Hamsik is not enough, says Gattuso


GENNARO GATTUSO believes Marek Hamsik is too expensive.

Milan are building a side that can win the Champions League next season, that is what Silvio Berlusconi and Adriano Galliani said few months ago. However, they also said that only one champion will arrive.

Despite denials on behalf of the Rossoneri, the newspapers in Italy are certain that Milan would make a swoop for Napoli Marek Hamsik, but Napoli President Aurelio De Laurentiis insists he’s off the market.

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il Diavolo midfielder and living legend, Gennaro Gattuso believes that if Milan intend to go all the way in the Champions League in the 2011/2012 season, they will need more than Hamsik, who’s too expensive.

“It’s clear that at Milan like Hamsik, but I do not think we have the money to buy him, since we are talking of a figure around 30 to 40 million € and the issue of television rights can be a barrier,” Gattuso told Sky.

“Hamsik can make us even more competitive, but he is not enough to win the Champions League.”

The big-name signing will arrive in August and as for today – no one knows his name.

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Shev Johannesburg

Finally someone speak some truth! Thank you Rino! Hamsik never experienced champions league football, but some of us is already convinced it will take him to bring the trophy lol


Pirlo also never tasted Champions League before the season 2002-03, and he won it for Milan. Another example, Milito never played in Champions League before joining Inter, but Inter won in his first season. Ganso never experienced CL too, but i’m sure you’re the first one to scream “We can win CL” once he joins Milan. Disgusting!


Bastian+Nasri and Ganso xD.


Ganso,danilo,poli and bendtner should be bought.HOPEFULL


Why should Milan buy Bendtner? Just’s because he is your cousin hah? Most average striker in the world nowadays.

miguel sensacion

I personally don’t think anyone is coming to Milan. Too much mystery around this Mr.X , I would like to see Ganso or Hamsik or even Bale come… But How realistic is it ? If Flamini leaves we’ll definitely need another midfielder. Ambro/Seedorf/Van Bommel/ are very old. Boateng has shown the risk injury because of his style of play… We will see what happens…



I 100% agree with u man!!no one come to milan..MR.X is only imagination


he’s right we need min. 2 top quality players for mid field, to even think about winning the UCL.
a midfield with rino, ambro and seedorf, will never win the UCL, even if we only play with one the names above, the midfield will be to week.
i mean no disrepect to our old legends, but we have to face the facts.


we need one ‘Mr.X’ and another midfielder or AMF depending on who ‘Mr.X’ is……otherwise we wont be challenging ucl at all

Pato Is Brilliant

Ofcourse only Hamsik is not enough. We need Ganso, Kaka, Christiano Ronaldo, Lloris, Danillo, Dzeko, Fabregas, Cavani, Aguero, Coentrao and many more. Because we cannot even think of Champions League as long as oldies and Ibra are here..


Even the quality of cr7 is not enough 4 madrid to win ucl, hamsik is good, add 1 or 2 more quality then we ar good to go.


Thk u Gennaro …thk u! Always knew he was “not enough”…now bring Schweinsteiger!

Shev Johannesburg

, not even gonna argue with u because if things dont go ur way than u argue with people over their opinions, i didnt comment on ur article, its rino’s article, phone him & argue with him pls


@Shev Rhino only said Hamsik is not enough. But your statement that said someone who doesn’t have experience in CL won’t be able to win the trophy, it doesn’t make sense, man. There are so many examples of the people who won the trophy on their first experience.

milan fun zuki

i agree with you. you are 100 percent right. i don’t know very much. but, i think Hamsik is better than Gattuso.


By d end of august we will know and c dis mr x.but hamsik am not sure but nasri,motilivo and ganso is more likely in january but d guys word are somehow

milan fun zuki

he is not enough? ha ha. Hamsik is better than Gattuso. Gattuso always play very dirty. he always try to take out other team’s player. thank you so much for many past years, Gattuso. but, right now even if you don’t want to leve the club, please let younger players to replace you. let them play. i feel very sad when i see many old player play in our square. Hansik and Ganso should be enough. but, if we can get more, great. but, i don’t think milan will buy two or three player. if we get one, you guy… Read more »


Gattuso speaking the truth…as usual.

