Berlusconi promises Napoli: “I will not sign Hamsik”


SILVIO BERLUSCONI has ruled out a move for the Slovak.

Many reports have suggested lately that Milan would be making a move for Napoli’s Marek Hamsik but Milan President has given Napoli his word, saying that he will not make any move for Hamsik.

“I promise that I will not sign Hamsik. Milan don’t go to steal the symbols of other clubs,” Berlusconi said to a crowd of people in Naples’ main square, Piazza del Plebiscito on Friday night.

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Milan are searching for a left-midfielder. Gareth Bale, Rafael Van der Vaart, Franck Ribery and even Cesc Fabregas are all reported to be Milan targets, but it remains to be seen who it will be.

CEO Adriano Galliani has said before that his main target is a name that hasn’t been mentioned before and told that people should look around as Mr. X might be from Argentina or France.

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Give us the Best of the best Mr. G…

Pato Is Brilliant

Mr. Berlusconi, with due respect sir, please buy Ganso. We need him the most. Thank you.


That’s for the best. It could damage Napoli’s fight in the CL. I wish them the best. We need to look outside Italy.


I dont trust you Don! 🙂


Argentina or France??? Lamela? He’s an AMF i think….or could it be Hazard??? :D?


I hate to say this but I dont think Lamela or Hazard is good enough to settle in quickly. We may need a player with some experience in European like Ribery, Marko Marin,Fabergas, Nasri or Van Der Vaart to challenge for the UCL this upcoming season. If Milan get any player without European experience, it will be a risk. I like Ganso but he is not the only answer. Players like him, Lamela and Hazard will need at least a year to settle before we can seriously challenge for the UCL. It took Kaka a year to settle as Rui… Read more »


what promise its childish

Pato Is Brilliant

I heard that Berlusconi wants Pastore, Galliani is following Fabregas and Allegri admires Hamsik! While I demand Ganso! Lol. There is a huge conflict of interest among management =->

Sohel Sharif

Yeah…its good for Italian clubs…we need tht 4th place wht Germans taken from us…
Please buy…who is the best

Pato Is Brilliant

I supported Napoli in Europa League this season and I believe that in Champions League they can perform well for Italian Serie A sake! I hate to say but I would also cheer Inter Shifu =>




@Ryan,i agree with u but i heard lamela is going to roma TT.perhaps we gonna signed hazard (\^_^/)

Yehez Kiel

berlusconi is right! were milan!! we dont buy champions.. we make champions!!!


I would like to see following players in Milan someday(besides what we have:))

Defence: Breno Borges and Domenico Criscito
Midfield: Giovani dos Santos, Georginio Wijnaldum, Moussa Sissoko and Paulo Henrique Chagas de Lima
Forward: Giuseppe Rossi

Mehdi Kaka

Berlusconi Love and want some players: first van basten , after him rui costa, sheva, kaka, dinho… Now javier pastore___ forza prezident

French : Hazard
Argentina : Pastore

Tuttomercatoweb reported milan want give cassano to viola and take montolivo, its being seriusly


hazard is not french. we don’t want ribery he ir too old. Ganso is better than lamela in am. we need pirlo’s replacement in cm: fabregas. we need at least 2 players in midfield!


Why do you want ganso?
I#m not sure about this guy.
i would rather have fabregas…he has CL experience and i’m pretty sure he would fit milan better than ganso.

Ahmad Al-Hamdan

yet again, silvio berlusconi breaks my heart, at first saying we will get ganso when i have seen no action done, our most strategic player is now in JUVENTUS, and all the other players (who are all well above 30) signed for another year, he says he wants to compete in CL but madrids 21 year old midfield basically raped us. and now he tells me we dont want to get the strong players from other teams? seriously this is extremely annoyin,fuck other teams, let them drop like flies while we take the silverware

Andriy Shevchenko

@yanu nobody is going nowhere and for @pato is briliant l would never cheer inter even if my life would depened on it and you cheer the team that almost put us in Seria B and if there wasn’t Berlu we would look worster team than Juve now you got that we don’t need 4th place cause we always finish in top 3

Andriy Shevchenko

lam for that we sign four unknown potentials not some overated stars.Wijnaldum,Danilo,Drogbinho,Giovinco,Taarabat,Lamela,De Zeeuw and etc. Cause team is not the team without so called average players


Wijnaldum, Giovinco, Drogbinho, Taarabat and de Zeew are not up to Milan standard.

Andriy Shevchenko

And yes lam for our youth but we must create harmony in team.Verdi is promising why would we splash 30 milions on AMF when we have him a watched him couple of time he’s versatile and fast and with his nose for goals he reminds me on Inzhagi just look at the game vs Lyon Seedorf long ball and Verdi’s entrence.


