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LEONARDO has revealed that the situation before of FC Zurich clash was difficult because there were many players not at the 100% physically.

The Rossoneri fought off FC Zurich last Tuesday, when the Swiss champions opened the scoring, but Ronaldinho was the one to make the difference with a penalty shootout that saved Milan respect and streak.

AC Milan hold a 13-match unbeaten streak, and they will try to defend and broaden it against Palermo on Sunday. Milan were not at their top against Zurich, and Leo explains that many players were not in full action.

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“Ambrosini was hit by a flu problem [before FC Zurich encounter], I knew that he wanted to play at all cost, and I decided to mainage the situation according to my personal experience,” Leo told in a pre-conference.

“When I used to play, I never missed a game due to a flu problem and I chose to play him. Clearly then, seeing his situation during the game, I noticed that he was in difficulty.

“Before the match against Zurich, the situation for me was very difficult to manage because Ronaldino was in doubt, Pato did not have a problem the day before. Even Kaladze was not fine, he did not train the day before because he had picked up a knock.

“We also had Pasini, a Primavera player, even he was injured. In a moment like this, the things are difficult to evaluate and doing so today is obviously easier.”

By Meytar Zeevi, Rossoneri Blog

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Good to see those players playing despite problems