Seedorf: “My heart told me to stay”


CLARENCE SEEDORF wants to win the Scudetto and the Champions League again with Milan.

The Dutchman signed a contract extension with Milan that keeps him in the team until 2012 and he wants to win something important with the Rossoneri next season, as it could be his last in red & black.

Seedorf decided to stay despite interest from many clubs, mainly Brazilian.

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“I have never asked for anything. I have not seen Allegri, yet I have signed; I wanted to stay,” Seedorf is quoted as saying on La Gazzetta dello Sport. “Technical guarantees? Don’t believe it. After 900 matches, what I had to ask Allegri for? My heart has told me to stay to win Scudetto and the Champions League.”

There were reports that Seedorf wanted the management to assure him that he’s play at least X games.

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Pato Is Brilliant

Only 2 words:



@Pato is brilliant, no you shut up 😉 . Show some respect mate. Seedorf is a great person. He will help us, he will help mister x. I doubt he will play allot.


correction because of seedorf we are only getting ONE Mister X. if he left, we would have gotten TWO Mister X


Yeah.Can someone ban this Pato guy?He is quite annoying.
Some stupid kid i suppose whose most using two words are:
shut and up(together).If it wasn’t for Seedorf we wouldn’t won those trophies in the last couple of years.
So please log out and stay at home watching:
Honka – HJK Helsinki
i think that the Finnish league will suit you.And you can
use your perfectly minded words.

Yehez Kiel

hey im offended.. i lived at helsinki and that pato kid is way too idiotic for hjk!


@pato is brilliant. why dont you just shut up. are you new milan fans. yes seedorf is old and slow. at least give him some respect


stop disrespecting our legends gtfo from this site ‘pato’


Yeah I agree wit u,seedorf is a legend.


Pato kid go to hell seedorf is our legend


Please dont nail Pato is brilliant to the cross. Seedorf too could be annoying by signing an extension. Well said Pato.


i hope he finishes by winning a champions league. Without playing a lot.


Yeahh seedorf is legend so better he retired…

AC Milanoooo

Seedorf, Gattuso, why are they staying is better if they go to other clubs.


I hop u guys be cool and respect our mother Milan by stop fighting eachother and use good moral values cos u r no more kidz..


Always forza milan


Dat wil b ur last in jesus name..seedorf


Seedorf will provide much needed experience and teach the youngsters.


what youngsters, rino, ambro, bommel, nesta, pippo, zlatan, flamini, zambrotta, oddo, abiati.
our youngters never play bc of these old farts


coz ur heart we’ll not get any AMC!


seedorf can still be used…he jusr needs to work hard

Pato Is Brilliant

@ To those who are insulting me. What have I done? You guys are treating me like I have killed your parents. Stop this nonsense. If you dont like my comments then you guys better shut up. Freedom of speech is for everyone. I have a damn right to express my opinion.

Pato Is Brilliant

@ Luke – Sorry mate but Seedorf is not a teacher or a coach. Youngsters only need to play in professional level, they need experience and enough chances to emerge. As long as these oldies are, you will be witnessing young players leaving Milan.


true true


Am sick and tired of this insults,r u kidz not anymore so juz keep it real talk bout sensible stuffs like players we would love to see in and stop this quarrel COS we r one family and remember editors are reading as well so behave.thank you if u really believe and love the most successful club in the world behave.forza milan..


Seedorf will help some young talent to improve, and he’s role model of many palyers in the world so respect him..

yehez kiel

Patoisbrilliant, Freedom of speech doesn’t mean you’re allowed to be a total d*ck and disrepect people! And besides you told seedorf to shut up! Where’s that freedom of speech now?


‘pato’ u really r a 12 year old….’freedom of speech’ doesnt mean u can piss off everyone here


and if u dont like seeing old players in a club i suggest u go support arsenal…….perfect for u

Pato Is Brilliant

Arsenal? I dislike all English clubs. Besides when Maldini was playing, I never wanted him to leave or retire. Even at the age of 40, I wished he can continue. Its not really about age, its all about quality of play. What did Grandpa Seedorf did this all season? He had only few good performances in the end and you guys wanted him to stay. The truth is he should had left by now and as long as he is here, its guaranteed, we are not gonna win CL.

Pete Acquaviva

It’s not guaranteed we’re going to lose the CL.

That’s why we play the game.

Furthermore, freedom of speech is not for everyone. On a blog like this, you have it, but everyone will just think you’re a douche.

Which I think they do.

Yehez Kiel

oh trust me.. we do..


If allergi plays him as one of three holding mids then he’s a monster but not as an cam his reaction and speed are to slow for that role


thats just ur silly opinion…..and The Professor did a lot Tottenham 1st leg…who opened the scoring against Sampdoria and Fiorentina? those were crucial matches cuz inter dropped points then


anyone who dont give a respectfully to our old guard such a seedorf, as a Milan fan i just wanna say… “SHUT d Fc*k UP!!!”


Hopefully Seedorf is a starter this year.

Maybe he’ll get a another extension, if he had a few good games.


seedorf is milan’s legend, and he always will be a milan legend, but milan have to move on and say good bye to seedorf and they should welcome the younger ones, if milan keep on renew their the “legends” contracts then milan wont get far in the champions league, the reason why they wont get far in the champions league is because the legends are to slow now and they cant keep up with the younger ones, so i think its time to say good bye and welcome the younger players, forza ac milan! and forza ac milan legends!


Guys….he’s going to be a sub. LCM is already covered by the new mid or Boateng. AM is possibly covered by the new mid and then Boateng. Seedorf will be second choice for both of those positions. On top of that, there is also Urby competing for LCM. And there also is a large possibility of not one midfielder coming, but two. Stop freaking out, Seedorf will probably only play some of the games against weak teams.


I wish your heart told you to go away. Another damn season of watching Seedorf give the ball to the other team every time he touches it. Then he has 3 or 4 decent games and everyone kisses his ass. Former legend who is all washed up. Time for the MLS, Clarence.


Scosfomato…you’re correct.

Seedorf’s a legend though, but his time is ovaa…

Pato Is Brilliant

@ scostomato – Hahaha you are so very correct!


ok this is annoying….everyone is complaining like seedorf gets paid a lot and will stop other mids from coming in……do u guys really think Allegris that stupid?

Abdulkarim Abbas

Good choice SEEDORF


Yes, I think he is that stupid.


hmmm Milan isnt Chelsea or City that we can buy 2 expensive players


Grande Seedorf. 1 more year, I hope he gets to lift the CL trophie at the end of the season. He sure deserves it. One of the greatest midfielders of the last 20 years.


‘PATO’ YOU REALLY DONT KNOW WHAT YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT DO YOU. How old are you? Youngsters need guidance, and especially if the one giving you advice is a Milan Legend. E.G. Thiago Silva got guidance from Nesta, now Silva looks like he could become one of the best defenders in the WORLD. And even though Seedorf is old, slow and he doesn’t play with Consistency anymore. He still pulled-through and put-in Great performances when Milan needed him. Thats why it’s important to have Experience.


yes seedorf is going old…but his dedication for milan can’t be forgotten…he can be a great coach for milan…