Primavera: Super Piscitielli brings Milan to the Final Eight


AC MILAN have beaten Inter on shoot out and have a real chance to win the championship.

The Rossoneri youth team have moved forward to the Final Eight with a true chance to clinch the title thanks to a heroic performance from their goalkeeper Riccardo Piscitielli, who saved 3 penalties.

Inter had the lead first as after 22 minutes through Simone Dell’Agnello. However, Giacomo Beretta tied the result in the 38′ minute thanks to an assist from Rodney Strasser; this was kept until half time.

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Nicola Pasini turned over the result and made it 2-1 to Milan two minutes from the start of the second half. But Simone Benedetti headed the ball to the back of Milan’s net, making it 2-2 after 90 minutes.

Both teams couldn’t score on extra time and the game went on penalty shootout.

The Pens Story
Milan: Carmona missed the first penalty (0-0).
Inter: Crisetig scored (0-1).
Milan: Verdi made no mistakes (1-1).
Inter: Bessa converted (1-2).
Milan: Santonocito leveled (2-2).
Inter: Piscitielli saved Dell’Agnello shot (2-2).
Milan: Albertazzi scored (3-2).
Inter: Biraghi’s shot stopped by Piscitielli (3-2).
Milan: Pasini missed (3-2).
Inter: Duncun equalized (3-3).
Milan: De Sole scored (4-3).
Inter: Piscitielli saved the last penalty (4-3).

Inter were better during the most of the game, but Giovanni Stroppa’s men now know they have a great goalkeeper between the sticks as Piscitielli brings Milan to the Final 8 of the Primavera Scudetto playoff.

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He can be our third choice keeper if necessary, if Flavio Roma leaves. Glad to hear that we won this game. Another win against Inter, though this was under tighter circumstances.


@Giancarlo, I saw this match live, he made some stupid mistakes he cant be our third keeper..


You’re kidding me right? He didn’t make stupid mistakes. Always a smart answer for everything. I doubt you saw this live. He was solid.

But Milan’s defense was poor. That’s why Inter had so many chances. Still Milan’s attack was in good shape.

Yeah, like Van Bommel who you want gone?


Superb! We’ll win this Scudetto too!



Sohel Sharif

What happened to Di Fabio…our 3rd choice Keeper for next season