El Shaarawy “would choose” Milan


STEPHAN EL SHAARAWY says he’s a fan of Milan and would certainly like to play for them.

It’s no secret that Milan have put their eyes on 18-year-old starlet Stephan El Shaarawy and now he reveals that if he had to choose where to play next, among all the clubs interested, he would choose Milan.

However, landing him would be tricky, as Genoa, who own the player, insists he will stay there.

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Leggo: Milan have chosen, Hamsik + Aquilani

“Between Milan, Inter or Juve? They are three great teams but I would pick Milan because I am a fan,” El Shaarawy said in an interview in front of the cameras of Sky Sport 24 on Monday.

“Playing for Milan would be a dream come true, it would be too good an opportunity to miss.

“I have always been inspired by Kaka, I was even compared to him, I liked him as a player and as a person. I’d like to play anywhere with him, at Real Madrid or Milan…”

The fantasista is vaulted at €10-15 million; Milan’s first bid has already been rejected by Genoa.

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milan for life

ganso FTW


Get this guy – he is good.

Jay Zeneros

Get Both Ganso and El Shaarawy. Milan said they wanted two midfielders.

Sohel Sharif

El Shaaraway is n Italian talent so buy him

Jay Zeneros

lol some sites are claiming Milan have an agreement with Fabregas. Sit back and let’s see what happens.


rily wit fabregas lets watch an see

Jay Zeneros

according to Milannews.it the rumors state Fabregas salary would be 5.3 million euros and bonus. and that Milan have offered 30 million plus Emanuelson.


Well…Urby was actually never needed. Surplus and if he stayed would have played as a utility player.


Great news lets hope its true get drogba too

Abdulkarim Abbas

We dont need fabregas just sign ganso, poli and palombo.


Fabregas would be great! then we shuld just get witsel and some youngsters (lamela, el shaarawy, poli, astori) Montolivo would be awesome too, but somehow i dont think we’ll get him.


All dis are jst sum pieces of rumor……jst get us Ganso, Hamsik, lamell or witsel dat ok 2me. Pls milan don’t let us loose Ganso.


This article is about STEPHAN EL SHAARAWY!!!
U people are obsessed with that guy Ganso.Why?Is he realy that great?OK then.
But don’t cry when he gets injured,and doesn’t play.
And what about Fabregas?I don’t like him at all.Prone to injuries and he’ll be wandering on the pitches in ITALY.He will lose his head,you’ll see.If he gets injured in EPL,oh my,then i will be sorry for him if he comes to SERIE A.


He is not an SERIE A kind of player at all.
Mark my words.Spanian in SERIE A?lol
Mark my words,he will want to move after 1 or 2 seasons.
Where?Barselona.That simple.And u want to pay 30-40 million euros for him?You are all nuts.


Really? Fabregas signed? same thing was said in 2007 so not true


and Dexter stop being an ass and complaining if u dont like the comments dont read…if u hate Ganso then fine but no need to point anything out


If hes not good on serie A Ok Fine he good Cl O.o He Has Xp On Cl T.T


Dudes !!! El Shaarawy is the fucking future… I say: Buy him and… Loan him, Merkel and Strasser to Novara in demand they play… And Novara will do good, and our players play ! Trust me if we do the following our future will be bright ! … This summer for 11/12 Season: Get rid of: Bonera, Antonini and Flamini. And for Youth: Sign El Shaarawy + 4-6 Super talents from age 14-18, and Loan El Shaarawy, Merkel and Strasser to Novara… And Fossati, Calvano, De sciglio and Valoti to Senior team. And buy: Fabregas, Asamoah, Zapata, Ganso and Balotelli.… Read more »


sign shaarawy leave him on loan at genoa unless a player like ganso/lamela/hamsik/nasri is signed for Mr.X postion if not bring him in for this season, and send one of merkel/strasser on loan to make room for montolivo. Midfield problem SORTED!


Buy atleast half of his contract….if not full but 10-15m is a bit too much :/


So I would like one of you to remind me of which team of all under 24 year olds ever won the CL or the Scudetto? Being young isn’t the same as being good. How well did Palermo do this year with all their great young talent? Look great one game, get spanked 7-0 at home the next, that’s what you get with kids. It amazes me how foolish some of you sound, I just have to guess you are young and have never played at a serious level.


