Milan official website have removed signing note


Milan have announced in the official site about the signing of Villarreal star Giuseppe Rossi, but for some reason it has been erased minutes later.


Strange things are going on with AC Milan today, as the official website wrote a signing announcement and then just deleted it, according to Radio 24 and Radio Radio.

So why was that happened, was the web hacked, or Milan unleashed an announcement already before the deal was through, I guess we’ll know only in few days or even tomorrow when one of those things would happen:

  1. A denial would be made by AC Milan or Villarreal. If this it’s wrong or just a secret, both teams will say nothing or say those are absolutely crazy rumors with no base.
  2. The second option is saying: YES, the deal is not done yet but Milan will announce they are in very progressive steps, and the Rossi is expected to sign on a peal with the Rossoneri.

Rossi, 22, plays as second striker, this is not the certain position Milan need right now, but if they bring him, the most likely is to see Pato plays in the center next season, and Rossi does his job behind.

Milan are trying to acquire an attack-player for months now, and after Edin Dzeko, Emmanuel Adebayor and Luis Fabiano attempts all crushed down, Milan came up with names such as Trezeguet, Huntelaar and even Arsenal youngster Nicklas Bendtner.

Perhaps those names were only there to confuse us, to say – “we want —-“, but go for someone else. This is a brilliant way to keep the press away. We didn’t heard from Galliani for few days, I don’t sure why, maybe he worked on the deal and finishes it right now as I write.

Rossi made it no secret he wants to join the Rossoneri, the club he supports since he’s y.k (young kind), but following the financial problems the Italian giant had, it seemed unlikely to sign a talent like Rossi, however after selling Kaka earlier, Milan have balanced their books.

I repeat, it was announced that Milan have signed Giuseppe Rossi, but moments later this announcement been deleted. There are two possible explanations: this is a joke of some guy who hacked the site, or just I said before, early publication. It’s obvious that the fans hope the second explanation is the right one.

By Meytar Zeevi, Rossoneri Blog


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