If Nesta does not renew his contract…


ALESSANDRO NESTA will have three options if he decides not to renew his contract with AC Milan.

According to reports in the peninsula, AC Milan center-back Nesta might not sign a contract extension, and in the summer, he will have three options open for him.

The first option is to return to S.S. Lazio, where he played from 1985 to 2002, before joining Milan. He was the captain of the Biancocelesti for five years and he’s a well-known Lazio supporter.

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The second option is a move to America, with both New York Red Bulls and Los Angeles Galaxy ready to offer him a contract. But, if he moves to the US, he would like to play somewhere near Miami, where he likes going on vacation.

The third option, which doesn’t seem so likely, is that he will retire from football at the age of 34, as he has had many injury problems in recent years.

Nesta told before he would like to stay at Milan and end his career in the Red & Black shirt, but he hasn’t agreed on terms for renewal yet and anything is possible now.

By Meytar Zeevi, Rossoneri Blog

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Sohel Sharif

Retire with Milan is the greatest idea…you are our legend…


I hope Nesta renew the contract. I still want to watch him play for at least 2-3 seasons. And then after that he can retire…with Milan shirt of course!


Follow your heart Nesta


Milan haber to renew his contract at least for 1-2 years… forza milan!!!


Best if he retire now . No dis respect for him its just he has been the most untimely and inconstistant of all are many played defenders this season. Also that’s 4,5 million to us t o spend on an another great defender like David Luiz


Nesta was already mentioned that he’ll sign a new contract and wanted to retire as a milan player


dont wory..soon he will sign. his soul are milan just like maldini he will sign anytime he want


rmbr we have to be together Nesta, Milanooo, its beautiful