How are we suppose to win the CL, when we can’t even afford a player like Hamsik??


good question?


Milan fun zuki! U r a complete idiot.What if hamsik is way better than Gattuso?He’s not claiming to be better,he only said Hamsik won’t be enuff.Is dat too much for him to say?I know he’‎​d̶̲̥̅̊ be willing to play as a substitute for any new player so far it will fetch us trophy.He’s already part of our history n I’‎​♍ not ungrateful to our legends.Forza Milan.


those who u refer as legends at MILAN never would have won the CL if there wasn’t the true coach for that kind of task.
Alegri is that kind of coach that knows what his team is capable of.I say let him decide what AC MILAN truly needs.


funny. he said that milan don’t have money to sign hamsik for €30-40m and he continued by saying that hamsik is not enough for milan to win UCL. what is the point? milan current squad are not competitive enough to win UCL? or are you frustrated that milan don’t have enough money to strengthen the squad? if you want to help milan winning the UCL you need to learn how to shoot, pass the ball and don’t say anything that can make you like an idiot, rhino! i am frustrated to see you in the starting XI. until now, i… Read more »

Sohel Sharif

@ TWF…did ya saw Rijkaard play…if u do thn u would nvr say this about Gattuso…kid try to compare wisely… Gattuso is a true legend…tell me a single defensive midfielder who is not a destroyer like Rhino…nd 1 thing if u say Pirlo, X Alonso a defensive mid thn u really dont know football becaz they are deep lying play makers

milan fun zuki

did you saw how kaka played for milan? and how Gattuso play for milan?


TWF kid go to a eye hospital u obviously are blind….stupid kids dont appreciate DMs


@ sohel & ryan indo, i have been a milanisti since the dutch trio joined milan in 1989. i knew exactly what i am saying. have you ever watched how giovani stroppa or carlo ancelotti play? sure you don’t know who giovani stroppa is. not like you, kidies, i don’t need youtube to compare rijkaard, desailly and gattuso LOL. i am telling you the truth, kidz, although i am a milanisti, imo, dino baggio, alessio tachinardi, antonio conte and angelo di livio (all ex juventus players) are better than gatusso. do you know those names i just mentioned, kidos? go… Read more »


Maybe they are better than Gattuso ON the pitch. but OUT of the pitch he has helped a lot of players and he has helped MILAN. he should not be in starting 11 but staying ONE more year wont to any harm, it will HELP Milan.


Gattuso and hamsik cannot compared… Why?? They play with different club, style… Rhino right, if milan wants trophy CL next season, they should buy player with good experience in CL and good skill too… Hamsik isnot ready yet… maybe 2-3 years, hamsik will be ready…

Sohel Sharif

@ TWF…hmm…u r saying nd u r still Gattuso hater…thn i dont have anything to say…


i respect gattuso as a milan player, sohel. but i don’t agree if someone says he is a milan legend. well, it is subjective. you can have your own preferences. i will categorize him as a milan legend if he can demonstrate some abilities of soccer legends, such as : passing, dribling and shooting. leadership, vision, creativity and nice attitudes are also other attributes that legends should have but imo, the first 3 aforementioned are the basic skills for a footballer. since gattuso cannot pass, drible and shoot the ball properly; also, he cannot control his anger and sometimes he… Read more »

milan fun zuki

i say again ‘ thank you Gattuso”. for past years. but, i would like to see our team reborn. with younger players. i never mean must change all the players. but, we should change some players. i thinks.even Gattuso will stay, i wish it is just for give some advice to young players. Ganso, please come faster as are as you can. we are waiting for you.

Sohel Sharif

Cheers 2 TWF


@all after all said and done u just can’t deny gatusso as a ledgend in milan, despite his style of play. He still strogle 2 score goal in each season dat pases. I think wat we should be sayin is how milan wil inprove im makin our youndstars 2 be a future milan player. Dos young player should be promoted and play along our sinior players dis wil build dem up. But i don’t see dat in allegri. All tnx 2 u guyz see u in d order path of next season, we wish 2 reclaim back d scudetto and… Read more »