Ibrahimovic tells fans and teammates: ‘I am sorry’


ZLATAN IBRAHIMOVIC has apologized for his second red card in two games.

Ibrahimovic got back from suspension last night but is now suspended again after picking up a yellow card and red card against Fiorentina. Ibra is expected to face a three or four-match suspension.

“I lost the ball and was angry with myself, not the assistant referee. I was talking to myself,” the Sweden said. “I didn’t protest the red card because there was nothing to be said, he had made his decision.”

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Ibrahimovic played well in the first half, playing a role in both goals (scored by Clarence Seedorf and Alexandre Pato), but Milan will have to deal without him, again after doing it well in the derby.

“My teammates have reason to be angry with me, as during a period when Fiorentina were putting on the pressure was certainly not the right time to get sent off,” the player continued.

“I am sorry, but it seems as if nowadays I can’t even mutter to myself without getting into trouble. I’ll do everything I can to help Milan win the Scudetto.”

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be sorry for yourself..you should have seen GALLIANI’s face when u missed the second sitter in 2 mins.He said ‘damn! that is a player we pay 9million.the third highest paid footballer currently..


Considering pure skill, Ibra is undoubtedly the best player on the planet. Still, actions like this lower my opinion of him…
I just hope he will come back again with new strength in Milan’s last matches.

Milano Q8

Sure he is having a bad time now, will come back up again. Lets see how many games he will be banned for. Looks like he might get a deduction in salary.


Ibrahimovic was never disrespectful to Coaches or officials. Even though he has a bad temper with his teammates and opponent he is always acted professional was the officials.

Dejan Jovanoski

two reds in three games?U should be ashamed of yourself


@Dejan Jovanoski
2 red in 2 games for the one in the middle he was suspended.


not to defend ibra or anything, he does have his temper issues, but it really seems like there was a lot of bs behind that red card.. like “zlatan” said, he has never disrespected coaches or officials, even when they have disrespected him like guardiola did last year.. it just seems very out of place that he would mouth off to the line ref for not awarding a throw in.. and ibra yells at himself all the time.. he was gonna miss the next game for yellows, the red will carry over to brecia, and since he got 2 reds… Read more »

Look i,blame Ibra not, but d coach. Ibra was tired but Allegre refused 2 subtitud him, why? Supporse we loose d game Allegre is d cost agent. Great forza.


dude, you can’t be serious. in no way is this allegri’s fault. this is ibra’s first game back,he’s not that tired.


@IBRA, your sorry is accepted……

because now milan can use robinho and pato up front! the Brazilians!…… forza ac milan!

(i think milan should give ibra back to barcelona and buy Bojan from bacelona because he is young and really talented!)

next season squad, i wish:


subs: (GK) amelia, (DF) Dídac Vilà, Papa, Antonini, Rodrigo Ely, (MD) strasser, flamini, merkel, Beretta, (ST) Verdi, Oduamadi, Cassano.

[ Rodrigo Ely plays in ac milan’s youth team and he is really talented ]

Il Maestro

You should control your actions BIG BOI!


to be honest that red card was not called for
every referee thinks that Ibra is still a bad boy.
the guy learned his lesson and he showed that he accepted Patos talent by hugging him, he showed the critics that there is now hate between them but bad luck keeps fallowing Ibra these days

I wish fans don’t blame him, he is really a good player and the most powerful forward in football

get back up on your feet Ibra Milan fans are right beside you cheering you on.

Forza Milan!!!


People forget how much Ibra’s done for us. He is one of the reasons for us being on top of the table, just a few days you all loved him. No heart at all, shame on you guys. I was really hoping to see you and Pato play together as you were pretty good against Viola together. Hope you won’t be banned for four games. Forza Milan!


People need to stop criticizing him. He was responsible for both goals in this Fiorentina game.

For one, the red card had NO justification. Santana nearly broke Abate’s legs, but stays on… but Ibra gets sent on for something that was ridiculous… not even red card worthy.

I hope Milan reduces the ban down to one game… because this is just plain silly, and it shows that the referees are trying to do everything to prevent us from getting what is rightfully ours… the Scudetto.


what do u mean he was responsible for both goals?he had a hand in it but not responsible..
the red card was harsh though provided he wasnt refering to the linesman


You’re not reading what I have posted. He was responsible for the build-up play… especially on that second one.


watch the game again..boateng started the build up whiles Ibra returned the pass.


I don’t need to watch anything again. I know clearly what I saw. I think you should rather watch it again.


talk about complete ignorance…stick to your imagination then..(even when the highlights are on this blog) always fun talkin 2 u mehn./.


Like it or not, Ibra did have a hand in both goals… I know what I saw. I watched the game twice. The live showing and replay.


@Giancarlo: I agree. Milan wouldn’t score both goals without Ibra. Watching the 2nd half, especially after Ibra missed the two supposedly easy chances, he seemed becoming more frustrated. I think Allegri needs to calm him down & assure him that his main job isn’t only scoring goals but also helping others to score. Take David Villa as comparison here. He’s not making goals, yet Pep still believed him in every match.


without ibra we wouldn’t be in first place. this is a fact.


Ibra is great… He is not in form at the moment, but he is one of the strongest attackers in the world. We should definately keep him…