Leo Eyes Milan Exit?


LEONARDO could leave Milan after one year in job, as Brazil calls him apparently, and he’s already tired from the criticism levels by the Rossoneri President Silvio Berlusconi.

il Corriere dello Sport reports on Friday that Milan Coach might quit his position at the via Turati club over disagreements with the club’s chiefs, Adriano Galliani and Silvio Berlusconi.

The Brazilian has one year left in his contract with Milan but could ignore it and leave Milan once the season ends, as it’s still not sure who will be the champions, as Leo’s Milan are not the favourites after the loss to Parma.

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It is said that the former attacking midfielder has become thwarted with a lack of programming within the club and the continuing Berlusconi’s criticism that took place even when Leo was on a 13-match unbeaten run.

Leo has also found time to grow upset with the transfer market directors, who have seemingly decided to drop interest from Wolfsburg star Edin Dzeko who’s been Leonardo’s top objective.

The Brazilian Football Federation were said to be looking for the Milan Coach to replace Carlos Dunga after World Cup. The man has already confirmed that he’ll leave Milan for Brazil if an offer arrives.

By Meytar Zeevi, Rossoneri Blog

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if this is what he wants than i’d say it’s okay that he will leave the club. we deserve better coach (he did well, but we need someone with more experience).


EVERYTHING is about dzeko. the guy has ruined the club. AC MILAN need a new coach. LEONARDO is not good enough for us, and we need a crazy coach who can drive the team crazy like mourinho does before important games. HE did well, but i don’t know if it’s not a good thing that he’ll leave


leo has done pretty well for a first year in the job. we should keep him until the end of the contract


he’s not good enough for brazil. true, dunga never coached before got brazil job in 2006 and has done well, but to manage a national team you need experience


These kind of reports are VERY VERY bad for AC Milan as a team. The players will be much less motivated if they know their coach leaves at the end of the season, and this can do nothing more than hurt our chances to win first/second place


You’re right Ik! I agree with every word of yours


Milan problem is not leonardo but galliani, he refuse to build for future, we should’ve be building a team after 2007 champ league final, we need changes in the team administration


well Leo did help Milan defy the impossible when everyone said Milan would not make it this year. But he also has a terrible choice for players. Dzkeo is a lot of money, we could get two great players for the same price. So either Leo drops the Dzeko thing or leave, we could get a better coach, LIKE Gattuso.


Milan needs an Italian manager. this brasilean doesn’t believe in defending. He thinks attacking will win every game. Guidolin showed him that it’s not about who plays more beautiful footy. stupid dutch and brasileans