With all due respect, Barca’s average age is somewhere in the mid 20’s.

It’s not about age it’s about experience at a top level.


With all due respect, your math isn’t very good, it is in the late 20’s. Only Messi, Pedro and Busquets among the normal starters are under 25.


No it’s not. Pique is 24, Busquets is 22, Afellay is 25. Their other main players are 26 or 27. Their average age is around 25-26. Mid 20s.


Valdes is 29, Puyol 33, Abidal 31, Dani Alves 28, Xavi 31, Iniesta 27, Mascherano 27, Keita 31, Villa 29 and Maxwell is also 29. The average age is over 27 for the normal Barca starting line-up. Afellay is far from a starter, and is 25, not under 25 as I said. The fantasy squads I see offered on this site are crazy, even Arsene Wenger wouldn’t go that far. I’m all for bringing in a few new players, the squad should always have some turnover, but to think anybody over 30 is useless and everybody under 20 is awesome… Read more »

Pato 7

They got spanked by Udinese which also was a relatively young team with an age average iin the 20’s


And Pique.


And even if it was, that’s a lot differnt from the squad of unproven teenagers I see people asking for.


so u want old farts here for ONLY next season? which part of future dont u get? building a team for only next season will only lead to failure


U Moron We Want Next Year Not Fututre T.T


but future is ok to xD


If Genoa blocked the original bid, then its either we lay off to prevent bad relations from starting, or do one more bid involving cash with one of our youngsters, or even co-ownership.

yehez kiel

I heard we already sign a youth player from mantova! Forgot his name though..


I don’t think we’ll get Fabregas. There is no agreement on those things.

As far as El Shaarawy… how exactly is he proven?


im very glad to hear that. i hope Milan would sign him as soon as possible.


stephen wil be a good buy for us and i dont think we shud loan him out this kid has more skills,speen,vision and talent than some of our midfielders and if we play him he will adapt very quickly…. i hope we get EL SHAARAY plus MR X who i hope is “FABREGAS,HAMSIK,GANSO,PASTORE,SABASTION OR BALE!!!
go on youtube and look at how this kid plays! dont judge him by his age!
forza milan1!!!

rohan ingle

i hope this is our team next season…(4-3-3)….abbiati-taiwo(lb)-silva(cb)-nesta(cb)-abate(rb)-van bommel(cdm)-boateng(rcm)-(hamsik(lcm)-robinho(cf)-pato(ls)-ibra(rs)…plus get adebayor,ganso,witsel,shaarawi…..mexes,bonera as reserve cbs…awesome..forza milan..:)))


Plz guyz keep the news about fabregas cuming im desperate


This guy is really good and why should Milan loan him out. Look at Wilshere he’s same age and established as a key player for Gunners. Sometimes a little faith is all that is needed. Get El Shaarawy, Astori(as i read he is eager to join Milan) and a good mid. I’m all for Asamoah(that’s one) but for mr.X i’ll just sit down and wait. I’m not into Witsel so much…


I think El Shaarawy, Ganso and Lamella is equally good with their own positives. Shaarawy is holding Italian passport and 18 years old, Ganso is full of first team-big team experience in his age(20), but he non EU and expensive (maybe 30M+ pounds), Lamella has a great skill but non EU too(wait, does He has a an Italian passport??), although He might be cheaper than Ganso. They will fit as Milan Trequartista, and We will still having Simone Verdi as a back Up, KVB will be play as a box-to-box midfielder. BTW Do You Guys think Rodrigo Ely(17 years old… Read more »


Digao was brought just because of Kaka, Ely was brought because he is a real talent.


@Deema – El Shaarawy is not a trearquista, he plays on the wing.

He said he wouldn’t want to play that role anyway because he likes to attack facing the goal to use his pace.

rohan ingle

its very hard to trust these young brazilians…dont buy unless 100% sure that he is totally hardworking,loyal n dedicated…….plus if we buy all these brazilians what will happen of our own youngsters…..merkel,strasser??….wt abt playing 4-4-2????…..zambrotta as RB….abate as RM…n bale as LM..with pato,ibra up front…n plus dont waste money on fabregas..in 40m we could buy nasri(is out of contract) in cheap + hamsik……FORZA MILAN.


But y cant robinho play as a trequarista??


Get him now while he’s still affordable n available not when the stakes gets high.