Silvio Berlusconi promises no players over 30


Berlusconi has finally opened his eyes, starting to believe there is no reason to bring players over 30-years-old and the youngsters are the way ahead

In most of AC Milan transfers in the last seasons, we couldn’t see any risk, they just brought players with experience, maybe too much experience, but the tradition is changing now as Milan owner Silvio Berlusconi supports AC Milan version 2010, a young version.

New AC Milan coach was asking for reinforcements to the squad, while both rivals Inter and Juventus have pretty well transfer-window by now. Milan with no big-name signed in the team this year will invest, but only in young players according to Berlusconi.

“We will be counting players who are under 23. We will no longer buy players who are over 30,” the chief told the press. The reason is fairly simple: “Older players earn much more too.”

Milan are keen to add a striker to the squad, but the money problems prevent them from doing it, this is what they say anyway. However, all Dzeko, Fabiano and Adebayor deals have failed earlier this window, different names came up, but we can only wait.

Vice president Adriano Galliani claimed earlier today that he would meet Leonardo in order to make up a plan to strengthen the squad.

By Meytar Zeevi, Rossoneri Blog

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