Season Outcome and Next Season Decisions: Part 1


FAN ARTICLE: Written by Abdulkarim Abbas.

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It is the time of year which people relax and hang out with their family and friends. This time is called summer. But for Soccer management it is when their work should best token to an extra gear and this time is called the transfer window. After the players have won the scudetto, they are marked on how their performances and told what their roles are for next season.

In this article I will discuss how the players have played this season, what their roles are for next season, players we should sign and formations we should play.

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Official: Didac Vila joins RCD Espanyol on loan

Part 1: Goalkeepers and Defenders


Christian Abbiati: He has been a one man one this year improving basically every aspect of his game. Defenders no longer need to worry about clearing corners as he is all ways the first to get there. He has been consistent throughout the season making some stunning saves like against Brecia and Roma. Abbiati still has a few seasons on the top and plying his trade in Milan’s starting XI.

Marco Amelia: His performance in both Udinese performances showed two different people. In the first game it showed the quality of a seria B Goalkeeper but in the second game all I could say is WORLD CLASS. People might criticize Milan for signing him but I think he is very top class for a 2nd goalkeeper.

Flavio Roma: A veteran 3rd choice keeper. Despite rarely even playing he has been good once called upon and looks likely a worthy squad player when you look at his salary. He should be kept one more season before retiring or moving on to his home country.


Thiago Silva: The best since Baresi – AC Milan’s Thiago Silva is the No.1 defender in the world & a modern day great. Lauded by Pippo Inzaghi this week as a ‘once in a century’ player, the Brazilian has made massive strides in his time in Italy as he establishes himself as one of the world’s best. He was the Player of the season in Italy and looks likely to be the future captain due to his leadership skills. With an ability to read the play like nobody else in the modern game, he has showcased his superb aerial ability, two good feet, strength, anticipation and positioning at grounds all over the country, almost without fail. And so good is he that he carries out all of this almost entirely free of foul means, picking up only a single booking in the entire season. Truly one of a kind in 21st century football.

Alessandro Nesta: Completely world class. He reads the game as easily as a book and despite losing some speed this season he has been exemplary forming a wall alongside Silva. He is a true leader along with Silva of the Defense. The proof of that is once Silva complained that Nesta talks to much on the field. Despite not being able to play as much next season he will still deliver these master class performances once a week.

Mario Yepes: Was a perfect substitute for Nesta. Once called upon he performed with class. People might argue that it was his mistake that cost us a spot in the CL quarter finals but what would anyone would have done against a man with the rocket speed of Lennon. Should be kept as a sub and to give the younger players tips.

Oguchi Onyewu: A different player for the US. He is solid and is very good with his head for the US. Should be kept as a reserve as he would definitely do better than Bonera. Although Twente passed out on the chance to buy him he surly would not make a bad reserve center back. Should be kept unless we find a younger player.

Daniele Bonera: When he steps on to the pitch I feel we have gone a man down. Stats show that he has been a damage to our team as we lose and draw mostly when he is on the pitch.  He should be sold and as his replacement Albertazzi or Rodrigo Ely should be promoted to the first team to gain experience.

Ignazio Abate: Abate, as the right back added another mature display to what has become an ever-improving portfolio this season. He has improved his crossing, his defending and his intelligence of the game. Typically the best right back in Seria A this season. Kept the likes of Ronaldo and Eto in his pocket. The Milan right back for years to come.

Gianluca Zambrotta: He is very versatile and performs once called upon. Can play in either the left or right of the defense which adds depth to the defense. Despite his advanced age and drop of speed, he can read the game and defend with class. He was typically our best left back this term. Should be kept for at least a year.

Luca Antonini: Like Bonera, Antonini was terrible this term, often committing to many mistakes. Had you seen him play last season you would think I was a different man. Antonini’s defensive skills, ability to read the game, runs forward were all atrocious his term. He did things at the wrong time. But he deserves a second chance just to see if it was only one bad season or can he match last season’s form. If he does not, he should be sold immediately next season.

Massimo Oddo: Despite losing some of his speed, Oddo has had a good season. His crosses have been spectacular at times; his defensive abilities have been not bad. Oddo should be kept to give the younger players some experience then move on next season. Will make a good reserve right back next season.

Didac Vila: Up till the last game of the season I did not know he was a part of the team. In the last game he showed he had talent and a lot of potential but experience was lacked. Should have stayed as a backup or loaned out to a smaller seria A team to gain seria A experience but was loaned back to his former team Espanyol. Should come back next year stronger, smarter and more experienced.

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Pato Is Brilliant

A very nice article. Keep up the good work man! Would be waiting to read what you have to say about our midfilelders and attackers.


nice article keep on trying and we shall appreciate them.


well my best opinion is mildfielders cos that is were modern football is build.look at barcer 4 God sake.they are not good in defence the mid and attackers does most of the magic.


so milan am waiting for a good news please……


“…before retiring or moving on to his home country.” Flavio Roma is ITALIAN!




