Ten Games – One Title


ROSSONERIBLOG.COM’s Meytar Zeevi sees if with ten matches left to play in Serie A, Milan can lift the only title left to play for – the Scudetto.

For the first time in four years, there is a real competition on the Serie A title. After four years in which the Blue side of Milano, represented by Inter Milan, rules the first football division of Italy, the Red side of Milano – given the name of AC Milan, have a chance to take the Scudetto back, and claim their 18th title – but to all thoughts – it wouldn’t be so easy, as there is a consensus that the team managed by Jose Mourinho has the most quality players.

However, those ‘quality players’ gave many, how to say that, gifts, to AC Milan and A.S. Roma, as threw away a safe run to fifth Championship after led the Italian first league in a gap of 11 points from second place. This scenario was not thinkable three months ago, but a great run of the Rossoneri and the Giallorossi, granted interest to the league.

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Last season ended when Milan were in the third place – finishing with the same points as Juventus that were in second, but since Juve defeated Milan in the matches between them, the Old Lady took over the second place. Carlo Ancelotti and Paolo Maldini left Milan at the end of the season, meaning Milan were lacking two of the club’s symbols, that it’s very hard to replace.

Vice President Adriano Galliani announced that former Brazilian midfielder – Leonardo will take over the Coach position and will replace Ancelotti. This decision was very very controversial, and it looked like Milan were going to sack Leo after a forlorn pre-season, in which Milan managed to win only two games from 11 games. The league, however, started in a victory over Siena – 1-2 away. Then, Inter came and broke Milan apart, beating the Rossoneri by 4 goals. Dark times came following that.

il Diavolo succeeded however to surprise everyone, and started a great run. The turning point to most thoughts was against A.S. Roma, were Milan came back from 1 goal of disadvantage to a 1-2 victory in Stadio Olimpico and against Real Madrid, when Milan beat the Galacticos 2-3 with two strikes of Alexandre Pato to get the good old Milan back to life.

This run lasted for 13 games without being beaten until Palermo came just before the Christmas break. In these 13 games, there were three key players: Alessandro Nesta, Alexandre Pato, and of course, Ronaldinho. ‘Dinho rediscovered himself this year, and finally, in age of 29, grew up, along with the 20-year-old Pato. Further words about Nesta are clearly not needed – he’s the best defender is the world.

Despite great forms of the trio and good season of Marco Borriello, Thiago Silva and more, the Rossoneri found an early elimination from Coppa Italia, after getting beat by Udinese Calcio. Few months have passed, and elimination from the Champions League arrived too, as Manchester United defeated Milan twice. Now, only the Scudetto is left to play for.

So, can Milan actually do it? Right now, there is only one point separating Inter and Milan, while Roma are five points away from the Rossoneri. Nesta is hopeful to come back to the last matches of the Serie A, meaning that the defense does not have the same ability to stop strikers. Ten matches – One Scudetto. It’s Milan against Inter – nothing more. Inter already beat Milan twice this season, and Milan are hoping for a three-time lucky.

Napoli, Parma, Lazio, Cagliari, Catania, Sampdoria, Palermo, Fiorentina, Genoa and Juventus. All are tough matches, in which Milan must take all three points. Milan have super-experienced players, some would call them old – but experience is not something you can buy.

Can Milan do it? Can they finally beat Inter? Will they lift the Serie A title for the first time since 2003? Only time will tell. Until then, like always…Forza Milan!

By Meytar Zeevi, Rossoneri Blog

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Wow, it’s going to be tough – but it’s doable. Ten games is a lot, but now we’re fully focused on the Scudetto! Forza Milan!! We can do it! I believe, we believe! Ti Amo Milan!


Forza Milannnnnnnnnn!! Nice article…!
We can win this thing!


tomorrow against napoli it will be the most important thing in the league. i never thought we would fight for the title, but it will be sucks if we didn’t win the serie a…however, like you said, like always…forza milan!


great selection of a video, as always. the video reminded me why im in love with ac milan – the greatest club in the world. like we did it in 2003/2004, we will do it again in 2009/2010. forza milan!


Forza Milan! Great post! We will do it!


What a season 2003/2004 was…WOW! Sheva was just amazing. Where is that Pirlo? Too bad those players left and got older. they were really unstoppable…! I hope we will enjoy this season in few years or next year…Forza MIlan!!


Forza Milan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We will win Serie A!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I just hope we wouldn’t finish with the same points as Inter because they will win…
I believe in Milan!!


Let’s do it. We can do it! Forza AC Milan!



AC Milan Egypt

we will win it!!!!
forza milan!!!!


10 games are a lot. we can do it! YESSS! FORZA MILAN!!




I hope Man United will win Champions League!
And AC Milan will win Serie A!
United4ever! Forza Milan!


We are the best! Forza Milan! Great things as always…! Good Saturday!


AC MILAN will win SCUDETO!!!We ll bring on!


Where are you Sheva? Why did you left Milan for Chelsea? Now the only thing we need is new Sheva nothing else(the movie proved everything)
Milan will beat Napoli and Inter wont beat Palermo,but its not the end ,we must work hard until the end…….