Allegri: “Milan will not play for a draw”


MASSIMILIANO ALLEGRI says Milan will be looking for all three points tomorrow.

The Rossoneri need only one point in order to win the Scudetto for the first time in seven years and on Saturday they go to Stadio Olimpico when they know that a draw would be enough.

However, Coach Max Allegri rejects the claims that Milan will be playing for a draw, warning his boys to stay focused all along, as he wants to clinch the title already tomorrow.

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“The game tomorrow will be very tough as it will be a big opportunity for Roma to get closer to their target of qualifying for the Champions League,” Allegri told the press in today’s press conference.

“We’re motivated, because we still need one point to win the championship, but also Roma have an important goal to achieve, which is finishing fourth to qualify for the Champions League preliminaries.

“We’re bringing all the players to Rome. I think this is the least we can do, because if we get a point tomorrow, everyone should be there to celebrate the Scudetto together.

“We can’t afford to play for a draw, because Roma will look to win. Hopefully, it will be a spectacular match, which we shouldn’t approach thinking that we have a lot of time to win the championship.

“Now we must try to get points against Roma and then we’ll concentrate on the Palermo game.”

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Great approach! If we play for a win and get a draw, thats ok, but if we play for a draw a lose thats definitely not good! Great approach Mr Allegri. I’ve always believed you would deliver!


yeah true, playing for a draw might risk us losing the game


cough cough Real Madrid….


Finaly he realized best defence is attack


That’s the spirit. Nothing less than a win is acceptable and that’s what we need to aim for! I don’t care about Roma’s CL ambitions.

I’d rather us playing for the win and getting the draw, and getting a draw and end up losing.

Finally he realized what? We have one of the best attacks in the Serie A.


Milan will kick ass of Roma!!!


Hopfuley breta and vila play.congralation milan i hope we win cl next week

Sohel Sharif

Hope Vila plays


Not in this game. Maybe after we win the scudetto.

Yehez Kiel

since ibra and pato and inzaghi plays.. i hope berreta DOESNT play.. would be a HUGE gamble.. and playing vila would be more of a disadvantage cause of the pressure only at his first match..


dont worry i think they sent beretta back to primavera. hes a rising star though.


excellent! U aim high so if u do fall slightly short it aint a big problem 😀


imo, allegri is a low profile coach who takes action carefully. it seems that he is the opposite of mourinho who loves publicity. allegri always thinks and plans before making decision and sometimes it makes the supporters impatient. nobody is perfect anyway and whatever allegri is, he leads milan to scudetto. forza milan! forza allegri!
all i can say before the match against roma is : give us the title asap, allegri. prove that you are the right coach for milan by winning the scudetto and copa this season. don’t waste the chance!