Ganso studies Italian – Milan on the horizon?


PAULO HENRIQUE GANSO is getting ready for life in Italy. Galliani: “I will watch him tonight.”

There is no deal or open negotiations between AC Milan and Santos FC over Paulo Henrique Chagas de Lima aka Ganso, but according to Folha de S.Paulo, the Brazilian is preparing himself for life in Italy.

According to the rumor on the Brazilian newspaper, which was later reported on, Ganso has been learning Italian for the last two months; in the time when he couldn’t train due to a thigh injury.

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Milan formalize Boateng and Paloschi transfers

The Rossoneri have shown great interest in the player and only next week they will know whether they will be able to sign him as on Tuesday, the FIGC will decide whether teams will be able to sign 2 non-EU players.

All Milan can do for now is watching. The player will play tonight in the Copa Libertadores final with Santos.

“I will be watching Ganso tonight, but only on TV,” CEO Adriano Galliani said. “Yes, I will be watching Ganso tonight in the Libertadores final, together with Galliani,” added the Sporting Director Ariedo Braida.

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Get him.

ac milanoo

Show Gallani How good you are tonight Ganso 🙂


now i am smelling something


i farted


welcome to milan. GANSO!!!


buy him uncle fester:)


good for him so when he eventually comes he will be speaking Italian.

Forza Milan

Pato Is Brilliant

It would be so awesome to see Ganso in Milan! But we can also wait until January too! Galliani know that he is our priority, so I believe its only a matter of time we will get him!


So many problems leading into this move!


Ole Ole Ole

Kaká Reported Cagliari sign Astori from Milan!!!!!!!


I’m sure we already signed him the only thing keeping him from joining us officially is cuz of FIGC


Repeat: Inter is ready to sell Santon and i was thinking that we should Bid for him with about 8mill, what you guys think?

Dark Knight

definitely.. sell antonini and bonera..(if anyone buys them :P) and buy santon instead.


haha, no pressure ganso.. its just your immediate and longterm future on the line =p


YEAHH !! … Damn .. we want him soo much .. WELCOME GANSO !


Never ending story!


im nervous about his injuries though…it doesn’t make sense to buy a broken toy no matter how much we want it.


Injury or no injury Ganso is among d best mid-fielder’s in d world milan can bring it out his potential. MR fester we nid dis guy.


so if milan sign ganso who play in amc and he is mr.x who will be play in lmc as playmaker probably boateng or seedorf for small games


Mr.X is a big signing…not precisely any player of a particular position


i know what is mr.x i ask you who will play in lmc and who in amc position


We will buy a left fielded midfielder. That was said.

And Ganso is not an injury prone broken player… that’s just silliness. I’ve gone through this before… in Brazil players play like 50 games a season. They rushed him back after his injury, hence why he got injured again.

At Milan he would do very well… we need to make this move immediately this summer. No waiting until january.


so ganso will play in lmf but is too slow fot left midfield would be better in amf position


No he won’t. Ganso is as a cam. And he’s not slow. I don’t know where people get that idea from. Ganso isn’t as fast as a young Kaka, but he’s certainly not slow. He’s pretty fast.

Why would Ganso play as an LCM? Read my post. I said we will buy another LCM… maybe Asamoah. I don’t know.


i respect ur comments mr giancarlo
no offence
pls shut up
thank you


I was answering his question and being straight forward about it. If you don’t like what I have to say, don’t respond. You’re just like the other clown I’m ignoring.

knows everything

GC should really take his own advice. If he does not like what people have to say then he should not respond. GC using double standards once again.


now i know everyone disagrees with this but i think we should makes a swap with liverpool… 15million +aquilani for cassano.use 15million for witsel….selll flamini,bonera,antonini and odd (flamini ONLY if witsel comes) and sign ganso..formation should be

boa/ambro—–van bommel——-aqulani/witsel
we should get like drogba,cardozo,crouch….etc—– a physical one as robinho is the ‘creative’ one


Aquilani is rubbish. We should get Montolivo instead. Witsel though is good… but we’re not linked to him anymore.


Ganso Ganso Ganso. I can’t wait to c him in red n black

ola milan

cant wait to see d end of film



thanks for quick answer


A very balanced Formation would be :
Abate–Mexes–T. Silva–Taiwo

This is my ideal formation for the next season. It’s balanced, with Ambrosini in the defensive role. also emanuelson has shown defensive and offensive skills. about Prince Boateng I have nothing to say. ganso is much better in offensive midefield then in left midfield


on left midfield its better to put in Montolivo/Asamoah
those are the only cheaper options left if we buy Ganso

Falase maxwell

My best news for today. Mr X might be tevez and if this hâppens Balotteli will follow suit next season cos of ibra and tevez


Ganso an lamela pls mr fester


get him now when no clubs are intersed in him his vaule is 25-30 millon now but in january man city, man u, chelsea, real madrid,heck and evan inter and his vaule will increase to 35-40 millions

so bottom line GET HIM NOW!!!!!!!


ive been thinking. and, honestly, Marchisio would be a really good signing. i dont know how much hes worth but hes pretty young and really talented.


Juve won’t sell… I think they renewed his contract recently.


that sucks. juvebtus has some of the best players in the world but not the right coach. i hope pirlo succeeds in turin. i can almost guarantee he’ll be “reborn” and give milan more regrets.


Marchisio would never come to Milan. He’s the type that will be Loyal to his club coz he’s too attaached to Juve. If we get Ganso, then i think we should buy Asamoah for around 12-15mill. I really think we need a RCM aswell. Flamini, Gattuso or Ambro are all not good enough for this spot if we’re challenging for CL. Real-M couldn’t beat Barca with their amazing midfield. So we need to spend around 60mill on our MID if we want the CL. And we should get players who are under 25, so they can last us longer and… Read more »