Milan: Meeting with Asamoah?


MASSIMILIANO ALLEGRI has met Kwadwo Asamoah and his agent according to reports.

Udinese have earned a place last night in the Champions League play-offs after drawing at home with newly champions AC Milan. However, one of their players could be already in the Group Stage, with Milan.

Despite saying that they won’t sign a midfielder who plays in Italy, there are constant reports that Milan would be keen to sign Udinese’s left-midfielder Kwadwo Asamoah as Andrea Pirlo replacement.

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In fact, Sky reports that after yesterday’s game, Milan boss Massimiliano Allegri was spotted in a private room of a restaurant in Udine, where he met Asamoah and the player’s agent.

Either side has denied or confirmed these rumours, but with Udinese admitting that they will sell some of their best players this summer, it seems that Milan are serious about getting the 22-year-old.

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Udinese seriously will go nowhere in the CL sadly enough. They may sell several of their stars. I think we will get Asamoah.

Yes, this meeting was reported on Milannews… I wonder what will happen with it. Kwadwo Asamoah is a fantastic player.


I hope this materialize as well. This guy is a diamond in the rough.



bye bye Udine.

I wonder who they’ll have left at the end of the summer!

Ali (maiduguri)

Yes sign him .


with all due respect to Asamoah, Pirlo >>>>>> Asamoah. despite his slowness Pirlo’s tactical skill and creativity will be more useful to Milan than Asamoah’s speed and strength.
and when Allegri said we will replace Pirlo with a quality player, i was thinking about Hamsik, Pastore, VDV, or even Fabregas (highly unlikely though).
i mean we can sign Asamoah but will still need a creative midfielder, unless Allegri hates creativity.


Asamoah is a very skilled player… Asamoah is a left sided midfielder they wanted. We will bring Hamsik, Pastore, VDV or Fabregas to replace Seedorf.

Pete Acquaviva

And you also think we’re getting Ganso too?


Mate, Asamoah’s ball control and creativity are amazing! I wonder if we swooped Hamsik or Pastore along with him, that would be insane!


Pirlo’s world class. He should be replaced with a world class player!


exactly what i mean!!!


Pirlo was world class several years ago you mean.


Pirlo IS still world class even now. people say he’s slow now, the fact is that he has never been fast, and he does not need to be, it’s not his weapon.
Pirlo still can do much for Milan, it’s just that Allegri’s tactics do not suit his play.


Galliani said we could only sign 2 players (if Seedorf decided to leave). Berlusconi said he will sign 2 major players. Allegri said he will get a star player as Pirlo’s replacement.. In my opinion, what we need is a creative midfield or playmaker. Hamsik??


Asamoah is a crap and a dreg. He will go to nations cup and Milan will suffer. Foolish Allegri. Sack him now.

Gioele Romeo

who the fuck are you, and why do you want allegri to be sacked, He won us a scudetto in his first year, how the hell can you complain. fuck off your an idiot


I hope they dont sell anyplayers… i wanted the to qualify but no to embarrass italy………


Wow. I’ve never heard anyone describe Asamoah as crap… yeah, he will go to nations cup. Right. And Thiago Silva will go to the Copa America. Will suffer? LOL.


Too bad African Cup of nations is during January and February. LMAO.

You’re wrong, once again..


Wow. That was deleted fast.

I said SO WHAT?

Boateng and Taiwo are going also. So what’s the bloody difference?


No you didn’t…LOL….caught in your web of lies.:D


I dont think he will go to the stupid african cup leaving a club like Milan where he might lose his position.


@APM~its time to move 4ward man,4get Pirlo is the past,Asamoah is young,fast and skillfull and thats what allegri needs….you probably dont watch him….we need speed to stand a chance in europe


i don’t mind Pirlo leaving as long as he is replaced with a player of the same (or at least half his) caliber, and Asamoah is not that player, he’s good but not world class. and also he was nothing special against Milan in the last match. Milan deserves better, that’s all.


Asamoah, Witsel or Fabregas would be an ideal replace for pirlo in midfield but we also need an attacking midfielder as boateng would better fit in midfield so perhaps Ganso, Lamela, Hamsik or Pastore as well?

