Sunday Exit For Leonardo?


LEONARDO might announce on departure tomorrow if Milan beat Genoa and promise a place in the Champions League next season.

il Corriere dello Sport reports this morning that Milan Coach Leonardo is set to make an early exit and will not wait until the end of the season in order to announce his departure.

Reports suggested within the past few weeks that the rapport between the Rossoneri Patron Silvio Berlusconi and Coach Leonardo are bad, and even the Brazilian himself admitted so, as Leo seeks for a way out.

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AC Milan are facing Genoa tomorrow at Stadio Luigi Ferraris and the Italian press understands that Leonardo, like Carlo Ancelotti last season, will announce that he leaves Milan. However, they will happen if Milan win.

The Rossoneri need two more points in order to secure a place in the Champions League next season and the win of Genoa would allow so.

Replacements are Filippo Galli/Mauro Tassotti or Marco van Basten.

By Meytar Zeevi, Rossoneri Blog

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First, let’s win. We should not believe the press in such things though you never know..


van Basten should be our next coach or Tassotti. Leonardo will leave but I thought he will announce only after Juventus


Everyone leave us…three coaches in three years that will be…not so good


GOOD NEWS! Leonardo should be replaced!!


Leonardo has done a great job, but it’s time to go


We should be focused on win tomorrow..! Then we’ll think about the new coach


I like Leo. But if this is what he wants, then he should go…


silvio should say thanks to leo.he didn’t give any moneys for leo, but he doing a great job.silvio will regret his decision to make leo leave!!!


Focus first on the match. If he wants to leave then go. But Berlsconi better give some cash.