Serie A and Serie B clubs fight for Milan youngster


GIANMARCO ZIGONI is one of the most wanted players around.

AC Milan are considering loaning out one of their Primavera stars this season, and there are many clubs, in the two top divisions in Italy, that are interested in the services of the player.

Zigoni has played a huge role under Giovanni Stroppa and he was the man to struck most of the goals in the Primavera’s successful season, in which they have won the TIM Cup and reached the eight-final of the championship.

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Serie A sides A.C. Chievo Verona, Cagliari Calcio and Brescia Calcio (newly promoted) are interesting in taking the player, as well as Serie B clubs, Novara Calcio, Calcio Padova and Atalanta B.C. (newly relegated).

The 19-year-old has scored over then 200 goals throughout his junior career at Treviso. He had already played for Milan on couple of occasions, but has not scored yet.

By Meytar Zeevi, Rossoneri Blog

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i agree loan him to another club for adding his experiences like paloschi


Horrible to loan him out. Milan are doing the worst thing possible if we loan him out. If you see, all our champions have stayed in Milan without being loaned out for experience. Once Paloshi comes back, Milan will not be home to him anymore. Zigoni should stay, and we should not buy any more strikers. We have 8 in total.


– The difference is that Paloschi went on co-ownership and he’s been gone for three years, while Milan would only want to send him on loan so he could get experience. You’ve got a point though


I think we should sell Borriello/Huntelaar and give Verdi and Zigoni to play more…


It’s understandable many clubs want him…he’s a great striker. However, from the videos I’ve watched on YouTube, Verdi is the real talent of the Primavera.


I hope he stays


we should ask the guy what is will. we can’t decide for him like r. madrid does




i prefer pato f.torres and ronnie and right back p.lahm we need god miedfield get rid of gattuso and ambro to old for milan they have to spend money with verdi and zigoni we gonna be another 6 years without serie a i dont care if they spend i wont trophies#


to: milanista
i think you got the point and im agree with that. There is a chance he will go and never comeback since milan often do this thing. But not loaning him out to other club could be a bad thing as well, we have Borriello, Huntelaar, Pato, And 2 young strikers in adiyiah n verdi.
So ‘loan’ is likely the best option for him.


Pla don’t try it