2010 New Year Wishes


PAST is the past, and 2009 belongs to there, as well as the entire 2000th, now, we live the present, and looking forward to the future, a bright future. RossoneriBlog.com would like to know, what your goals are in life or what do you hope to happen to AC Milan, in the next year, or in the entire decade.

This decade has reached, as well as this year, many highlights, from September 11 to Barack Obama presidential elections, from Real Madrid’s Champions League victory to Barcelona’s historic six-title record.

It has came to an end, and as it was remarked in the world with incredible fireworks, and many, many parties and kisses, the new year has arrived, and with it a new decade, full of hope and way to start over.

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There are many definitions to the world new, because, it is very powerful and meaningful. New – gives you the option to cover things from the past and start new life, to turn over a new leaf.

RossoneriBlog.com wants to know what your plans are to the New Year, as it already here? What would you wish to yourself and AC Milan?

Answer in the comment box below…

Happy New Year from RossoneriBlog.com!

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Wow, that’s tough. I want good year/decade. To find love and be healthy. As for Milan – all titles available!


HAPPY NEW YEAR! FORZA MILAN! I wish I will have good year and health.


Happy New Year. May God give us a great year, and please – do not make it end in 2012 LOL 😛


Good year everyone

AC Milan Egypt

Happy New Year from Egypt!


I wish Milan will get all the things that they can reach. Make history again and again and again! FORZA MILAN. Happy New Year


Forza Milan. Happy New Year




Happy New Year Guys!


Forza AC Milan! Happy New Year