Milan following Chile international defender / midfielder


AC MILAN have targeted Gary Medel.

The Rossoneri have been looking for fresh meat, in order to sort out the different problems in the ageing midfielder and defense and they have eyed the talented Club Deportivo Universidad Católica man, (loan at Boca Juniors).

The 22-year-old Chilean, who can operate in both defense and midfield, is correctly in South Africa for the World Cup, has already played the first two matches of the tournament (two victories).

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This is too early to speak about a concert offer, as this is just a rumor, but Milan must think about such transfer twice, as the South American will take a place of a non-EU player.

At Boca Juniors, Medel scored seven goals in 32 appearances since 2009.

By Meytar Zeevi, Rossoneri Blog

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He played well for Chile. Could be a good signing


Milan really like players who can play in all sorts of roles, well, they’re the best…. he’s good. I’ll will keep a closer eye on him when Chile faces Spain


hmmmmm…. i like the young players in sa. too bad they will cost much more


Could be a good alternative for Ambro. I prefer Strasser though


He played regulary for Boca…nice. I don’t know him really, but he sounds good


Played extremely well against Switzerland and Honduras… a nice alternative for Ambrosini/Gatusso.

He’s actually the best-ranked football player in Southafrica’s World Cup.

Nice… maybe he’s too expensive, but may be a useful player.