Alfio Basile calls Milan to work harder in transfer market


Even Boca Juniors head coach understands Milan need to strengthen the team

AC Milan lost five consecutive matches in the past nine days. Two of these spoken five played at Germany in a tournament called Audi Cup. Bayern Munich crushed Milan 4-1 and Boca Juniors humbled thanks to shootouts.

The coach of the Argentine side, Alfio Basile believes Milan have become significantly less competitive in the last seasons; remembering the winning of them over Boca in 2007.

“I have spoken to [Milan coach] Leonardo, who is worried,” he revealed to the Corriere dello Sport on Friday.

“[President Silvio] Berlusconi must assist in buying players for their attack, compared to the 2007 team that won the World Club Cup they are missing a lot, mostly their offensive potential.”

Milan won the 2007 World Club Cup by beating Boca Juniors 4-2. The Rossoneri have not won a competition since that time. Milan are keen on adding firepower to the attack but the attempts just keep on failing.

By Meytar Zeevi, Rossoneri Blog

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