Napoli: “Milan never asked for €100m-rated Hamsik”


AURELIO DE LAURENTIIS says Hamsik will either stay or go to Inter, who have a moral option.

Milan have already ruled out a chance to see Marek Hamsik in Red & Black this summer but it is still believed that the Rossoneri have a plan to lure the Slovak away from the Stadio San Paolo outfit.

Napoli President Aurelio De Laurentiis has told il Corriere dello Sport what will it take to land the player.

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Hamsik is not enough, says Gattuso

“He costs €100m. Then, maybe one sits down and finds an agreement, but to start talking, it takes €100m.”

“Besides, if I really do have to sell Hamsik, I’d give him to Inter. Adriano Galliani never asked me for him, whereas Massimo Moratti did and was very polite about it. He asked me three years ago for Hamsik.

Then two months ago enquired if anything had changed. I replied no, but I was impressed by his attitude. I promised to Moratti that if things do change, then Inter will have a sort of moral option on Hamsik.”

Hamsik revealed desire to move to Milan more than once in the past week, but admitted Inter are superior.

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No i think its 500 Billlion. Now this million stuff is really getting annoying. DAMN!!!!


i agree . He can worth him up to 10000000000 $ . He is jealous coz ibracadabra has salary 11m like the salary of the all napoli first team in 1 . We dont need him . He is slovakian crap


Give him to Inter. WHO CARES ???


Aurelio like shit!


then leave him…..he isn’t ronaldo or messi is he?

Pato Is Brilliant

Gabriel you are wrong. According to De Laurentils, Hamsik’s worth is €969Billion! 🙂

Pato Is Brilliant

Hamsik to Inter? Why not. Because Inter and Napoli are both dirty clubs. They both are on the same page.

Giorgi Sigua

this is gettin old…
Milan won’t sign hamsik..period.. de laurent is an asshole….and galliani won’t spend like mad…
That is why i suggest we sign montolivo(10 million plus half of emmanuelson and strasser,they will accept because they dont want him to leave for free next season) and 20-25 million for nasri with boateng moving to left side of midfield… and the young guy, toloi would be a good addition for the defense..
this way we spend less than what we would for hamsik AND its 3 players and not 1.
the perfect formation

Abate–Thiago silva—-nesta(mexes)—-taiwo
Flamini/Montolivo———-Van Bommel/Ambro—-Boateng


That president has lost his mind he really thinks anyone will pay that rediculus amount of money for a medioker player to me hamsic isint even worth 10mil i trully dont even think hes Milan Quality Milan need to get on the ball b4 its to late in the transfer season hopefully uncle fester can counger up some great buys cuz i thinkour Mr.X is Cesc and he looks destin to end up in Barca so hopefully Milan Can pull Something out of their hat soon rather than last minute But For Now FORZA MILAN!!!!!


de laurentiis speaks more shit than zamparini about milan both of them suck and so do their clubs forza milan


Hamsik “admitted that Inter are superior”. FUCK OFF!!!


I hate delaurentis and zamparini.i am wondred who sell napoli and palermo to this two silly.this two arnt crazy at all they are sily

Red/black is my blood

Let him go to inter. He’s even an average player. The reason why milan is dieing for him is dat he has d potential to become a better player with a better club like Ac Milan not Inter


So go to Inter. Hamsik is perfect for merdas and average to Milan. Get Arturo Vidal he has a heart of lion. What Milan needs. Vidal and Ganso. Period.


@Giorgi . I love the formation but I dont want Nasri. He is another mediocre. I prefer Ganso. Then Shaarawy to the left. Boateng right. Hasmik noooooooo pls.

Giorgi Sigua

Abate–Thiago silva—-nesta(mexes)—-taiwo
Boateng/Montolivo———-Van Bommel/Ambro—-El shaarawy..
You mean like this?

the problem is that el shaarawy won’t be a regular next year since he is only 18…. we are also close to danilo

Red/black is my blood

Do u will Ac Milan can even buy Messi for €50m? Lol

Red/black is my blood

Do u think Ac Milan will even buy Messi for €50m? Lol

Giorgi Sigua

yes…and c.ronaldo for 33 million 😛


If hamsik is worth 100 million, so I suppose bonera is worth 25, oddo 25 and antonini 50. So milan and napoli can exchange hamsik for those three players. LOL

Tafiardo Cardoso

and give Flavio Roma for superb bonus LOL


Idiot napoli coach and president are talking trash.. Hamsik is not what we nid to win d ucl!. He is an average player who have a lot to prove dat he is one of d best.. Nasri,bale,ganso and fabregas are far beta dan hamsik.. Even if he joins inter; that doesnt stop us from beatin them over and over again.. Watch out for our match against them in beijin and u wil knw what milan is capable of even without dat average playa called hamsik. FORZA MILANO


Shut off ASSHOLE


I don’t think Hamsik to be the best players in his position. And this rules out he comes. So i’m happy.
100 million? Maybe 20-25, as i see the market. Instead of saying this kind of joke, may he say “he is not for sale”.


