Ibrahimovic: ‘We are the strongest team’


ZLATAN IBRAHIMOVIC talked about AC Milan, Inter Milan and Wesley Sneijder’s Ballon d’Or snub.

Inter president Massimo Moratti said that Ibra had left Inter one year before he should had, as he missed the Champions League victory, while defender Marco Materazzi said Inter wouldn’t have won the CL if Zlatan was part of the team.

“Materazzi speaks a little too much about me, as does Moratti,” Ibra told the press, regarding Moratti & Metrix’s statements. “You see that I am still very important for them. I instead never speak about them. You see that they are not important for me.”

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Zlatan is one of the best Milan players this term, and he has scored many important goals for the Rossoneri this year. He believes that Milan is the strongest team in Italy, but isn’t depended on him.

“I understood on the first day I arrived here from the atmosphere that there was around me that Milan are my team and it’s where I will finish my career and hopefully win a lot.

“It’s not true that the team is Ibra-dependent. Every one of us depends on each other. I don’t fear Inter, Juventus, Roma or anyone else. We have already shown that we are the strongest team. We must only continue like this and Milan will win everything.”

Ibrahimovic also spoke about Wesley Sneijder’s surprise Ballon d’Or snub, saying that he would never want to win this award, as it’s all about politics.

“It’s sad that he won’t win after what he accomplished last season, including at the WC, but now that award has only become a political issue and it doesn’t interest me to win it anymore. I prefer to win with this team.”

By Meytar Zeevi, Rossoneri Blog

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I think he has been changed and of course Milan’s atmosphere is the reason behind that ,,, GO GO IbRA and we all will support you


You know, concerning Sneijders Ballon D’or snup, its really a disgrace and a shame for such a thing to happen.