Milan look at Schweinsteiger


BASTIAN SCHWEINSTEIGER is another player linked with Milan.

Milan are looking for the next big hit for the market. After signing Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Robinho in the last days of last year’s mercato, the management has promised to sign a World Class left midfielder.

Marek Hamsik has expressed willingness to join the Rossoneri family, but Napoli insist he will stay so Milan are looking at other players and il Corriere dello Sport suggests they are on Schweinsteiger now.

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The chance of Il Faraone

The Bayern Munich midfielder, 26, has a contract until 2016 with the club from Bavaria and has spent all his life there. However, it is reported that if a lucrative offer arrives, Bayern would consider selling him.

Despite this report, FC Hollywood’s President Uli Hoeneß claims Schweinsteiger will stay and even captain his side next season: “Bastian will be our captain and will surely be able to carry the teams on their shoulders.” Bayern Munich’s previous captain, Mark Van Bommel is at Milan, enjoying a successful spell.

The German international is valuated at €30-35 million and it is believed that il Diavolo Vice President Adriano Galliani will make open negotiations in the Audi Cup in 2 weeks when Milan face Bayern Munich.

Milan used similar system to lure Ibra last year. Rumours are that Milan will offer €11m + Mathieu Flamini.

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I think it’s unrealistic. I don’t believe that Schweinsteiger will ever join Milan.


No one believe that Ibra and Robinho will join us last season 🙂

milan for life

‘il Corriere’ enough said


11 m + Flamini? This offer would be ridiculous. Even for 30 m + Flamini. This deal will never happen!


11m plus flamini??? that would be a dream come true


i pray to God that milan get schweinsteiger


As much as I would like to see Ganso and Danilo in the Milan shirt, this would be the signing that I would like to see the most. An experienced player in the prime of his career with European, World Cup, and Champions League experience. This would be my dream signing.


This is fantasy football!


My dream… Hamsik never shone in big matches, Ganso wasnt in Europe, while Bastian is key player of european top team and what he showed at san siro against Inter that was awesome. + I dont like Flamini. If we get him i think we can compete with anyone maybe even Barcelona


i think bayern would laugh at us with this bid…
11m is only breno..
i hope we offer 27m+ one of gattuso,flamini,emmanuelson, strasser


How did you figured this out?
That would be the highest offer we did ever.
Flamini worth about 12-14 I think. Even for Pato, we payed 30 M Euros. I think Ganso wouldn’t need a higher bid than 30.
27+Flamini for Schweini is more than it desires. Or higher bid than we should pay a player like this.


STOP all these drama, i dont see milan signing him


would be gr8 to get him. FORZA MILAN!

11m+flamini ?? in your dream galliani ..


Would be nice though


not dream though is do like as ibra did 21m Pay 3 season so i think he pay 5 season 11m or 4 T.T xD

Pato Is Brilliant

No bought Pato for €22M not 30M!


OK, then it’s more unrealistic.


bring Schweinie!


Its my dream to see Schweinsteiger use the red-black jersey. And I hope this dream will come true.

For me, Bastian is the best candidate for Mr X. He’s a perfect last puzzle of Allegri’s scheme.

Guys, believe me, Bastian could be our great mezz’ala (LMF). Beside that, he’s a multifunction midfielder who can be a DMF, CMF, RMF, even AMF.

So, I think the idea about signing Bastian is a must. We have enough money to bring him to San Siro this summer. And we have to get him soon before MU.

Go Galliani.. Bring Bastian for us, please..!!


dream come true


ha hahahaahh ac milan is to cheap to sign this oak:) i love ac milan but they dont like to spend big so we will never win big!


Paolo you are 100 % Right..

Inter milan spend more money than AC MILAN…

AC Milan need to spend all the money..


We just bought Van Bommel, Cassano, Ibrahimovic, Robinho, Amelia and Boateng. 6 of the best players i can imagine. Say another team which did this.
The way, that Galliani spent only about 50 million on them is ingenious. It worth a handshake instead of a slap.


