Four midfielders set to miss Sunday’s match


EMERGENCY: Four AC Milan midfielders are likely to miss Milan’s match against Udinese.

The Rossoneri’s next game will be on Sunday at Stadio San Siro (kick off at 15:00 CET) and they will have to deal the match without four midfielders.

Andrea Pirlo, Mathieu Flamini and Kevin-Prince Boateng are all injured and unexpected to be fit to face Udinese Clacio, while Massimo Ambrosini is unavailable for this match due to suspension.

Cagliari 0 – 1 Milan
Cagliari 0-1 AC Milan (Match highlights)

Gennaro Gattuso also picked up a knock in his knee against Cagliari but is likely to be play and start alongside veteran Clarence Seedorf and yesterday’s hero Rodney Strasser.

There are some good news too as Zlatan Ibrahimovic returns after serving one-match suspension. Robinho and Alexandre Pato are also available. Alexander Merkel will be on the bench, and maybe even on the field from the first minute. Giacomo Beretta might be included in the squad.

By Meytar Zeevi, Rossoneri Blog

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ferati milan 4life

this is very bad , but i guess we should play :
what do u think guys ; or abate as a midfielder and montelongo left back i wish we win anyway forza milan


I think Merkel and Rodney should start this game! Rodney deserves it after the superb goal yesterday whereas Merkel is very talented and had a good performance too. It’s high time we begin counting on our youth system!


Sad! we can still play to win, play Abate in midfield. we shouldn’t have problems but i’ll miss Ambro. forza milan …GOD DEY


@ ferati milan 4life – I thought Montelongo is a right back? This is certainly not a time to play an unproven fallback in our midfield, and with Merkel and Strasser there you have absolutely zero experience in the centre of the team. Also, I think keeping Abate is the smart move as he is beginning to get the hang of it – suddenly shipping him to midfield might be somewhat counter productive. A midfield trio of Gattuso, Merkel and Strasser would be decent. BUT I suspect it will be Gattuso, Seedorf, Strasser. Problem is that Gattuso will most likely… Read more »


Woops – I meant to say ‘I think keeping Abate at right back is the smart move’.

Please do let me know if Montelongo can play midfield as I haven’t had the chance to see him play. For some reason I was convinced he was a right back, not a left sided player.


Speedy recovery to the injured players, they will be needed!

Raja Rawon

Go Strasser… FORZA MILAN!!

Vangel - Macedonia

I think that Cassano and Pato will be on the bench as subs for Merkel and Robinho. If Gattuso can’t play then Strasser, Seedorf and Silva will be in midfield.


the injuries are starting to worry me, but its good that our young guys have stepped up.. as painful as it is to say but seedorf should probably start, his experience can be helpful with the absence of ambro/pirlo, once the game starts flowing merkel will come in, i can not wait for robinho pato ibra up front!!

abbiati – abate nesta silva antonini – strasser seedorf(merkel 60th minute) gattuso – robinho(cassano 75th minute) – pato ibra(beretta depending on result)

abate____nesta_____thiago sliva_____antonini



trio gattuso-strasser-merkel i think thats enough, and dont play sedorf in starting, we can use him the last half maybe 60 or 70s minutes last
and we have to score in the first half whatever it takes

forza Milan!! bring another winning for us!!!!

prasad chiplunkar

we definatly need strength and energy in te midfeild i think strasser and gattuso or montelongo should start! montelongo can play anywhere in right flank. say back and right mid! i still dont want seedorf even we have absolutely no choice. merkel shold be benchd against udinese! v less experianced. so i belive silva should be in DM position with gattuso and strasser! CB could be nesta yepes or bonera or papa. though i dont trust bonera! Fullbacks should be the same! abate and antonini. with robinho behind ibra and pato! and cassano should replace robinho in 60 mins or… Read more »


Just buy a midfielder …


i hope Beretta gets someplaying time and scores 😀

Sohel Sharif

I think everybody here hates Seedorf…..but we dont have any options……so i’m putting my formation like this way

subs- Amelia, Yepes, Bonera, Merkel, Pato, Beretta, Gattuso


i know just about everyone hates to see mr seedorf play but his skill is sublime. He doesn’t have the speed to fly past someone but he truly does have the ability to trick past them… He does it very well so I wouldn’t ride his importance out of the team just yet


Forza mILan..!!


silva and sokratis can play in the middle guys.. 🙂


As bey said, silva and sokratis can play as a MF too. Hope Allegri and the guys can win again this time. So here’s my formation:

Oddo/Abate – Nesta – Bonera/Yepes – Antonini
Strasser/Abate – Silva/Sokratis – Merkel/Montelongo

Where’s seedorf? sorry, i’m not hate him but his finished! he don’t do any work yesterday, so bench him and give more chance for other players, specially young players.


I don’t hate seedorf, and don’t think any other ac fan should either after what he has done for the club


@ elmickio. Well said. I’m tired of hearing people bad mouth Seedorf. Sure, he’s not at the level he once was. Name me one other player in the game who’s done as much as he has in terms of European glory, yet still has the enthusiasm to get out there and try to play. Makes a mockery of the ‘work ethic’ of another certain player we will soon be well shot of. As for this thread, I’m beginning to think that Moratti has somehow conspired with even darker forces than he usually deals with. Horrendous injury list. I’m hoping to… Read more »