be playing for Inter and we Milanfans would be sitting ducks… Read more »


How many stupid responses do you have to write? Do you know how long I have been a Milan fan? A lot longer than you have. Milan isn’t one person or one player. That’s a concept you’ll never understand.

Yes, L3o is a traitor because he went to Inter. There is nothing around that fact. He turned his back on this team, when he could have easily took a job coaching Roma or take that PSG job earlier.

Pato Is Brilliant

The greatest Legend of all time for Milan and best defender in the history of football, Paolo Maldini said clearly that Leo is not a traitor. Infact it was King Paolo who recommended him for accepting the Inter coaching role. Because it is professional. So as our Legend feels that way, then just wtf are you fans to call him traitor?

Pato Is Brilliant

Leo left just because of our sex-addicted President’s disgraceful behaviour.


So what if Maldini said L3o isn’t a traitor huh? do we have to commit suicide if Maldini says so? I’m a Milan fan since the day I was born and I proudly say LEONARDO IS A FUCKING TRAITOR! Yet you say “Leo served Milan, he gaved this club a lot, while we fans didnt did a one bit”. But your so-called “sex-addicted President’s disgraceful behaviour” is the one who made Milan the most successful team on earth. Without him Milan can’t be like now, without him, LEONARDO is nothing or Maldini wouldn’t have been one of the best defender… Read more »

Pato Is Brilliant

Shut up you moron, why dont you go and spend a night with Berlu. Paolo Maldini have given Milan a lot more than the club had given him. He chosed Milan over Inter at time when he was a young teenager. When he was in the peak of his career, he refused mouth-watering offers from Madrid and Manchester just because he bled Red and Black. If Maldini was playimg for any other club he would still be recognised as the best defender. Berlu is a pervert, corrupt old man. I respect for what he had done for this club, but… Read more »


You don’t even know what you’re saying. You’re just an irrational idiot.

Maldini didn’t betray Milan even after he retired. He even said he may come back and work for Milan but right now is enjoying his life with his kids.

And as far as Berlusconi… lay off him. The opposition in Italy is making a circus out of the whole thing. Moron. He’s the reason why this team has had the success it has had. Berlusconi loves Milan far more than you. You just became a fan when Kaka joined. Give me a break.

Pato Is Brilliant

Maldini, Galliani, Nesta all have disagreed the fact that Leo is a traitor. You guys are just trying to prove them wrong. Thats not right.


We have our opinions on the matter. L3o did betray this team by taking the job. He could have just gone to PSG. Or even coach Roma (that I would have no problem with).

Pato Is Brilliant

Why the heck are you posting stupid and invalid comments about me? I have been a Milanfan from a long while. Dont type the facts about others that you dont know.

Pato Is Brilliant

Some people around will never learn. Same goes to you Giancarlo.

Pato Is Brilliant

Conclusion: Respected people like Maldini, Nesta and Galliani are all wrong because they supported Leo’s so called betrayel move to Inter. While unknown and stupid fans like Giancarlo and many others who are against Leo stand correct.

You guys happy now? Huh, this world is so messed up these days…


I respect what Maldini and CO think about L3O, But I have my own opinion. Let me say it to your face again: LEONARDO IS A LOWEST FUCKING TRAITOR!!!!! capish??? if you hate Berlusconi why don’t you buy Milan right away? huh kiddo???? take over Milan then, let me see what you can do huh??? can you do much better than the man you call “used this club as a smoke, dusk to cover up his personal dark acts”. And I’m sure you stupid little prick is one of the real scumbags out there who insulted Berlusconi, Galliani and the… Read more »


What the f-k is your problem? People are entitled to their opinions. Fans in Milan think the same way as me. The Curva Sud thinks the same way as me. I’m not “unknown” or “stupid”. I’m a real fan, unlike you. You only started following Milan when Kaka joined. Grow up little kid.

Pato Is Brilliant

Once again you are proving yourself how bullshit you are. You will never accept what Maldini have said about Leonardo. The way you behave it reminds me of those shit and low-class scum ultras who were insulting Paolo at his last match at San Siro. Same goes with all of those who thinks Leo is traitor. Totally disgraceful.


Maldini has his opinions. I’m sure you disagree with him on Gourcuff. Low class scum ultras? Have you ever even been to Milan? I’ve been to Milan, been to several games… they have a passion for this team. Most of them are good fans. You’re perhaps one of the most immature on here. People have a right to their opinions.


Pato is dull…i think you’re silly.hear yourself insulting the are mad

Kelechi maldini

@pato is briliant, dude in as much as you are in support of what leo did, you should do it wisely. You are entitled to your opinion,but one thing i cannot understand is why you should insult our president. It then means that you are even worse and more disrespectful than gattuso.we all know gattuso has a personal beef with leo because he wasn’t getting playing time under leo,but was made worse when leo left for inter. I dont like leo’s switch to inter but will respect the fact that he once served us. But one thing i cant swallow… Read more »


Pato is brilliant is just a cheap prick,always sounding stupid on clear issues,the Friend of my Enemy is my Enemy,i support Gattuso with my blood,it just shows you can turn against MILAN lyk dat cheap traitor Leonardo,your opinions are stupids and condemnable,MALDINI has a mind of his own and so do I