Robinho: “Milan changed me!”


ROBINHO says his experience at Milan has changed him already.

The Brazilian attacker joined the Rossoneri from Manchester City on the last day of last summer’s transfer window and has settled in well, becoming an important part of Massimiliano Allegri’s project.

Less than a year has passed since then, and Robinho already feels different.

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“The Milan family has changed my mind. The Robinho of all the dribbling and heels does not exist anymore,” Binho, who is currently on international duty with Brazil, told La Gazzetta dello Sport.

“At Milanello I learned to work for the team, I realized that it’s quite more important than a shot on goal. I wonder how many miles I ran. Back and forth on the flank. I think these are record numbers for me.”

If nothing dramatic happens, the 27-year-old will stay at Milan.

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He’s so cute…

Pato Is Brilliant

SHUT UP! You missed many simple and crucial chances (vs Tottenham). You are inferior to Pato and Ibra! Lol..

Yehez Kiel

shut up! like ibra and pato dont miss a lot of shots too!


i have never seen someone who continues to open his mouth and say more foolish things than this guy


i thought you love brazilians


Robinho was off to a bad start, but he got alot better. He was consistently good at the end of the season. Him and Boateng are the only ones who actually make runs when Milan is attacking.

But he really should practice his shots though.

Pierre Robinho Corneil

but he is superior to you!
He was the top scorer> not Pato or Ibra

Chitty Chitty-Bang Bang

I bet Milan really did changed you……!!!


If he can improve on his finishing he can be a candidate for the ballond’ore 😀


MILAN changes players, when we get balotelli, he would end up like seedorf and become a model for everyone. its the milan way


Oh that Pato is Brilliant guy is opening his mouth… how many shots on goal has Pato missed lmao? Lets not even go there.

Anyways, Robinho has been one of our players of the season. Robinho enabled a lot of our attacks to happen, and unlike Pato, this guy actually tracks back and fights for the ball.


Love Robinho. I knew he would play for Milan at some point. He could of easily been top scorer this season ( 20-25 goals ) if he knew how to score.:D

Pato Is Brilliant

Yup Robinho is our best player! Oooooh yaaaa! Like the way he cant put the ball into an empty net specially when the opponent keeper is in no-mans land and you shot straight into a defender. He is only an average player, even Brazil fans dont want that monkey in National side go and ask a few.


Oh shut your mouth. He scored just as many goals as your prized Pato. And his runs allowed other players to score… in addition, he tracks back and fights for the ball. Average player? Do you even watch Milan? This guy’s movement is the best on our team… he’s fooled many defenders. Idiot.

English Pirlo

Right on the money!


here he is talking again, saying more foolish things, and obviously has never watched any games this year, and btw the racist remark about the “monkey” is totally uncalled for


Pato is dropping misinformation and ignorant comments all over this blog now.

He’s becoming as annoying as that 9-year old who came back as an Inter fan…


LOL Robinho is CAPTAIN of the brazil national team fool!

Pierre Robinho Corneil

ok, i read all this comment about Robinho and clearly most of you dont know anything about soccer especially you, NO OFFENSE! He was top scorer for milan this season, he won the last copa america for brazil and i think he will do the same on-and-on.
You may not like him but it doesnt mean to tlk about his mistakes.
I play soccer also and sometimes i missed chances and so everyone else. They didnt expect him to do good at milan and he actually won the Serie A title with the so why didnt you mention that?

Pierre Robinho Corneil

Who won the last copa america for brazil?
who helped milan win the serie a title?
dont tlk if u dont know about soccer come on!
you have to play the game in order to judge pro players

adamu burga

to agree and disagree is very usual but remember we are one big family, giancarlo and pato guy please stop this


I called him an idiot because he called the guy a monkey, and that’s a racist slur! I don’t stand for that as a Milan supporter. It has no place here.

