Galliani: “Mr. X is a mezz’ala, but not Hamsik”


ADRIANO GALLIANI has spoken about the market again.

AC Milan players, along with CEO Adriano Galliani and President Silvio Berlusconi arrive in Milanello in two days for the first day of the 2011/2012 season and some new faces will appear in Milanello on Tuesday.

However, the Rossoneri fans are waiting for the big signing that is expected to arrive in August. Galliani has spoken on Sunday about the press and Mr. X, but even if still waits to see what Berlusconi will say.

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Berlusconi ordered to pay €560 million by court

“Mr. X is a mezz’ala, because this is what Allegri asked me for,” Galliani, who sounded a bit concerned over the future of the market yesterday following the decision of the court to fine Fininvest said.

“If [Aurelio] De Laurentiis says €40m will cover their costs then there is no chance of seeing Hamsik at Milan. Ganso? Let’s just leave him alone, he had already been injured twice, and it takes time for these things. Danilo is a very good player, but he’s a right-back and we have Abate, who is doing very well.”

“It seems that no one has arrived but I remember the names of Mexes, Taiwo, El Shaarawy & Paloschi,” he concluded. Milan will probably have more answers on the market on Tuesday, after Berlusconi speaks.

A mezz’ala is a box-to-box side midfielder.

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its true that we have some new players, but we need a big name in milan. this things is importent to win game and new fans around the world. and new fans = money!

i love milan, but taiwo is not enough

Pato Is Brilliant

Wtf is the problem with Allegri??? He will play Boateng or Seedorf in play in trequartista role? Then lets forget about the Champions League. This stinks, sometimes Allegri seems so stupid.

Yehez Kiel

wow you sound like a 10 yr old.. grow up.. they know what they’re doing


@Parto is Brilliant

i think you forgot one more player who can play as trequartista next season..the younger one..
yes..he is El Sharaawy..

and just patience dude..transfer windows closed last August = sooo…long much time to new player come


guys wats a mezz’ala? oh and i got bad news. i read on espn soccer that galliani said:”The team is already complete and competetive.We’ll see what happens, but the team is fine as it is.” This tells that noone is coming and that we’re screwed.


No, it’s not.

He said that before we signed Zlatan and Binho last year.


well i hope its gonna be the same. anyway, do u knw wat a mezz’ala is?


“A mezz’ala is a box-to-box side midfielder” read the article


Its a person who plays out wide and plays a role similar to flamini and gattuso last season…strong defensively and offensively, great endurance, and a strong player usually


oh i didnt notice that last line in the article. But thx anyway and i think schweinsteiger is the best option.


Gallani just get MR X and stop making EXUSES


But sincerely speaking…even with ganso,we can’t win champions league…we jus need that left midfielder…we can always try robinho/cassano/el-sharaway in AMF…allegri jus needs to fynd d solutn


With how well milan held up last season after d arrival of MVB, I don’t think milan has a lot to worry about this season, signing or not… Our biggest problem last season was the LB position & having taiwo come in is a big plus… I still say, we are good to go… Milan were knocked out of the CL last season jus because we had lost most of our midfielders arnd the same time, we had to improvise… I still say milan is on the right track, its always about how happy you can keep your whole team,… Read more »


I agree. Besides at the start of last season most fans didnt think Mr Allegri would win Serie A as most people preferred Leonardo, why I dont know.

Mr Galliani also signed players on the last day of the transfer market, so we need to just relax.

The player Mr Galliani described sounds like Vidal, Marchisio, or Schweinstiger.


We wont go far in champs league if we dont sign n e 1, wat da hell is goin on, man, wtf. Com on, nasri is screaming to milan, go n get him, he will change dis team.

Yehez Kiel

dude what is with you and nasri!? hes almost as arrogant as gourcuff if not more.. hes not gonna fit well with milan!