11m + Flamini, that’s way too small for Bastian
it’s like paying 15m+Breno for Thiago Silva

sincerely i dont think Bayern will agree to this but i dont doubt uncle’s Fester magic either


Schweinstiger would be a better fit than any player we are linked with. Great defensive play and attacking play somewhat like Boateng style.

However, Arturo Vidal plays the same position and is just as good for only 15mil.

If Milan get Vidal instead then we will have money to acquire another player like Ganso or Montolivo!

Smart Realistic Summer transfer: Vidal=15mil, Montolivo=10mil and Rafael Toloi=8mil!

Fantasy summer transfer: Fabergas=60mil, Ganso=35-40mil Schweinstiger=35mil, Nasri=35mil,Hamsik=100mil according De Laurentis.

Yehez Kiel

now way fabregas is worth 60M! hes not even worth 40M!

Yehez Kiel



I agree but thats what Arsenal wants for him. Whatever Milan it will be at a bargain.

I would like to see a player like Vidal or Schweinstiger at Milan. These are two players who are very consistent in their game.

Yehez Kiel

yes i agree.. vidal or schweinsteiger would be perfect.. both very consistent and powerful workhorses.. schweinsteiger is more complete but vidal is way cheaper and almost as good as bastian! so i would glad if either came.. heck maybe both will come 😛 lol


we have 50 million to spend make an offer like this

29million+Cassano & maybe loan emmanuelson with opition to but.

that leaves 20 million get danilo and maybe possible we could get lamela





we have a better chance at signing cristiano ronaldo….




why is impossible 2 sign him? he is realistic target so is hamsik and ganso.. milan have 50 mil transfer budget i think we can land him for 30mil.. i would like to c either him or hamsik at milan for ganso i m unsure i havent seen him enough but he seems promising.. and we should get 1 italian midfilder (poli, montolivo or aquilani). FORZA MILAN!

Jay Zeneros

the rumor actually states Flamini plus 20 Million to equal the 30 Million said to be enough to get Bastian.

anyways BASTIAN SCHWEINSTEIGER would be my ideal choice, Amazing Midfielder, set piece specialist and amazing dribbling. Milan could trade Cassano for Montolivo. Great midfield Milan will have.


Bastian is a great player, but I’d love see De Rossi using milan shirt next season. He’s born in serie a and has quality as pirlo


Haha ok there is no way in HELL Schweini will ever leave Bayern in near future, forget about joining Milan. Bayern will never let him go. Why would they? They are a top club not some looser club who sell to make money. and in my opinion he is the backbone of the team. If they didnt let Ribery leave for Madrid there’s noway Bastian is leaving, even if we offer 50M to them. So please don’t even dream about this.


are you a milan fan or a bayern fan?
FWY this is called not


IM more of a Milan fan then you’ll ever be, I just happen to be more of a Universal football news reader and just not Rossoneriblog reader. I know what Bastian means to that club. Its same as asking Milan for Silva. I would love to have him in my team but its not possible. I’ll be very glad if im proven wrong.


I do agree with Diavolo, it’s almost impossible to get Bastian, Bayern doesn’t need money, if they didn’t let go of that overrated Ribery you can imagine what’s going to happen with Bastian, we have a better shot at getting Hamsik, Ganso or even Modric, it would be like Milan selling T. Silva to Barcelona. LET’S GET REAL.


I disagre. Anything is possible in football.


btw…Mr X is Seedorf..haha


get me KAKA back to MILAN..Am begging you for this Galliani if you can’t get KAKA then go for Ganso

Jean C.

let´s make it 15m + flamini + bonera XD … sell bonera PLEASE!!!


kaka is not coming back get over it!
we need new young talent so they grow into amazing players and we can start winning big cups again!!!


no1 wants bonera, hee’s shittt. maybe a small team wud want him.


yeah agreed..sell bonera,it could save milan budgets rather than payed that little donkey on the bench..