Pato Is Brilliant

I dont know why people think that Asamoah is brilliant? Yesterday he was terrible. Infact Armero was more effective from left side. Sorry to say he is not a quality player. Udinese have demanded 20M so it would be stupid if Galliani agrees to give that sum.

Pato Is Brilliant

Ganso is the ultimate solution to our problem =>

adamu burga (BAUCHI)

kwado or what please let milan buy world class as promised by silvio. we need quality please


dude…pirlo has injury problems and is seriously past it.u cannot find a player exactly like pirlo so drop it.even hamsik is not like pirlo but then again pirlo was a late bloomer.asamoah is an incredible talent and dont judge him with one game.


of course not need to be exactly like Pirlo, just at the same level (of Pirlo years ago). and as i said i don’t mind Asamoah to Milan, but then Milan still need a real playmaker (creativity).




Montolivo is an actual really probable option too. He says he’s not gonna renew so if Fiorentina wanna gain some money, they would sell him right now instead of letting him leave for free.


Ok i’m confused….Is Asamoah good enough? i rarely see Udi play and reading the comments so far makes me confused :/….

and if left-midfield is solved with Asamoah(hopefully) we should get Hamsik Or Marko Marin Or Pastore Or Nasri Or the unlikely one Ganso!!


Anyone who says that Asamoah is crap, then they have no clue whatsoever about football!


Not that I think he’s crap ( he’s a quality player ), but people are entitled to their own opinion. Who are you to say they don’t have a clue?


If we would get Ribery and one mor Midfielder we would be ready for CL next year. I think that Ribery can managed the trequartista roll very very well, good splitvision,good shot, great passing player and a hard wrker, what more can you wish for?


well elimicko said unless u dont know him,u will think we are not getting quality.he was noninated young player of the year in 2009,though he joined udinese in jan that year.i quite remember his 1st game i saw was udo vs werder bremen in gosh the guy was something else though they then hailed him as possibly the nxt big thing to come from africa


Hmmmm…..well i’ll just have to see him play to believe it 😀


Sorry all coure rossoneri’s we r replacinn pirlo with asamoah, n u think u wil go far in ucl? Watch d 2 teams that are playin finals, will asamoah be in there first eleven?


i think thats cheap talk and UNITED does not have an extraordinary team anyway.pirlo of today wont fit in barca 11 either


K. Asamoah is perfect replacement for milan.


You are a crap Giacaro or what ever. Shut they fuck up. Fool.

Gioele Romeo

number one, speak english. you know nothing at all
instead of reading african newspapers, turn on the tv and watch milan games instead of imagining things.
fuck heads like you should not even waste people time with your asshole comments



at first glance, it seems like you know what you’re talking about, but after another read i realized that your comment really made no sense. based on you comment i would say that you are a STUPID DICK


i dont think asamoah is the soution, if we uy him he must be sub


asamoah is solution………..for seedorf…………… milan need solution for pirlo (ultra creative)


asamoah isnt really pirlos replacement, he technically is for the lineup but he fits more into allegris plans. asamoah is better and more talented and used to the serie a then boateng was and look how he turned out. with asamoah, you would take that african physicality and energy along with good skills as well. i am really hoping for him, still hopes seedorf leaves so we can get ganso or hamsik(pastore is way overrated,not even youtube makes him look good!).although i have a feeling we will get one as berlu’s “gift” regardless of if seedorf leaves. i also think… Read more »

Pato Is Brilliant

I dont know why everyone believe that we are not getting Ganso? Braida said that he will only join Milan in January because Santos are not letting him go.

Pato Is Brilliant

So I personally believe, until the 31st of August arrives, we better remain silent! =>


None of us can wait until August though:):)

Umair Sharif

We should be getting world class replacement for pirlo and it would be very difficult job to replace him.
Personally i think we should be getting only two quality cmf and amf.
CMF=hamsik or banega
AMF=if not ganso then lamela or hazzard
We don’t need bunch of bench warmers and should only concentrate on two or three quality players and we will be good for next season


its funny seeing all you guys getting so worked up and emotional about this stuff. Your opinion never matters mate, not yesterday, not today, and not tomorrow, not even if Galliani does read your comments.

