Boateng: “I turned Lazio down, and I do not regret it”


KEVIN-PRINCE BOATENG had a chance to join Lazio and he has no regrets that he didn’t.

The Ghanaian midfielder has proved to be one of Milan’s best players this season. He’s currently co-owned between Milan and Genoa and desires to keep playing with the Rossoneri colors.

Boateng has revealed today that he was on the verge of joining Lazio from Portsmouth but he doesn’t regret having joined Genoa (and moving immediately to Milan).

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“I was a step away from joining Lazio,” Boateng told the Messaggero newspaper. “I met with President Claudio Lotito, but I turned him down. Seeing how my season has gone, I have no regrets.”

Milan are one point away from winning the Scudetto and Boa promised few weeks ago that he would make a Michael Jackson tribute with a moonwalk. Now he suggests that he could do something else.

“I could get a new tattoo to celebrate the Scudetto, but also the Coppa Italia. However, the victory I want more is a contract with Milan,” he said in an interview with il Corriere dello Sport.

Paulo Henrique Ganso could join Milan, but Boateng doesn’t fear from competition for the trequartista role.

“I don’t know who will arrive, but I’m not moving from the attacking midfield. If someone new arrives then we’ll be in competition for a place,” the 23-year-old said.

On rumours linking Milan with Michael Essien, Boa said: “We are great friends. Essien is one of the best defensive midfielders in the world. I’d love to play alongside him, but I’ll leave it up to Milan to decide.”

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The great prince of milan. I love your determination. Keep it up, Milan 3 0 Roma. Forza milan.


well, if Ganso actually comes Prince can still be number one option in the midfield (to play Clarence’s role)


It will ultimately be up to Allegri… I think Boateng could be even more useful in midfield.


Ganso is better as just CM, Not CAM…

Boateng would also be better In Midfield (Central, flanks etc.)

Nasri is our ideally CAM.

Pato – Ibra
— Nasri —
Prince – Essien – Ganso


Nasri is not an ideal cam, and he’s not great. Santos fans have told me that Ganso does way better behind two strikers. He’s more effective in that role. We are not getting Nasri or Essien. That’s just fantasy football of the worst kind.

Ganso isn’t a CM. Why do people keep on insisting on that? He’s an attacking midfielder!

Nasri is better as a winger. And if we want a real great midfielder from Arsenal it would be Fabregas but no chacne that’ll happen.

Jay Zeneros

yes Ganso is a natural attacking midfielder. Boateng has nothing to fear as he will be better as a box to box midfielder.


Yes Ganso certainly is. I’ve watched the Copa Libertadores and have seen Ganso play… I too know where he is best at. When he plays as a central midfielder Santos fans often complain he’s not as effective. His best skills are behind two strikers.

Robinho – Ibra
Boateng – Van Bommel – Mascherano

That’s my idea formation (mid+attack). Forget Essien. Of course we can have rotation… Pato will also play a lot of course.






boateng cm ganso am !!!!


Lazio turned Boateng down. They chose Hernanes instead. Better choice IMO.


Hernanes is not a box to box midfielder and is overrated. He started well then fizzled out. NOPE Lazio made a bad choice. Now they have to play Brocchi.


Hernanes starts every game.
He can play as a CM or as a TQ, he played as a TQ against Juventus.
The fact is we were linked with Hernanes for years and we chose Boateng.
Hernanes > Boateng.


OH NO he’s not. Boateng is a much better player.


We were also linked with Bonucci, but we chose Sokratis Papasshtheoeljsmsjeiemshahwemejsilos.
Luiz? Legro! Cito? Didac!


Hernanes is overrated rubbish though. I’m very , EXTREMELY happy we did not get him. Boateng is much better than Hernanes. This is proven fact throughout the entire damn season.

Grow up man.


couldnt of said it better myself, KPB adds alot of toughness and fight to the midfield, any team would be happy to have him on the field wearing their shirt but WE got him, and im damn glad to have him on the team, FORZA MILAN & KPB!


Hernanes hasn’t been that impressive, nor has he light up the field at the Olimpico. I remember seeing a Hernanes that did little. I remember seeing Brocchi attack more than Hernanes. Hernanes started well, then faded badly… especially recently.


Yeah I’m glad we didn’t get Hernanes years ago as he’s too overrated.


More goals and assists.
Boateng offers strength and dynamism. Nothing else..


stats are not everything, go support lazio if your in love with hernanes


Who ever players would join us next season, at least Milan must have 4-5 italian players in their starting XI!


@enkel yes your right but milan already have 4-5 italian starters : abbiati, nesta, ambrosini, zambrotta, and ofcourse abate


You’re right! I just don’t wanna see our beloved Milan turn like our bandwagon neighbor, less Italian players. All I say is whoever players would join us, one of them must be classy Italian.


Hernanes also has more goals and assists than Boateng.
Boateng is so average..I can’t stand fellow fans, who overrate our players!

v Basten

Prince still the best…ganso, I doubt it…