Eaves droping from Galiani,Rainola,and Berluscolini discussion. Fabregas and Pastore will arrive. Pls keep it secret.


i cant believe this!!! why does he not want hamsik he will do well for milan:( we need top players
im starting to get annoyed……..

if we buying from seria A it must be only 3 PLAYERS
pastore,hamsik or montalivo….

buy oh well i guess this always happen, it wud be nice having fabregas here though wow……

i have faith in uncle:) lets hope for something good!

shoaib rizwan

i agree with @ andriy shevchenko we need to promote verdi,merkel and berreta more
and wat abt simone calvano

Chitty Chitty-Bang Bang

Yeah right,like always milan management contemplating on what player to purchase,if it was to be a free transfer we woulda swoop in real quick….but when its about money issues they always play the delay tactics.

Just heard,Juventus is almost done with the services of Udinese Goker Inler whilst Milan has been tied with numerous players and yet there’s no concrete negotiation,duh.


Juve’s transfer market has been crap. I wouldn’t exactly cite them. Plus Inler is like 28 years old. He’s not a youngster.

Plus you do realize the transfer market isn’t even open? So quiet down.


I actually agree with Chitty…:):)

adamu burga (BAUCHI)

if we dont have the financial muscle to buy a top class player i think we should look inword and have faith in the younger players, merkel, verdi, and odu have a brighter future let us have confedence in them. as for mr x. i hope he should be either hazard or lamela

Pato Is Brilliant

Andriy Shevchenko – Maybe you are right mate. Now I take my words back! And I quote, I will never ever support Inter Merda even if my life depends on it! =-> Happy now?


I hope we get diamanti as a back-up for the left.. Good player!


why cant we just buy someone big like fabregas or bale or we take that money and buy hazard and lamela bec fabregas will cost 40 mil and bale, and then instead we can buy lamela plus hazard for 40mil…. then we hav 2 strong mids:)


Kevin Constant is French & we have been linked to him before?


if he doesnt want to steal a “symbol” of another team then pastore is out to, hes pretty much the only star palermo has, when you think of palermo right now you think of pastore


yes but palermo is not in CL

Pete Acquaviva

It’s about the elections, like always.

If he signs Marek, then do you really think he will get votes in Naples?


France: Samir Nasri
Argentina: Javier Pastore
I want BOTH xD go go Galliani!


lets not rob our country men of there talents, lets bring the talents to italy and make the league more interesting :)….Forza Milan!!!!!!!!


I support what he’s saying,I mean if we just keep getting other team’s talismen we will be the new Real Madrid and our league will be as boring as La Liga + we lost our 4th spot so we should get the hype up and let teams like Napoli & Udinese go rampant in europe, not sure bout the Naples but Udinese will sure add up some italian modern football flavour in the next UCL !! He didn’t say French or Argentian he said ” from ” so propably he’s reffering to the ligues. It’s most likely ( hopefully )… Read more »


Please guys. Don’t cite Juventus transfer market. Signing a 32 year old on a 3 year, 4 million contract, signing Pazienza and Ziegler… does not constitute a good transfer market. And Inler is overrated and 28 years old. He’s no youngster. I would be mad if we bought the player.

And no, Galliani never said he would buy a Frenchman. So cross out Nasri. He said someone from the Ligue 1. If the player is from France it won’t be Pjanic though. It’ll be Hazard or MVila most likely.


Yeh Hazard, M’vila are good enough !!
i wont even bother re-uniting with Gourcuff despite his attitude or maybe Bastos….


Hazard is a AM/Winger….Milan are gonna get a left-mid first

Pato Is Brilliant

Rui Costa? Man he was pure class! Probably the best Portuguese footballer ever played in Serie A. Million times better than Seedorf and After Kaka he was my favourite trequartista.

Andriy Shevchenko

@Giancarlo how do you know if ther transfer policy will be bad


So far it’s shit.

ola milan

fabrigas fabrigas…what are u guys tinking?he wil neva com 2 seria A.he is born barca.pls leave fab out of this.i wil prefer nasri or VDV


Sign Fabregas and Van Der Vaart….


What a bunch of BS!! I am pretty sure that ManU, Barca, Madrid, Chelsea etc. are going to think twice about leaving Napoli without Hamsik, NOT!!!! I bet you will see Hamsik this summer or the Next one on one of this teams and we will have missed the opportunity to sign a very good player.


No man. Hamsik I’m sure will stay at Napoli. Napoli isn’t a small team. They have a very big investor behind them.


well jerry
it’s different when you support a club with standards,and class.


I see Political Interest.


Van Der Vaart is an Attacking Mid not left-Midfielder :/


Jerry my friend.. You have no idea how powerful DeLaurentis is..

Sani bala

Sir we need like 4 gud players like ganso,fabregas,asamoua and hamsik with these players we can face any team in the 4 life, we need players that can play with all their heart to win cl next season cheers 2 all the milan fans.