Copa America players to play Supercoppa Italiana final


THE FOUR players would be available.

Four AC Milan are currently in Argentina for the Copa America, as they are trying to bring glory to their countries: Thiago Silva, Robinho and Alexandre Pato with Brazil, Mario Yepes with Colombia.

Colombia are already in the quarter-finals, and should they and Brazil (who have still not qualified) reach the semi-final, the Rossoneri players will rest one week before returning to Milanello, from July 24 to 31.

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Milan take off to Beijing, China for the Supercoppa Italiana match against Inter Milan in the first days of August as they match will be played on August 6 and the four important players will all be on that flight.

T. Silva, Yepes, Binho and Pato will then rest for further 2 weeks, from August 7 to 21.

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This is GREAT news. I want this team to show inter that their reign of Calciopoli terror has come to an end, and they will not win anything again for some years to come.

Milan man

Dont worry buddy.

He’s a professional athlete that have an extra stamina and good morale to beat Inter which dont have a general midfield Sneijder.

I’ll bet for Milan to winning Super Coppa.



even wit wesley, MVB wil mark out,rememba d derby?


Perfect! all thats left is to trash inter for the 3rd time in a row

Abdulkarim Abbas

Great news i wish for a columbia vs brazil final so all our players will have a high moral once they return


Inter will be further demolished on that day, i think they need another calciopoli to win again

Forza Milan


Good, we will need Silva especially!


I think we should be able to take care of Inter… Gasperini is an idiot.

Pete Acquaviva

Agree, I was almost as happy as when Inter signed Benitez.


I think everyone knew how horrible of a coach Benitez is.


Get knocked out already stupid brazil that team and coach is a joke..


Good news indeed


Time to further disgrace Inter and show them we are still superior to them and we hold the city’s bragging rights. 🙂