LM, boateng will play tht position without hassle, he has very good energy to run arnd, support both attack & defence… Abbiati, abate(zam), TS(mexes), Nesta(yepes), taiwo(antonini), MVB(ambro), Gattuso(flamini), KPB(emmanuelson), ____________[cassano,robinho,el shaarawy, seedorf,] pato, inzhagi, paloschi,ibra… Maybe a lil more creativity in d midfield, but outside tht, this team is jus fine. Any player in our attack any day can win a match single handedly as long as our defence holds, & right now, it is holding… ManU has been compared with milan, well they have an even less attractive team yet they made d finals.

milan man

Uncle G, Please STOP nonsense..

We know that Milan money for paying court for Mr Berlu company..



calm down, guys. Galliani is playing mind games. just like last season, he said Ibrahimovic wouldn’t be Milan player, but the fact? and who’d expected that Robinho would join us at the last day of August?

so, just calm down. we will get Hamsik [on August] and Ganso [on January. it’s because he want to defeat Barcelona in December].

milan man

Hope you’re right mate..

But i;m still confuse to hire one big name when read article “Berlu ordered to paying out 560 million by court”

Wait til august then, if no Mr.X maybe we can hire Mr B (Bastian Scweinsteiger)…hahahahaha…


If allegri is truly good…then he won’t bother about signing an AMF….we r good to go…d amount of assit between cassano and ibrahimovic will make up..jus calm down fellow milanistas


sounds like schweinsteiger or honda to me.

Pato Is Brilliant

@ Riyan – El Shaarawy can play as a trequartista but his original position is second striker or left winger. We are definitely in need of a new talented attacking midfielder.

Pato Is Brilliant

Whats up with Nasri? He aint calling us. He is gonna probably join Manchester City. Lets forget about him and concentrate on someone else.


Vidal 🙂


I really hope its Vidal we can get him for no more than 20mil which is an awesome bargain for a really good player. Better option than Hamsik in my opinion!


i like our team. if we can just ‘abatefy’ cassano or robinho and el shaarawy into amf, we’ll be just fine. the mezz’alla will solve our pace problems in midfield. so, basically, we might not even need any1 apart from a mezz’alla. and if we get another boateng, we don’t even need a big-name signing


allegri and galliani screw you mr. x is box to box?!OMG and this was secret we need milan can only dream about champions league


we are dreaming about top players like hamšik montolivo ganso kaka but milan will sign average player like witsel i really i dont understand galliani said that he will be buy champions player lier!!!!


LM can be well covered with Urby. U guys totally about forgot about him. He showed great composure and skill with playing time he got last season. He can be without a doubt our starting LM. He should be! And Boateng can play that role too. Just get Vidal and Montolivo. Screw Hamsik he ain’t a big game player, Bastian is a commited bavarian so he won’t come and Cesc is an overrated crying baby and i hope he goes to that Barcelona and sits on bench.


Oh and Lass won’t be Madrid player for much longer now so there’s a big possibility (i’m 100%) he’ll be playing in Milan for next season. I believe Galliani and Berlu will be taking taking such options now since Berlu screwed


Guys you should be happy that we are still going to acquire players. The legal case isn’t settled, it will go to appeal… such things take forever in Italy. You won’t hear about the case for quite some time. Silvio will not be required to pay anything for the time being when he appeals the case. Silvio isn’t screwed by any stretch of the imagination. He’s got away from such judgments like this in the past. Okay, as far as player.s I don’t want Lass. He’s a headless chicken and we don’t need one of those players. Plus he’s more… Read more »

Uwem peters

Lets just hope we sign one more player,but at d same time i think we are already complete to go,we lost last yr champions league to spurs becoz we lost some midfield pleyers to injuries,but now i think we are ready to go,we must always remeber who we are,we are ac milan we shuld not forget that fact,forza milan,forza diavoli


we just need one good midfielder Vidal or Montolivo either will do!!!


no doubt! Bastian Schweinsteiger!!


I think he fits this idea perfectly. My dream signing.

Massimiliano Allegri

I’m not worried at all.


Vidal and Samir Nasri are the ideal player for Milan


Two words, Ricardoooooooooooooo Montolivooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo


Can honda play in this position he will be really valuable in a economic sense


I think Milan should buy Vidal for the RCM position. He’ll cost around 16-20 million. I think he’s a great player. He never stops running and he has got the ability to score goals. I heard he scored 11 goals for B.LEV, he’s strong and he’s good defencively. I think he’s what we need in this role and he’s only 24.

