Report: Milan join race to sign Spurs star


AC MILAN are interested in Gareth Bale.

People Magazine reports today (Saturday) that Italian powerhouse AC Milan have joined race to sign Tottenham Hotspur FC wingback, Bale.

The Welsh international proves to be one of the best players in the world in his position as he combines speed with great technique and crosses.

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However, for these reasons exactly, it’d be very hard to land the player at Stadio San Siro, as Europe’s top clubs, such as Real Madrid, Manchester United, Inter and Juventus are keen to add the 21-year-old to their ranks.

Tottenham have claimed during the summer that they have no intention of selling the player, but it appears that Los Blancos will try a January swoop, while Milan’s idea is to try next summer.

By Meytar Zeevi, Rossoneri Blog

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ITS A MUST TARGET!!!! good luck uncle galliani!!!


OMG! If we’ll get him i’ll got to Italy and kiss Gallianis and Berlusconis head! He’s the best left wing back in the world! He’s my favorite player after R80!


AC Milan is soon becoming the current Real Madrid, jus buy players and dont use them , keep losing and then the players get old and tired, B&G then would sign an ex superstar to make the fans happy for a few months,Its official Milan’s name is tarnished, wont be surprised if Silva Merkel Boateng Verdi Strasser might soon see their way out of Milan


@Ronnie2009 who are you talking about exactly?
Robinho was injured and then wasn’t fit enough to play a complete match. However played a total 93 mins today. So who did they buy but didn’t use? if you are talking abt montelongo or yepes or sokratis they were bought as back up to the current back 4 and since all of them are fit they didn’t get a chance. know the facts man before blabbering makes you seem stupid.


i dont mind if we swap Robinho or Papa+Yepes+Bonera for Gareth Bale


I love milan, n i’m everleasting milalisti


I follow both clubs and although this would be a great signing for Milan, I can’t see it happening. Bale is on a long-term contract and Spurs would demand a massive fee, upwards of £30m, which Milan do not have. I can’t think of anyone Milan could offer in part exchange either.


Remember that we still have an emerging talent for left back called De Vito. Either way, I think Antonini is doing a pretty solid job.

prasad chiplunkar

bale is a awesome left mid!! he can play that positon if b&g buy him [ whch i think it is impossible ] and KPB will play right mid! dynamism iss complete!


too many rumours. i don’t think gareth bale would be a milan player. madrid would get his signature.

i don’t know about milan’s training center. if abate is bad on making cross then milan TC should train him more on passing! don’t waste abate’s speed.


@ Shosh please keep urself Shush……… If Bonera is fit and the right back why did we play Zambrotta or Abate there , Gattusso is always fit and Strasser is not fit , is that what you mean , Its not about who is fit and ready ,its about the formation he uses with the fit players, Pirlo is always fit but he sucks so u mean to say he should continue with suckers, Early into the season the coach needs to try different formations and find out what works best , thats what is the job of a coach… Read more »


we can use bale as left wing, so we can give r80 a chance to play his own football. his creativity will not grow when he was force to play in the left flank just like allegri always used.

@ronnie2009 who are you to called our maestro like Pirlo sucks? are you better than him? he just need some time to back to his form. it’s you who should keep yourself shush!


he plays in england…..enuf said….people who play good in england….never come to italy and do the same…….and the same goes to say for anyone heading the other way ??? anyone remember a player called sheva??? england and italy and 2 different types of soccer……