Coentrao or Jonathan to Milan?


AC MILAN have set sights on two fullbacks.

La Gazzetta dello Sport reports that AC Milan Sporting Director Ariedo Braida is in Brazil to follow Cruzeiro’s right-back, Jonathan Cícero Moreira.

Jonathan, 24, has 111 appearances with the blue shirt. He was linked with Napoli before, but Milan are said to be interested to make a move for him.

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It is also reported that Braida followed Benfica left-back Fabio Coentrao for few weeks before flying to Brazil for Jonathan.

Coentrao, 22, may be a more known name in the world of football, but for this reason, his price will be much higher than Jonathan’s. Milan could make a bid for one of them in January or in the summer.

By Meytar Zeevi, Rossoneri Blog

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This is a really good complication of Jonathan, enjoy it 😉


Jonathan looks like somethin milan need. get him!


we need bale at all cost.and thiago heleno.


I dont understand this article. Jonathan plays right back Coentrao plays left back. So why is the article stating that Milan are consider either Coentrao or Jonathan when we are looking for both a right back and a left back? They DONT PLAY THE SAME POSITION! Anyway, I am not sold on Jonathan. I dont know much about him and by the looks of this Youtube video he is clearly not world class. Gregory Van Der Weil is a bettr option better to me. Coentrao or Aly Cissokho is a good option. My first preference though is definitely Juan Manuel… Read more »

Prasad chiplunkar

Both are different. Coentrao is lb. N jonathan is rb. However I think we need more of a leftback dn rightback. Both are important buh 1st a left back. Cuz we onli have antonini for that position. N I dun think de vito will break in the team so early. And for rightback we have many players. Abate is improving. Montelongo shud be tried twice or thrice aftr da derby wid small teams. We also have zambro , papa n boner for right back. So we go for leftback first. (coentrao or aly cissoko) and a pure atckn midfeildr (hazard,… Read more »


Coentrao, I’ve always been a big supporter of Milan, and in a long time , i clearly smell some Excellent player COENTRAO ALL THE WAY…


I WE want to buy jonathan,then y the heck we get montelongo from r.p?don’t waste money poli,bolzoni,el shaarawi,goetz,douglas costa.

Sohel Sharif

I would prefer Montelungo…watch his video on youtube…nd also can play rb/lb position…


Ummmmm. How bout a suggestion.

Why not an Italian?

Look, I’m not being racism or anything like that, but Brazilians and South Americans in general are extremely lazy. Only the humble bring forth real success. I don’t want another lazy player as we already have enough of that.

Italians have something to prove. They need to win the Serie A that they dreamed of winning since they were a little kid.


this is a good move for a right-back,a replacement for zambrotta.jonathan will be a very good move,he is brazilian and will easily adapt in the squad.its good we get him in january.


Wel i’d rather see coentrao, but there are so many promissing young defenders.
But it’s not hard to find them, but every promissing player has a high pricetag..

Here are 5 top defenders.

Gareth bale Tottenham hotspur
marcelo viera Real madrid
Armand Traore Arsenal
Fabiano Santacroce Napoli
Alexandre Song Arsenal

But yeah Any of these are high rated players, just like our own T.Silva .

Sohel Sharif

@ Juann
mate…Armand Traore is now a player of Juventus…stop talking frm wornderkid lists…
@ Milanista…..i agree with ya…nd i think De Vito shld get chances…in my opinion he is the most talented fullback at milan primavera…he can play rb/lb & centreback as well…& for buying… Zaccardo, Antonelli r a good option…they both need a good coach


Why not David Luiz? he can play for left-back and centre-back. The plus one, he partner with Silva in Brazil! u got 3 in 1 on David Luiz, Milan!

And don’t forget, De Vito from Milan Primavera deserved to be promoted too.


Players OUTS: Papasthatopolus, Sokratis, Jankulovski, Oddo, Bonera, Onyewu, Seedorf, Abiatti, Ronaldhino
(GK)Diego Alves
(LB)Ally Sissokho
(LM,RM,DM,AM)Lucas Bigla
(CF)Edin Dzeko to replace Inzaghi


no get David Luiz. antonini is really haveing some great performances.zambrotta is getting old. but guess what?.. Luiz can play left back and center back. yepes played well so thaigo and nesta the 2 centers with yepes ready to step in. now ACM needs another experienced foward. get Forlan or Benzema to replace Inzaghi.Paloschi would be amazingly great to get back. Dont get Ganso and Neymar. let them stay in brazil and mature for a year or so. try to get a defender. no need to sell a defender if we need one (bonera would be an exeception if we… Read more »