I think we shud get Ganso in AMF for around 25-30mill. He’s a great player even though he’s 21. I don’t mind it if we get him in JAN if we can get him for cheaper.




hopefully is vargas… he is a great player. and fits all the characteristics!!!!

Mr Goph

Mr x strategy sucks. Hope we get montolivo, vidal, hamsik, modric, sweinsteiger, ganso or alcantara. Tiago motta is even more prefarable than nasri and cesc cos milan don’t need players with loosing mentality. FORZA MILAN.


Mauricio Zamparini has just stated some big words… and may be warming to the idea of letting Pastore go to Milan. HE recently said one ITalian team (Milan in this case) is interested in Pastore, and he excluded both Napoli and Juventus. He may be warming to an idea of selling to us.

We don’t want Honda… he’s not good enough.


pastore will go to inter. IF he is transferred so said zamparini


No. He won’t go to Inter. And it is a 99.9% chance that Zamparini will sell him.

Giorgi Sigua

Giancarlo….. You don’t know.
i am a Milan fan, but i am also a realist.
The chances of him going to inter is higher because they may sell snejder thus enabaling pastore to get a 1st place.Plus, inter is famous for their argentinians.
Mabye Zamparini meant Roma.
Plus, Milan cannot offer what Real, Malaga, Man.City offers, which is Big BUCKS…. i mean why would zamparini accept 25m from milan and refuse 40m from malaga.
plus, i bet he prefers if he sells his top player at a foreign club


Falsehoods. Milan certainly has the money, and can certainly beat those teams. And Malaga? What the hell is Malaga? Please.

Yehez Kiel

inter already have coutinho, sneijder, and ‘ricky’ alvarez! and some other guys.. the have too many AM if they bought pastore

Giorgi Sigua

Unless…inter sell snejder then they will get pastore..
i think pastore would be brilliant for Milan but the Zamparini doesn’t fancy milan


is bale???? is lennon??? who is???


i thought mezz’ala is a player name lol..if box to box midfielder i hope the player is Bastian Schweinsteiger..this bavarian was very brave player and hope van bommel can assist him to play with milan..forza milan!!!


Thiago alcantara on loan…!!


ok guys here is my opinion…. GANSO IS GREAT PLAYER BUT WONT COME THIS SEASON…… HAMSIK is an amazing player i love him but i think napoli want to much for him! i think VIDAL is a great buy! and u guys must remember is we had to buy HONDA do u people understand how much money AC MILAN will make? our sales in the industry will shoot up high and our economy! and our MR X should be SCHWEINSTEIGER! he has experience in CL AND WIL be able to lead us to great success and is one amazing player…..… Read more »


I agree with you and i do think that Schweinsteiger is a great footballer but it is unlikely that he will go to Ac Milan.


I think schweini or vidal most suitable for Box to Box Midfielder, although some part of my mind would come to gareth bale. But it seems like bale won’t come to milan this season. In my opinions I would prefer pastore than ganso, pastore seems to more experiences in serieA, and don’t forget both of them never played in UCL before! Buy pastore,vidal or schweini and milan should be just fine!


i think that is fabregas or schweinsteiger and the surprise will be ganso !


yup i agreed with you paolo..hope that mr.x would be Schweinsteiger..i still remember during WC he is the one that i really admire and it would be dreams come true to see him wearing milan shirt…please galliani buy him..


and the nominations will be Schweinsteiger or Fabregas


@ Ahmed,sorry to tell you “We definitely are not screwed! In fact,we are good to go”.
@ Billy,what do you mean by we won’t̶̲̥̅ get anywhere in champions league?Be A̶̲̥̅ realist and if not,an optimist.Your pessimism is very bad and not good for the club.If small team that has № quality players can go that far,why can’t̶̲̥̅ we?What we need is the willingness to give more on the behalf of our players like gattuso,boateng does & we got it all.
Forza Milan.


I meant teams that does not have the quality of players we do in the likes of Pato,Ibra,Robinho etc


I meant teams that do not have the quality of players we do such as Ibra,Pato,Robinho etc