So, just enjoy the show mate. If Milan wins we rejoice, if Milan loses we cry.

Yehez Kiel

lol.. its funny because its true!!! no need to bash players and other milanisti..




I really respect to Allegri and his decision. But I still wonder about Asamoah because I’ve only seen his one game against us. and it also via television.

so,anyone who had seen his game intensely, or have a video of him, maybe can share here pleasee..

Ohya, how do you think about Eden Hazard from Lille as a replacement for the legend Seedorf? I’ve heard rumors that Milan had bought him with 22M. any news about it?


I’m embarressed when my see my fellow Milanistas moan and cry like little babies about signing players!
I want him no I want him waaa waa!

Try and trust what the staff do and be grateful for what the club have just done!


I don’t think he will be a direct replacement for Pirlo if he comes…he’ll just be a whole new player that will add on another dimension to our midfield. No matter what though, we still need an extremely creative midfielder. You guys say that we played better without Pirlo on the field…but we need a Pirlo type player to compete in the CL or else we will not be able to initiate any type of attack at all. Our attack right now (without seedorf) is based on speed…but in reality, we’re not all that fast compared to the top European… Read more »


if i had a say i would say asamoah should be the replacement of seedorf but either pastrone,hamsik,lamela or ganso should be the replacement for pirlo…. we really need a team that will rival top teams and ryt now we really need some star midfield players who will create lots of scoring opportunities…….

then we bound to do well in champions league


Milan with young and power!!kwadoh,hamsik…..milan is beatiful with hazard/ganso/lamela in AMF
Abate nesta silva taiwo
Hamsik Kwadoh boateng


AIS this is not fantacy foot ball ulk just signed a 5 year contract extention man! and we cant sign 5 new midfielders if we get three we will be lucky and out of those 5 we will only get to if we lucky….


Romeo. No wonder your parents disowned you simply because you are a nuisance to your society. Please mind your business. Animal amidst humans. Who made you a Milan fan? Fuck you.

Gioele Romeo

haha really nice, hold on please explain to me and the rest of these bloggers your arguements.
you want to sack allegri, you have said twice, for winning a scudetto, semi finalists for the coppa??
you also are downing milan for montoring Asamoah? i mean really, what are you trying to say, that allegri shoould be sacked for winning and we should not aspire to seek talent. Great, really great
and PS, I love milan thats why i dont critise them about things that they are doing well, your comments are ridiculous im sorry

Yehez Kiel

i know i said this to rossonero23 (no offense to him) but are you sure youre a milan fan? you sound like an interista to me!


You’re and idiot Yehez.:):)

Pato Is Brilliant

Stupid African Cup? Come on its great! I watched African Cup Of Nations 2010 and it was very interesting. In-my-opinion better than sucking WC 2010. Atleast give some respect to African football, eventhough I am not from Africa but I like it!


Romeo. Now we can now be friends. I am sorry too. I just hate Allegri accepting Galliani to sign mediocre for us. We need establish talent that will take us to the top. I am sorry for been cruel to you we are both Milanista. So we shouldnt disagree. Love you.


The best u can all do is WAIT a Month or 2!


Some here are ungrateful little children. Seriously, stop talking and let Galliani do his work. All you do is complain about everything.


asamoah wil b perfect signing 4 milan i think dis is d kind of player milan need most very creative n strong enough 4 champions league not power witout creativity ‘michael essien. Assamoah wil surely boost our attack, dat is wat we need not name but player who wil play with enthusiasm


asamoah wil b perfect signing 4 milan i think dis is d kind of player milan need most very creative n strong enough 4 champions league not power witout creativity ‘michael essien. Assamoah wil surely boost our attack, dat is wat we need not name but player who wil play with enthusiasm. Bt i thaught we also need player like fabregas or hamsik to do d lng passes


@ u dat says stupid african nations cup, u knws nofin about football, cus if u knws u wnt say such a thing av u 4get dat great george weah of ac milan is 4rm africa. Am sure u must b 1 of d racial abuse fan. We are all milan fans we dnt need to insult our self. One luv rossonerri