You must have never seen Onyewu play if you think Milan should keep him. Slower than Seedorf teamed with no positional awareness, the worst center back that I have seen in years, maybe ever. I doubt if he could start for most Lega Pro sides. You say he is good with his head, no he is not, despite being 6’5″ he is routinely beaten by men much shorter because he can’t jump, is out of position and has awful reaction times. Worst signing Milan has ever made, worse than Mancini even. Oh course who would listen to anything from somebody… Read more »


I couldn’t have said it any better myself. Bonera is better than Onyeywu. Onyeywu is horrible. I usually never categorize players as horrible but Onyeywu fits that description perfectly. I have no idea why we signed him. A bigger American audience? That’s a joke. Americans don’t even watch football no offense. If we wanted a bigger audience, we should have brought in an asian player. They actually watch football unlike the majority of the American population.


worst signing milan has ever made? lol, we bought him on a free tranfer and he was offering to play for free for the second part of 2009-10, so dude get your facts right.


worst signing milan has ever made? are you kidding me? we signed him on a free transfer and he even offerd to play for free for the second part of 2009-10. so how the hell can he be the worst signing we’ve ever made?????


Simple, he is the worst player to wear a Milan jersey and his presense takes up a space that somebody with actual talent could have had.


yeah so that just means he’s the worst PLAYER to ever take the field with milan. If we got him for free we got nothing to lose so its not even possible for that to be the worst signing we’ve ever made.


I so agree on keeping antonini despite his not so terrible season but if he doesnt get back on top like how he was in 2009-2010 by this january he should leave as we will need a very combative left bavk to replace Taiwo then….Ohhh and Bonera and Onyewu should leave there hopeless, not sure about Oddo tho.


Milan should keep Onyewu, he’s good, just give him a chance


Oddo sucks.


oddo was a great player.. he’s old. Cut him some slack.


so can u give us ur opinion?dude.


please guys i advice every body to say something good or keep quit.we ar the greatest so show some respect.


milan ar club dat football it self respect,but we do not respect our self by refusing to sign so important and desaved players and dat is why somtimes football reject us at a particular period so i insist we should do something fast for God sake ahhhh………gali do something………………


i so much love dis our milan…..go for success.

Pato Is Brilliant

Come on guys dont be rude. If the writer made a mistake about Flavio Roma’s nationality then what? We all are human beings and are tend to made mistakes =-> lol.

Pato Is Brilliant

I will say it again, keep up the good work Abdulkareem Abbas!

Abdulkarim Abbas

Sorry about the mistake with the Flavio Roma thing. I just remembered he was Italian.
@pato is brilliant and assalam thank you for the support and i will be posting part 2 which is about the mid and attack and part 3 about transfer and formations soon

abdulkarim abbas

This is the worst article I have ever read just kidding I are a wonderful keep up the good work chaffaz

Abdulkarim Abbas

@wcsg if you think owenyu is the worst centerbackyou have ever seen than ne offence to you. you are probably a rookie and a begginer when it comes with football. In the world cup Owenyu kept USA in the game vs England. But thank you for your opinion but not every one shares similar opinions

Peace to all Milan fans Forzzaaa MILAN


I can assure you that I know more about the game than you can ever hope to and have seen several thousands of games in my life. Onyewu sucks, there is no getting around that. Did you see him in the first half of the Spain game the other day? He was embarrassingly bad, no surprise that he was nowhere to be seen when the USA took on Canada. Did you see the USA/Colombia friendly last year? Onyewu was pulled at the half after another dreadful showing whilst Yepes was rock solid. Onyewu plays like a headless chicken, never knowing… Read more »


Sorry to tell you….you do know the formation the US plays right? It requires close to no movement for the center backs. Onyeywu shines in the air, so that is all the “brilliance” you saw. No positioning skills needed in a formation that defends deep with 7 players. Defenders are useless if they can’t even feel comfortable going up the field a little.


Except Onyewu was given a run around by Spain. The problem with Onyewu is his positioning sucks, and in the modern game you do need movement from centerbacks. Even Yepes is faster than Onyewu.


Oddo was never a great player…IMO


I too think that we should keep Antonini another season.

and as far as Oddo, he was great when he played with Lazio and his first season with us. Then he declined sharply.

But just watch USA-Spain… Onyewu’s performances for the US have sharply declined. Onyewu has his moments, but the way Santi Cazorla made him to look like a fool was notable. Onyewu should be sold. We have Mexes and Yepes.


Flavio Romas homecountry is…Italy

Abdulkarim Abbas

@wcsg i saidh wouldbe reserve center backthan means 5th or 6th center back not a starter or sub read the article well and btw who do u want as a reserve center back pique, vidic, pepe, yaa talk about being a soccer fan

btw in my opinion our reserve center back should have been papastathapolous since he is 22, owenyu and bonera should be sold if papas stays since he is verstile playing left, right and center back. While he can also play defensive mid. but any way y rwefighting about people who will barely get game time


“Flavio Roma: A veteran 3rd choice keeper. Despite rarely even playing he has been good once called upon and looks likely a worthy squad player when you look at his salary. He should be kept one more season before retiring or moving on to his home country.”

Dude, Flavio Roma is Italian. He IS in his home country.

And Gooch has no positioning. As terrible as Bonera has been, he is better than Onyewu. Should be on the first train out of town.


“WCSG” and “Milanista” are both Americans and need to lighten up on there own national team players


Actually I’m a dual citizen and never think of the US team as “mine”, that is the Azzurri. None of that matters though, if a player sucks you should say so even if he plays for your team, as happens here all the time with Bonera.


Get real. The American national team sucks. The MLS sucks. The MLS started the same time as the J-league did, but look at where Japanese players are now. Look at where American players are? If you want to support America, do as you please. But I will not support America until they straighten their act up. I go to some MLS games once in a while, and I get more interested wondering how long the snack line is to buy nachos. Says something doesn’t it? You need to get real and stop being delusional. Onyeywu sucks. This has nothing to… Read more »


Sorry let me correct that. The National team is mediocre, the mls sucks. There we go.