WTF! If Hamsik is worth €100, then how much will Ganso or Cesc cost? Lmfbao.


firstly,i wouldnt like milan to sign hamsik cos he is overated and doesnt show up in big choice is between=NASRI,GANSO,SCHEINTEGER,AND MODRIC.WHO AGREES WIT ME


Hamsik’s just being over hyped!


lol, 100million? even ronaldo was sold for less. no-one’s gonna buy him for even half of that price. and wats up with ‘inter is superior to milan’? he must have some kind of brain damage…


I liked Napoli before this transfer window started. I dont like them anymore now… dirty city and the most stupid president ever


HAMSIK CAN GO TO HELL!.. He wil regret if he goes to dat merda called inter… MILAN RULES, OTHERS FOLLOW!


@ Giorgi. Yes I love that formation. You are a good coach. I hope you will know what to do when Danilo arrives.


I rate montolivo more highly then hamsik and he’s italian! plzz get him Mr G! two players have already been linked with fiorentina in cassano and urby and montolivo’s contract runs out next year which he is unwilling to renew so am sure there is a very easy sollution for both of us not saying swap both cassano and urby but something can be done it gives fiorentina options and makes it easier for us to sign montolivo! and we still get Mr.X! to fill the void left by pirlo!


no guys he as expensive as chelsea-real madrid-barcelona-man utd-milan team…shut up already,damn all of you at napoli..if he is 100m then i think seedorf is 250m


i think milan should bring Thiago Alcântara from barcelona.. he young and great playmaker like xavi.. better than hamsik.. thiago alcantara video


He isnt good enough now for being playmaker at top team now…


No no Dudes he’s the price of 5 Lionel Messis! Come on! Lets get him! CL is guaranteed


i don’t want that bastard slovak in milan bcoz he admitted inter are more superior..let’s get lamela instead..

lamela+nasri+poli and our transfer campaign finish superbly.


in that case my left middle finger is worth more then hamsik and im giving it to you and zamparini enjoy ,,l,,


What’s it with 100M? fuckin old geezer, you’re as fuckup as Zamparini. Welcome join then with the lowest of low fuckers on earth you and Morrati,plus Zamparini are the the most mentally-old-handicapped fuckers!

milan fun zuki

100 millions? nonsense. we can get this prize for Bale+ Ganso and Nasari. Hamsik better than these players?


It looks lik milan wil not sign any player

milan fun zuki

i agree with you Kenny. i had read many stories. but, till now milan haven’t sign WC player.Ganso for next transfer? than how about for now?is it milan will not buy any player? and i feel very angry when milan try to sign player those who over 30 years old.

dave asante

this sh*t just wants to make the headlines.


hahaha, i think Hamsik has 1 year on his contract, correct me if im wrong. de laurentis might say he’s worth 100million, but if you don’t deal with galliani for 20-35million, we’ll have ourselves a free transfer next season. Forza Galliani

Max falase

Aurelio is jealous of milan. Let him sell Hamsik to inter for all I care, Milan will win d serie A 7times before Napoli get her 1st win. Galiani should not join in buying over-rated players. If he rates a player wt 11goals for €100m, He should be ban from all football matters by FIFA, UEFA and FIGC and charged for money laundring.


let’s forget about Hamsik!!

in my opinion, we have to bring Daniele de Rossi and Samir Nasri. both of them are worldclass midfields, big game players, great goal instict, and very great to put in any postions in the midfield.

very2 Milan quality!!

and the goodnews is both of them contract will expired soon in 2012. so their prices will not strangle our neck like Hamsik price. it will only 20M for Nasri and 20-25M for de Rossi.

so, our starting XI would be:

Abate – Nesta – Silva – Taiwo
Pato – Ibra

david murati

he we dont need him, he can go to inter, he is not milan class player and his president its not even polite hamsik is not worth 20m

Shev Johannesburg

We can get ribery for £35mil


Aurelio and Zamparini are on the same page – they are both messed up in the head!!! How can he say 100 mil for Hamsik when whole Napoli is worth like 20mil? lol

austine milano

talk is cheap. Maybe he is still angril about d dubble defeat we gave to his napoli.


well i think SCHWEINSTEIGER is heaven and ANDREAS INIESTA is like football himself