Praise the Milito? Hell no!


Inter striker Diego Milito scored twice yesterday against Milan and everyone have already pined hoped on him.

The two goals of Milito were impressive but both goals derive from bad moves of AC Milan. Though he was the first man to score in Derby d’Italia this season, Milito turns to be a star; Can he continue this right reputation? I Hope NOT.

I hate when because you score hat trick or two goals or even one, you turns to a big star like all of sudden. A player is should be appraised for his long-term quality. Sure, he’s a good player but he has 30-years already.

Speaking to, Diego gave credit to his friends and to his own. “Being a forward it is always a pleasure to score goals, even if it was only a friendly this evening,” Milito declared. “The encounter was still a derby and you could see as much through the way I celebrated following the goals.”

The player says it’s easier to play with the champions and with a squad like that. “It is easy playing in this Inter side full of great champions. They have been very welcoming to us newcomers, and made us feel at home right from the off.”

“I hope to start the season in the best possible manner, and I promise to always give my contribution to help the side achieve victory,” the former Genoa player said. His proprietor, Inter president Massimo Morrati said:

“Milito has confirmed himself as a real goal scorer,” I can’t agree with something like that. Right, he scored two, but if I score 2 now (say it’s my first game), 1 goal next week and then get into a lull of three month, does it mean I’m a scorer because on my first game I scored two goals? I Don’t Think So!

Inter and Milan are both want Champions League next year, Inter are been waiting for this moment 44 years, while two years only been passed since Milan last Champions League winning.

To conclude – Let’s see what Milito has to offer before they say he’s a scorer already.

By Meytar Zeevi, Rossoneri Blog

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