Gioele Romeo

Giancarlo, is right. call him what you want because if we were a family, we wouldnt be saying racial slurs against our players. Milan has always been a Brazilian/italian team


No need for racial slurs on a Football website…


I realy don’t like Robinho,but like Giancarlo said he fights back for the ball unlike Pato or my most hated Ibra.When they lose the ball they just stand and wait for others to get it back in our position.
I pray that if it’s possible,to swap Ibra with Torres.He is made for AC MILAN,and as i know he made it clear that at some point in his career he will play for AC MILAN.


Fernando Torres?


Yeah I can’t imagine that. Fernando Torres is absolutely awful right now lol. I’d rather we take Llorente if we talk about Spanish players.




Awful in Chelsea.What kind of club is that anyway?


Fernando Torres has been shit for Spain too. We should get Fernando Llorente. He’s a way better player. And very underrated.

But we shouldn’t be buying strikers right now anyways.


A club where drogba has no problems scoring, why would we want a guy who is injury prone and cant score


he’s really different now,, better player, mature & i guess he’s ready for the next challenges… we’re milan family


this guy was absolute one of the best milan player of the year so stop foolised him ok


Torres scored against the USA tbf.


So what?

Anyone could score on that defense…


he didnt


Yes he did.


he was d worstest striker in milan last season! Wasteful striker

Yehez Kiel

omg i cant stand some people bitchin around about robinho being a horrid striker just because of a couple of mistakes.. and wow.. PATO IS BRILLIANT no need for the stupid racist joke you no-brained worm! god i cant stand racism.. robinho was a key part of our scudetto!

Pato Is Brilliant

You guys got it all wrong. I did not post rascist comment. I called him monkey not because of his looks or race, just because that he misses tons of simple goal scoring opportunities and specially of that stupid missed against Tottenham in WHL. If anyone of you felt bad, I APOLOGIZE. But I never meant to say that…

Yehez Kiel

what the F*ck does missing goal scoring opportunities have to do with being a monkey?


No you’re wrong. That’s a racist term. You should know better. He is a great player. Lay off.


absolutely no excuse for using that term, very shameful

Pato Is Brilliant

Btw Giancarlo, I am not being rascist here and I have never been in my life. You just mistankenly misinterperated my comment. If I had been jerking rascism here then I would have said something else. Understood?


he wad a gr8 by never the less

Dare Lagos

@PATO IS BRILLIANT, that was not necessary. i thought all milan fans are brainy but you….. Robinho is good but for few mistakes, you can’t compare his season with Pato’s, i want him around


I have to say. That did look racist when i saw it. Why would you want to call a person a monkey if they missed chances. And especially if that person is black. SHAME ON YOU! LoL im only joking. That was racist though…Moving onn…I would say that Robi was better than Pato this season because he was more consistent. But Pato was there when Milan needed him the most, The Milan-derby. That was a very important match. Pato was amazing in that match. He scored 2 and got the penalty.


zanetti took down cassano to get the penalty, pato got chivu sent off though

Dare Lagos

Pato is brilliant has apologised. he said he didn’t mean it. PLS, let’s all forget it. we’re all one big family with different views and opinions


Binho gives Milan’s attack speed and gives us fast counter attacks.

Cassano expands the field and gives inch perfect passes.

Next season will be pretty competitive in the SS position unless Binho plays AM and Cassano plays SS. They would be able to switch positions whenever they like too.


No. We need a real attacking midfielder. Binho is a second striker, as is Cassano.


hope so dude

Hefin Davies (hdcantona)

Some good posts from Giancarlo about him. I personally feel Robinho is quite underrated because of his erratic finishing (note: erratic, not poor. He’s not incapable of good finishing he’s just not consistent with it)


someone saw Ibra score 4 goal Against Finland Damm I never seen him score hatrick on milan So he much good on International o.o?


sry is Hatrick T.T

ariel milanista indonesia

Please all my milan family..Pato and Binho is Milan’t do that in this forum..
LET’s KICK OUT OF FOOTBALL FROM RACISM… especially for Pato is brilliant, please keep your word carefully..