Blackburn Rovers confirm Ronaldinho bid


BLACKBURN have admitted they have a great interest in the Milan star.

While Ronaldinho is with his agent/brother in Brazil negotiating with Brazilian clubs and with Adriano Galliani, and English side has confirmed they are interested in signing the 2006 Ballon d’Or winner.

The 30-year-old will leave the club this winter for the highest bidder and it seems that Blackburn Rovers are the only side who can afford Ronaldinho, as the likes of Gremio and Flamengo are short in funds.

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He is keen to play in the EPL [English Premier League] and I think that goes in our favour,” admitted Blackburn Chairperson Arundathi Desai.

She then talked about his wages: “To be precise [it is] €7.6m for the first [remaining] year and about €8.5m for the second and third years.”

Milan want €8 million and it is believed that the English outfit would be ready to pay €7.2m.

The whole thing depends on the negotiations that are held in Brazil at the moment as returning home remains Ronnie’s first choice.

By Meytar Zeevi, Rossoneri Blog

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prasad chiplunkar

7.2m is okhay!!!
not that bad actually . . buh let ronnie decide where he wants to play . . buh definatly not in milan!! 😀


hmm.. dinho is slow and lazy, the EPL is fast paced, dinho is a natural trequartista, mid table english sides play 4-4-2, dinho provides excellent vision and through passes, blackburn players would struggle to understand what off the ball movement is… this should be fun..


I would rather he went home to Gremio, even over Flamengo & Palmieres … Return to your roots R80.


we are talking Dhino two time world player of the year not ibra or allegeri. He also will be wel coached