Ibra acting like a jerk in training (Video)


ZLATAN IBRAHIMOVIC was laughing; Rodney Strasser was feeling the pain.

With all know that Ibra has fantastic shoot skills, and during yesterday’s final training before Auxerre Champions League match, Rodney Strasser felt it well, as the Sweden kicked him in the back.

It seems to be for no reason whatsoever, as then Ibra went to the side, laughing with Ronaldinho, who saw the young African midfielder getting hurt.

Highlights Cesena – Milan 2 – 0
CL preview: Milan-Auxerre

Watch the video:

By Meytar Zeevi, Rossoneri Blog

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what a dick, why would he do that? The sensible thing would have been to endear himself to the squad….


Ibra u bitch motherfucker act right these kids look up to u u fucking fagget we don’t need u in our team to do shot like that allegri should bench your ass big nose ugly bitch ronaldinho too what u to are butt buddies now


I don’t really know what to say… :O I have to know what happened first, and knew Ronaldinho that? :/


does anyone know why the fuck he did that? makes no sense


Well what can you expect from a swede…

Carsten from Denmark

See the big picture! It’s a joke. At 6.00 in this video, you will see the jokes and fooling around

Gabriel Milan

why why why ???…………That was very bad……I just hope he’s not a racist..lets stand by the truth..Strasser deserves an apology from Ibrahimovic…..FORZA MILAN!!!!


It’s a real shame for Sweden for one of our star-players to kick a young player in the back like this. However this may just be a joke gone entirely wrong.
I resent the type of comment that Joao gives, implying we Swedes are a bunch of violent hormonal teenagers.
ACM’s I have even more against. If the only thing you can say in your comment is anti-gay slurs, you seriously need to grow up.
I don’t condone Zlatans behavior, it’s cowardice to kick someone in the back and then walk away.


Right now, my guess is this:

During practice – Strasser is probably a tough/dirty tackling midfielder, and Ronnie doesn’t like that. Ronnie probably had a spat with Strasser. So if Ibra wants to hang out with the big boys at AC Milan, he has to be on Ronnie’s side.

Soccer teams are not that different from highschool. Ibra wants to be one of the cool kids.


remind me what he was doing the same thing to mido when he was played in ajax,,,i thought he was change,,


you ugly son of a bitch, money head, you and raiola, and ronnie – wtf samba boy….just don get it,I just hope for allegri reaction…


look at the full video. its a joke so calm down everyone

Ibra Sucka

I never liked ibra because he played against us but now that he plays for us i think i’m not liking him after what he did.
He should be benched


Ibra thought, strasser is Seedorf…
Then he shy, when he false…

They are indistinguishable…. hahaha…..


That’s terrible. What an a@#hole. That was so disturbing to watch! I have no respect for Ibra for doing that. What a disgrace!


it was a joke, if you only watch the kick part, then hell look like a villain. But if you watch the whole practice, you’ll notice it was a joke.


Once a Bully…


ibra should quit bitching around and get serious…damn it we need goals not fooling around.


but IBRA scored 2 against Auxerre
maybe he must kick someone ass before to score in a match… lol


We don’t really know what was said or done between the two, this could be easily a few seconds out of the context, since nobody else seems to be outraged by the move it was probably an answer to something Strasser said or did to Ibra!


Man, i thought idiot people are rare, but i knew now that they are a lot. Like weeks ago when Verdi is listed for UCL squad, some people in here ask where Verdi is and bitching that Allegri must call him to the squad. I keep telling them that Verdi is already in the (B) Squad. But more and more people come to ask where Verdi is?! lol. Btw, to the people who gave F word for Ibra, well, he just gave Milan 2 goals when a couple minutes ago Milan kicked Auxerre ass!!! So before u all give the… Read more »


I watched that whole video and only saw players joking around with Abate. The kick was unjustified on Strasser unless I missed something else in the video. Ibra I was happy when you signed but if you keep doing stuff like this then I want you to GTFO


Ronnie did not see it! He just hug Ibra, becouse he touch Ronnie first. I dont know what was it about. If it was a joke, it was a quite wierd!!! I have seen the full training video and It does not looks so awfull, but still this is not funny for me…

mario milanista

i have watched the whole video and there is a lot of fooling and pranks going around on the pitch there, but for the Ibra-Strasser thing, it really doesn’t look like it was meant as fun, for me. I am only waiting to hear a statement from ether coach, zlatan or strasser himself, and as this has gotten so much coverage i do hope they will put en end to it, even if it wasn’t a joke. No matter, i don’t like what i see. Ave played football for ages, and i have also done pranks on teammates on the… Read more »


Calm down war mongers it was a joke otherwise it would have been much more serious. Maybe a joke straining from another day or something. think about it if you and a friend of yours are kidding around if you just put up a part of that fight on video it will always look bad. so calm down and lets move forward to catania to abolish them !! hail milan.


Relax, it was a joke,Swedish TV asked him about it last night, he just laughed and said it was a joke. And it’s not a kick, it’s a tap on his shoulder. And now, if Strasser “felt the pain” then god don’t let him out on the field, imagine what will happen to him when he gets tackled by a big Englishman…


its IBRA way of joking,he is an excellent player full of skills although he is not fast but in balance and dribbling he is NO1.unfortunately players knows that they are good and become proud watch this vid he was playing with INTER against ac MILAN



it was a joke, but I think Ibra took it to far. Anyways doesn’t seem like strasser wanted to kill ibra, more like WTF. Anyways press always stretches the truth.


he is just a 20 year old kid and he was kicked by 29 y.o. tkd black belt giant.. i can’t recall these kind of incidents happening when paolo and billy where around.. i just hope that the older guys(pirlo, rino, max, nesta, seedorf) will step up and won’t let this evolve to something more serious, whether it was a joke or not.


wtf is the fuss about .. watch the full video like posted earlier .. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LDDKG5I2aTA .. you guys never played in a team @ milansince87 how the hell would you know there was no milanchannel back then .. forza Ibra forza Milan


hey man, I m not here to start a fight with anyone. i m just sayin that he has a bit of bad reputation and that unfortunately he is known for occasionally causing a few problems with his teammates. anyway, i hope it was nothing but a joke cuz finally the team has a striker whose style of play reminds a Bit of marco. and yes, I ve been on teams. not professionally.


this is really really bad and the team should take it serious… for those of you that are saying it was a joke must have not see the video yet. even if it was a joke it does not look like one… why did he all of a sudden kick a black player and not the others? i am so pissed off…who does this bitch ass whole think he is? stupid fool.i dont think he should get away with this and need to be watch carefully. he’s a big bully n that should not be allowed.